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What Amumu, Lucian and Senna’s Abilities do in TFT

Three new champions are coming out or already out for TFT. They will be bringing in a new synergy in Soulbound and even though Lucian was in set 1, he will have a new ability with his grand entrance into set 2. To help make sure that these are known, here is a quick guide to their abilities and how they work with their synergies.

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  • 5 Cost
  • Warden
  • Inferno
  • Curse of the Sad Mummy
    • Unleashes his rage, dealing 250 / 500 / 1337 magic damage to nearby enemies within 2 / 3 / 4 hexes and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. In more simple terms his ability throws out damage in the area around him while also stunning enemy champions.

For Amumu it will be important to understand how he works in the comp that is being run. If it is a Warden comp, then running Amumu with damage will be extremely important. His ability not only can deal out serious damage but the stun is also crucial as who teams can be rendered useless. When running him to finish an Inferno comp it will be more important that he soaks up damage and survives long enough to get his stun off. Normally players will want to have him finish a six warden or six inferno comp.


  • 4 Cost
  • Soulbound
    • The first Soulbound champion to die will instead continue fighting as an untargetable spirit until all other Soulbound champions are dead.
  • Light
  • The Culling
    • Lucian fires at 4 times his normal Attacks Per Second in a direction for 4 seconds, each attacking for % of his AD, applying on-hits, and dealing magic damage. Basically he is going to shoot in a line while dealing both attack and magic damage. What is not mentioned here is that if he is not hitting anything he will dash to the location where he can hit the next nearest enemy.


Lucian will add a different type of carry for Light. With Senna coming into play as well, the buffs attached for him from the Light synergy will allow for people to have a late-game hyper carry without relying on Vayne. He also can make better use of Magic Damage items than Vayne due to the fact that he scales with it. This means if players are not getting the Attack Damage items they need for Vayne then they can go with Lucian. Overall he will be a great addition to Light and can even be useful when running Shadow due to his Soulbound synergy with Senna.


  • 2 Cost
  • Soulbound
  • Shadow
  • Piercing Darkness.
    • Senna fires a beam through her furthest ally, dealing 50/100/150 magic damage to enemies, and buffing allies’ on-hits for 5 seconds to deal 25/45/75 magic damage from Senna. The easiest way to understand this is that she will shoot out a beam (about three spaces wide) that will not only do damage but buff her allies as well.

senna tft

With Senna, positioning will be the name of the game. If a player’s furthest ally is in an area that only hits that unit, then she can be rather useless. Having her buff a line of units has the chance to be extremely powerful. Almost having to run with Lucian, she will be useful for both Light and Shadow comps. For Shadows, the extra damage will be extremely strong as their synergy scales with damage. As for Light the extra damage will be nice and as the match goes on she will add another buff alongside the health and attack speed already received from their synergy. Expect to see Light comps often.

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