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Thresh and Miss Fortune Leaked for TFT Set 3 on LotharHS Stream Promo Art?

Starting in a little under an hour, LotharHS, a G2 player known for games like Hearthstone and Teamfight Tactics will be streaming four full games of TFT’s newest set, Galaxies. There is well-done promo art for this and on it are three champions already known to be in the newest set. Xayah, Yasuo and Irelia. Then there are two who have yet to be confirmed, Miss Fortune and Thresh.

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These two champions are displayed prominently on the art. While this does not necessarily confirm either of these champions, it seems likely that they would be in the game if they are on his official promo art.

Set 3 Champions

While not much is known in terms of which champions are going to be in the game, last week, the dev team revealed the first 18 champions. In the last two sets there have been upwards of 50 individual champions. Should these two be confirmed, they would bring that number up to 20, still leaving nearly 30 more to be revealed.

For Miss Fortune, she is rocking her Gun Goddess Skin. From the known Origins and classes this could fit her into Mech Pilot or Valkyrie and possibly Demolitionist. it is also possible that Gunslingers could be making their return with her as well.

As for Thresh, he is in his Pulsefire skin which would likely mean he will be Chrono. This is because Shen has already been confirmed as a Chrono due to his Pulsefire skin. With this, Vanguard seems possible due to the fact that it has already been revealed and given to other tanky champs like Leona and Poppy.

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