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3 Tips for TFT Players that are new to League of Legends

Team Fight Tactics Beginners Guide

Team Fight Tactics (TFT) is the newest in the trending round-based strategy games (auto chess) in the League of Legends client. This combines League of Legends champions, items and everything else fans have come to love about the franchise in an auto chess format. But, with the learning curve so steep in League, how does one approach TFT if they’ve never played League before?

The author of this piece is one such person. I have minimal League of Legends experience but have come to love the auto chess genre and TFT appears to be the best built thus far. So, for others like me who may be coming to this new and exciting game but with no clue about who the champions are or what the items do, here are my three tips for you.

#1: Utilize Your Resources

What has helped me, above anything else, has been the use of champion and item tier lists, watching streamers, and checking the r/TeamfightTactics subreddit as much as I can. Immersing oneself in the community of a new game like TFT is the fastest and easiest way to begin feeling comfortable playing it. When plugged into a community, new players can slowly begin learning the names of the champions and items and enter into the conversation about what synergies people believe are best. It may all sound like gibberish at the start, just give it time.

#2: Focus on Champion Class Synergies

That initial carousel and the early parts of the game can be pretty overwhelming. But, once you’ve got your first champion, take a look at the classifications under their name like Mage, Cloud, or Blademaster. These are the classes or traits of each champion and stacking champions of the same class offers a buff to the player. Combining multiple of these produces synergy.

For the first few games, don’t worry as much about getting the absolute best items or high-tier champions, just work on getting good synergy between a couple of classes and level up those champions. Seeing the increased stun effects of glacials or the mana burn of demons can start to illuminate the power of synergies in-game.

#3: Use the Carousel for Cash, at First

Team Fight Tactics Beginners Guide
Image Courtesy of Dexerto

This is a tip I give knowing that it is not the best advice long-term but it should help newer players still get value out of the carousel. It may sound silly, but being unable to right-click the champions as they go around to see their name and the name of their item can be really tough for new players.

If you can, snag a champion that you know will help you get to level two or three. But, if even that is unattainable, just look for the yellow or light purple ring and grab the champ that has the highest rarity. The rationale behind this is that you’re still getting an item that can be useful for something in your class synergy but you’re also getting the champ that will sell for the most coins when you do turn them in. This can provide the extra leeway to either buy some experience or reroll a couple of times. Both of which can be crucial late-game.

All of these tips are solely intended for players who have never played League of Legends and are meant as a starting point to help give them a better sense for what the game is all about. The learning curve may be steep but there is definitely an opportunity to dive into this new and exciting game, even without the League of Legends background. Hopefully, this can be a good starting point.


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