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When is TFT Set 4 Playable on the PBE?

Teamfight Tactics have announced that Set 4 will be called TFT: Fates. This new set will bring with it some old and some new champions and abilities. Also, expect there to be some very interesting traits. All that said, people will be wondering when they can get their hands on the new Set?

As a quick reminder, this is only available on PC. Mobile players will have to wait to get their hands on TFT Fates until the official release date.

The first iteration will, like always, be on the PBE. This is a public testing server where League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics are available to have things tested. By doing this, Riot Games are able to not only check out how their latest patch might work, but also brand new things like champions or entire TFT sets.

By looking at the patch schedule, one can see that the next major patch will be September 2. This is patch 10.18. With the TFT already confirming the release date for Set 4 to be on patch 10.19 or September 16, it seems like the PBE will have the new Set on it during the September 1 patch, 10.18. To back this up, the TFT Galaxies pass ends on September 15, which is a day before the announced release date.

That means there will be plenty of reveals and announcements likely coming very soon. This is because as of writing this article there are only nine days until that comes out. There is also the possibility that when the TFT team said that “The adventure begins patch 10.19.” that they actually meant that is when the new Set would be on the PBE. This is extremely unlikely but still possible.

Either way, the new Set is on the way and TFT fans should be excited as there will be a lot of new things to learn and new ways to outplay.

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