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What is the TFT Set 6 Release Date?

tft set 6 release date

With TFT Set 5.5 Dawn of Heroes in full swing, fans are already looking towards TFT Set 6. Nothing has been officially revealed yet about Set 6 but many expect for news to come soon. Now fans may start to wonder, what is the release date for TFT Set 6? Here is a look at when it could release.

Here is a look at when the TFT Set 6 PBE Release Date should be as well.

TFT Set 6 PBE Release Date

TFT Set 6 Champion Abilities

All of the TFT Set 6 Augments

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The first iteration will, like always, be on the PBE. This is a public testing server where League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics are available to have things tested. By doing this, Riot Games are able to not only check out how their latest patch might work, but also brand new things like champions or entire TFT sets.

There is some speculation as to when this set comes out but the battlepass is generally a dead giveaway. With it ending on November 1, that means Set 6 will likely be released on November 3 with TFT Patch 11.22. That means that TFT Set 6 PBE Release Date will be on the patch before which is October 20 with Patch 11.21.

It has been confirmed that TFT Set 6 Gizmos and Gadgets will release with Patch 11.22 on November 2 or 3, 2021.

The reason these patches make sense is that they are three months or so from when TFT Set 5.5 PBE came out. As this is the current schedule for TFT of having a new Set or a .5 Set every three months, it is safe to assume that they should be coming out around this time.

Either way, a new Set always brings with it new excitement. Make sure to keep it here at The Game Haus for all TFT news.

New Mechanic Hextech Augments

Hextech Augments were given in a press release as well by the Riot Games and TFT Dev Team. Here is a look at how they describe the new TFT Set 6 Mechanic, Hextech Augments.

“In addition to the new setting and new champions, the next set of TFT will have a new mechanic. Throughout the course of a game, you will be offered Hextech Augments that provide varied and powerful effects for your team, and change the way you approach the game.

Some of them are direct army enhancements. For example: one gives all your ranged champions an additional 2 hexes of range; another gives every champ on your team that already has an item an additional 200 HP and 20 Attack Damage.

Other Hextech Augments can change your playstyle. For example, one of them gives you 1 additional gold and a free shop reroll each time you lose a combat, allowing you to play a loss streak style even better.  And some Hextech Augments may open up new strategies, like the ability to see which opponent you’re going to fight each combat. There are a ton of possibilities, and each game will be radically different.”

New 2 Player Mode

The new Lab details were given in a press release as well by the Riot Games and TFT Dev Team. Here is a look at how they describe the newest Lab.

Hyper Roll has been a success and will remain a part of the next set of Teamfight Tactics. The team will continue to make improvements to the mode as well.

The next set will also feature a Lab that’s focused on providing players a more meaningful way to play Teamfight Tactics with their friends, with the mode allowing them to work together as a two-person team.

In this partnered mode, which does not have a name yet, players queue up and work together to compete against 3 other teams. Each player will control their own board, but will have a shared health pool – so both players need to stay strong in order to survive.

This mode will launch shortly after the new set drops and will remain up and running for a few patches. After that, the team will take it offline and make a few adjustments, using feedback and their learnings to improve it. It will be relaunched again in a more complete form at a later date.

Chibi Champions

Riot blessed the community with a new tactician type: Chibi Champions. The Chibi Champions essentially serve as the player’s in game avatar, allowing for more customization. As of now, the Chibi Champions announced are Chibi Jinx, Vi, and Ekko. These miniature versions of preexisting champions look fantastic. With adorable cartoonish eyes, enormous oversized heads, and amazing splash arts, these new cosmetics are sure to become the new flaunt in TFT.

Set to release on November 2 alongside the new TFT set, the Chibi Champions replace tacticians. Displayed in each of the splash art is the same background. Though it is difficult to make it out in Jinx’s picture, the little graffity smiley face proves this point. Clearly, the Chibi Champions are emphasizing Zaun in their first release.

All three members are technically from the same region. Perhaps in light of Arcane releasing later this year, the theme surrounding the teased Chibis seem to be surrounding Zaun. Riot’s new television show stars Jinx and Vi’s sisterhood, shining light to the the region of Zaun. The underground region of Zaun is practically Piltover’s wasteland, a dumping ground for to higher class to abuse for resources. Though trailers did not debut Ekko, Arcane will surely feature the brilliant scientist as well.

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