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When Will TFT’s Set 3 go Live?

tft set 3

[Update: TFT confirms a planned Mid-March release for Set 3 and mobile, also teases Set 3 theme]

According to League of Legends’ recent Season 2020 trailer, information surrounding TFT’s Set 3 and the game’s mobile release will be coming sooner rather than later. As a part of a week full of League of Legends Season 2020 announcements, fans will learn more about Legends of Runeterra, the launch of the “Clash” game mode, League’s new tabletop game and, of course, TFT.

However, even with all of these exciting details set to come for TFT’s third set, there is still no date set for it’s tentative release. Details surrounding it’s release date, theme and when the game is set to make its move to mobile are all currently uncertain. This, fans hope, will change next week when more details continue to roll out.

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Our Best Guess: March/April 2020

To theorize a bit, the game is currently in its second set, Rise of the Elements, which debuted in early November of 2019. This set was introduced about five months after the game debuted with its first set. If this trend were to continue, fans could expect Set 3 to make it’s entry sometime around March or April of 2020. The gap between Set 2 and 3 may be smaller than the first transition, however, so keep an eye out for Set 3 as early as next month.

Until then, make sure to stay tuned here at The Game Haus for all the latest news and updates for TFT and most all other major esports titles.

Article originally published in January 2019, updated with new information

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