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When is Spectate Mode Coming Out for TFT?

Like in all esport titles, the ability to watch the action as it happens live is vital to a games success. Teamfight Tactics currently does not have a Spectate Mode like League of Legends. Which might seem odd because both games exist in the same client.  With that said, it has been confirmed that a Spectate Mode along with a replay ability will be coming to TFT but the answer is when?

Spectate Mode is Currently In Development

In a new road map update posted onto the official TFT twitter, T.J “Riot Green Teej” Bourus shared Riot’s plans for TFT leading into next year which included details on what to expect set wise as well as feature wise. One of the features talked about was the highly requested spectate mode.

Green Teej mentioned that the implementation of Spectate Mode is important for the success of TFT esports heading into the future. He also mentioned that the original plan was to have a Spectate Mode released this year. Unfortunately due to set backs caused by the mobile release, Green Teej has confirmed that there will not be a Spectate Mode coming in 2020. He did say though that the development team is working hard to provide that experience to players in the future.

Even though a time frame isn’t out yet, fans can rest assured. That is because Spectate Mode is a priority and will be coming out sometime early next year. He also said that Riot will be publishing updates when it comes to the progress of Spectate Mode up until its release.

Spectate Mode TFT

Be sure to check back here at The Game Haus for updates as we will have all the latest news surrounding Teamfight Tactics and its Spectate Mode update when it happens.

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