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Top 5 Tips to Improve at TFT: Fates Week One

With a brand new set comes an influx of new and returning players looking to climb the ladder ranks again or just dominate their friends. Regardless of what a player’s end goal is, some new information could be of use. Here are five tips that can help players improve at TFT: Fates.

1. Know the Chosen Roll Odds

As players may know in TFT: Fates there is a chance every time they roll that a Chosen unit will appear at random. However, it’s not completely random which units will appear. In fact, players can know within a very select range just what Chosen Units will appear at any given time.

TFT Tips: Chosen reroll odds.

This chart tells players exactly the odds of rolling a particular costed Chosen and its based on player level. Players should memorize this chart so they are not caught off guard when it comes to picking up a specific Chosen unit.

For example, if a player wants to play Viegar hyper carry and would like their chosen unit to be a Viegar, they should aim to roll for it on level six. If a player is holding out for a very powerful tier five Chosen, they won’t be able to find it on level eight but there is a good chance to find it on level nine. Players should make sure they know which level they need to be when making a decision to roll for a particular chosen unit.

2. Slowrolling is better than Hyperolling

With the introduction of the Chosen mechanic in TFT: Fates, many players are achieving three-star units more than ever. However, some players are rolling for these units the wrong way.

There has been an age-old debate on whether Hyperolling (spending all of one’s gold at once) or Slowrolling (econing above 50 gold and rolling down to 50 gold every round) is better at getting three-star units.

North American champion, MismatchedSocks, wrote a guide on reddit a while back breaking down the numbers when it comes to Hyperolling and Slowrolling. In his guide, he explains with great detail that Slowrolling is way better than Hyperolling. Players should check out his guide for more details but as a general rule of thumb, if a player is searching for a three-star unit, make sure to stay above 50 gold and just roll down the excess gold back down to 50 every round until the unit is found.

3. Always throw Warlord units into PvE rounds

One of the new traits introduced in TFT: Fates is Warlords. Warlords gain a static stat boost depending on how many Warlord units one has in play and also gain an additional stat bonus depending on how many rounds of combat each individual unit has won. One thing that isn’t very clear is what counts as a round. The PvE rounds where players get orbs from creeps actually count towards the round win bonus for Warlords. Better yet, players don’t need to have 3 Warlord units in the stack this bonus.

Even though one needs to have three Warlord units to activate the bonus, stacking the bonus through PvE rounds is not only a good option, it’s optimal. If players see any low-cost Warlords in their shops during the PvE rounds, they should just throw them in to stack the bonus even if they are not 100% certain they will play them. The one to three stacks can make a difference in the early stages of the game. If a player doesn’t end up playing Warlords in the early stages of the game, they can just sell them after the PvE rounds so no gold or income is lost.

4. Lose on purpose when running the Fortune trait

One of the more popular synergies introduced in TFT: Fates is a new version of the Pirates, Fortunes. Just like the original Pirate synergy, players with the Fortune trait active gain gold whenever they win a round. However, there is a twist this time around. To win with the Fortune synergy, a player actually has to lose.

The Fortune traits states that the longer a player goes without winning a round, the higher the payout there is. What this means is if a player has the Fortune trait active and wins a round, they will gain somewhere between one to three gold. But if a player loses a few rounds in a row before winning one, they will gain a lot more. The loss counter stops at nine but players should do everything in their power to hit nine losses in a row because this can happen if you do.

If players want to live life on the edge. Make sure to go all the way to the edge for the biggest payout. Remember, the counter stops at nine so dont lose more than nine in a row.

5. Spear of Shojin is amazing on Sharpshooter and Enlightened Units

In sets past, Blue Buff has been the mana item on choice for any spell reliant unit. This is because Blue Buff gives the most amount of mana at the start of combat and refreshes 20 mana after each spell cast. However, in set four Spear of Shojin is not only a true rival to Blue Buff now, in some comps its just flat out better.

Starting off in Sharpshooters. The Sharpshooter trait states that auto attacks and spells from each Sharpshooter will “bounce” off of enemy units and hit another enemy unit. Something that some players haven’t noticed is that these bounces proc on-hit effects. This means that Spear of Shojin counts for each bounce. If a player has the four Sharpshooter trait active, that means that each auto-attack will hit three units. This means that Spear of Shojin will stack three times per auto-attack which generates 15 mana extra per hit. This is way stronger of an effect than Blue Buff that just gives 20 mana on spell casts. In Sharpshooters, players should always build Spear of Shojin on their carry units like Teemo, Nidalee, and Jinx.

Spear of Shojin is also amazing on Enlightened units. The Enlightened trait states that each Enlightened unit generates more mana depending on how many enlightened units a player has. This does not work with Blue Buff as Blue Buff states it sets the mana to 20. That cannot be manipulated. But Spear of Shojin can. Since Spear of Shojin generates an extra five mana per auto attack, with the four Enlightened synergy active, Spear of Shojin will now generate 8.5 extra mana on every auto attack. This jump in power makes Spear of Shojin extremely strong on units like Janna and Morgana and it’s all because of the interaction between the trait and the item. If players are playing Enlightened, Spear of Shojin should be a priority.

Warren Younger is a 7x Master player in TFT. Check back each week for five more tips on how to improve at TFT. 

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