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When is TFT Set 3 Playable on the PBE?

when is tft set 3 live

TFT Set 3: Galaxies has now been officially announced, including details about new champions, items, classes, origins and much more. Just as previous sets have been in the past, Galaxies is a complete overhaul of the auto-battler, bringing forth all kinds of new and exciting changes. But, when can players expect to get their hands on the new set?

When is TFT Set 3 Playable on the PBE?

It is looking like, according to Lead Developer @Mortdog, that TFT Set 3 will likely go live on the PBE later today, March 3. In his Tweet, Mort gave a vague timeline for the PBE’s debut, just saying that it would come “later.” However, this was in a tweet discussing when new drops would be coming later today, so it is unclear when exactly the set will go live.

We will provide any updates to this piece whenever more information is revealed about TFT’s debut on the PBE.

What About Live Servers?

It was revealed earlier on stream today from Riot Games that TFT Set 3 will officially hit live servers on March 18. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new and updated item cheat sheet for TFT Galaxies and check out the complete list of new champions.


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