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Top 3 Predictions For the New TFT: Galaxies Patch 10.9

Its been two weeks since the 10.8 patch of Teamfight Tactics came out. To many players, 10.8 brought big changes to the meta game. Patch 10.9 is shaping up to make 10.8 look like child’s play.

10.8 changed up champions and items. 10.9 heavily focuses on changes to traits,classes,and champion odds. Just how much of an impact will the new changes have on the meta game? Check out the top three predictions for TFT patch 10.9.

Tier One Hyper Rolling is back

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The biggest change that is coming in patch 10.9 is the change to champion odds percentage. Riot doesn’t like how consistent three star tier three champions are. But Riot likes the idea of three star tier one units.

In patch 10.9, tier one units are getting a significant buff in both appearance rate at all levels and power at three star.

Tier one champions now show up 75% of the time at level three, 60% of the time at level four, and 40% of the time at level five. Also, Seven tier one units are getting buffed in patch 10.9. These changes are going to cause players to take something out of their old playbook, hyper rolling for tier one three stars.

This IS your grandad’s hyper roll. Except instead of Renekton and Diana it’s going to be Xayah and Fiora.

Space Jam Takes a Shot at the Throne

Forsaken Jayce :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

In a patch with a lot of nerfs, its hard for popular compositions to come out stronger. Space Jam seems to be the only one.

The Space Jam duo of Darius and Jayce were already becoming one of the better comps in patch 10.8. The comp did not need any buffs to stay relevant going into 10.9. But they got buffs anyway.

The scariest buff comes indirectly from the new Vanguard bronze trait. At two Vanguards, each Vanguard champion receives a whopping 125 armor. This is DOUBLE from what it was in 10.8. Jayce being the best Vanguard champion in the game just got a lot scarier.

The Bronze Protector trait also received a buff that helps out Rakan and Xin Zhao as well.

To add icing on the cake, Gangplank makes the four Space Pirate iteration of the comp a lot more viable due to his mana buff and crazy fast speed buff he gets now with faster impact which makes his ability detonate almost instantly.

There is no doubt that Space Jam is going to be high on tier lists in 10.9.

Darkstars will remain in S tier

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Looking at the top comps from patch 10.8, a lot of them seemed to have been gutted in patch 10.9.

Star Guardians were already on their way out in patch 10.8b but with a nerf to both sorcerer damage AND the Star Guardian trait itself, the Star Guardians will not shine brightly in 10.9

Yi/Yasuo were a very strong comp in 10.8 but Yasuo got a massive nerf. The champion will no longer be able to target high priority carry threats anymore and Yi got a nerf too.

Mech-Infiltrators are getting another nerf with the mech health decreasing by 300 at all levels. The infiltrator part is also getting nerfed too.

Darkstars though? Just a 5 AD/AP nerf. Jhin was not touched. Xerath did receive a damage nerf but also received a couple of bug fixes that will help him be more consistent in fights.

Even though every top comp got weaker in some way, Darkstars only got a slap on the wrist while the rest of the meta got punched in the gut. It looks like Darkstars will still be on top for another patch.


Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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