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When is TFT’s Set 2 Going Live?

tft set 2
[11/5 Update: Patch 9.22 has been officially announced, meaning that Rise of the Elements will be officially going live on November 6, with Competitive set to come back shortly after that.]

TFT’s Set 2, Rise of the Elements, has been live on PBE servers for several weeks now for players to test and experiment with the new heroes, classes, origins and items that it offers players. But, for those players who do not have access to the PBE or have been trying to finish out their ranked matches in Set 1, Rise of the Elements may still be relatively new.

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This will all change on Wednesday, November 6 when TFT’s second set will go to live servers, with the official announcement on the patch notes supposedly coming on the 5th.

What’s Changing?

In short, everything. TFT is rotating in a totally new set of champions fit with new classes and origins, including new elemental hexes and a larger board to allow players even more opportunity to strategize. Additionally, several UI and quality of life changes have been made, cleaning up the game and helping it better ease in new players.

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tft pbe
Quality of Life Changes During the Minion Phase


To get a better sense of how to navigate the coming changes, be sure to check out our ChampionClass and Origin tier lists for Patch 9.22 while it was on the PBE. These will also be updated with new guides as developers continue to make changes.




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