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Top 3 Predictions For the New TFT: Galaxies Patch 10.8

patch 10.8

Now that Teamfight Tactics 10.7 patch has come and gone its time to look towards the future. The official patch notes for the new TFT patch 10.8 have been released. This patch features some major changes that are sure to spice up the meta game. Here are the top three predictions going into the new patch.

The New Galaxies will push players into a re-roll meta

Syndra - Star Guardian - Universe of League of Legends

In patch 10.7, two new re-roll comps joined the infamous Mech-Infiltrator and Protector comps seen in patch 10.6. Star Guardians and Yi/Yasuo showed players that almost all tier three units are good enough to be a compositional main carry especially at level three. When looking at the patch notes, there really is no reason why to believe those four comps wont be good in 10.8.

However, it’s not the champions or synergies themselves that will push players into a re-roll meta. It’s the new galaxies that will. The two new galaxies joining the rotation this set are Trade Sector and Super Dense.

Trade Sector gives each player a free re-roll each round. For players playing a re-roll comp this is a godsend. One extra re-roll can and will make a huge difference when it comes to stabilizing the early game and spiking late game. The amount of re-rolls this will add up to over the course of the game is massive. If a player is in the game until the stage six carousel, this galaxy will grant them a total of 30 free re-rolls. Re-roll comps live and die by the three stars they land and with 30 extra re-rolls, this will help those comps more than the other comps.

Speaking of stabilizing, Re roll comps have the disadvantage of other comps by staying at a low level in order to maximize the chances of re-rolling into three-star units. Because of this, re-roll compositions often struggle when it comes to pushing levels to maximize synergies. But in the Super Dense galaxy, everyone receives a Force of Nature at level five. This allows re-roll compositions to hit their synergies without spending extra gold which is huge. Other comps that often rush eight will still have to do so due to those comps running multiple tier four and five champions.

At the end of the day, these galaxies benefit all compositions but re-roll compositions benefit a lot more than the rest. Get ready for record-breaking amount of three stars in lobbies coming soon.

Darkstars will be the Darkhorse of this patch

League of Legends: After nearly five years, Xerath is finally ...

In everyone’s patch 10.7 predictions, many people believed that Darkstars would be the best composition of the patch. It didn’t quite hit the mark but it was definitely among the best of the patch. Now with the other compositions above it receiving nerfs, Darkstars will have a good opportunity to seize the throne.

Cybernetics and Mech-Infiltrator got toned down a bit which is good news for the Darkstar synergy, or is it? One of the nerfs that Mech-Infiltrator received was to Shaco, one of the most important units in the Darkstar synergy.

However, Darkstars have been gifted the first new champion seen since TFT: Galaxies has been released. Xerath joins the fray as a tier five sorcerer for the Darkstar tribe. A very powerful carry champion that gives Darkstars another hyper carry in the late game to accompany Jhin.

Even though it looks like players are heading for a re-roll meta, Darkstars might prove to be the comp that breaks the mold. Xerath and Jhin definitely have the firepower to do so.

Rebels are back

Mecha Aurelion Sol :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on ...

With an oppressive debut in patch 10.6, the Gangplank/Aurelion Sol combo was wiped away completely in patch 10.7.

But the Rebel trait still hung around the outside of the meta a little. The Yi/Yasuo carry combo along with Sona brought new life to Rebels with some success.

Another Rebel champion, Jinx, has received a small buff in patch 10.8 too. But the real reason why the comp might be back on tier lists in patch 10.8 is because Aurelion Sol has gotten buffed. Asol now has 150 bonus health and a little bit of bonus armor. This might prove to make all of the difference when it comes to seeing the Starship playable.

Having that extra health is vital to making sure ASol and the rest of the crew can stay alive long enough to destroy everything on the board.

The comp might look different from what players saw in 10.6. Rebels may rise up once again in patch 10.8.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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