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What TFT’s 4 new Champs Bring to the Current Meta

new TFT champs

There is a lot currently going on in TFT right now. Just recently, patch 9.15 was released which made slight changes to just about every class, including massive changes to Void’s damage, and updated how players ought to approach win/loss streaks.

Then, on top of all of this, it was announced on July 31 that four new champs and a new origin would be coming to the game. With the meta already on slightly shaky ground, these newest additions, set to go live on August 14, will continue to impact the meta in a big way. Here are the initial possibilities of what may come.

new TFT champs
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Re-Rolling Becoming a Necessity

This is more of a generic change that will simply be due to more and more champs entering the game, however, it will still affect the metagame. Whereas going for economy or spending on XP have been the best two options in the past, re-rolling may be something top players have to consider more in the early and mid-game. If a player wants to get some of those higher class breakpoints, expect there to be more of a premium on either getting the needed champs on RNG or re-rolling a bit more than normal.

Less Carry Potential From Items, More From Class/Origin

This has more to do with the new Hextech origin than any of the new champs because at 2/4 Hextech champs will disable 2/4 random items on the enemy’s board at the start of combat. What this forces, instead of relying on a Pyke with double Shojins, is a reliance on effective class and origin synergy. Even late-game, losing four items essentially nullifies the effects of an entire enemy’s items. Basically, this new origin forces players to think very carefully about who they are building with, rather than what they are putting on those champs.

new TFT champs
Image Courtesy of TFT

More Single-Class Compositions

One thing that is likely to come out of these changes is the use of a single class throughout most of the game. With Brawlers, Shapeshifters and Gunslingers all getting a possible breaking point of six champions, these classes should see more use in their entirety in the late-game. With Blademasters now having the potential to have 9 champs, that could also become a complete strategy in and of itself with the help of a Force of Nature or two. Right now, the meta splits a lot of classes, especially in the mid-game, to get multiple boons at once. This will always happen to a degree, however, look for these changes to make single-class armies just as viable.

Try it for Yourself!

These champs were supposed to be released on the PBE on the date of the announcement, however, it seems that they have been halted to clean some things up. But, one thing is for certain, they will be available to test before August 14. Get out there, put these concepts to the test and let us know if you’re having any luck in the comments below!

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