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This Week in TFT: Who Won Worlds and Beginning the Transition to Set 5

A lot has happened in the TFT world this week, so here’s an overview of the latest going on featuring a sneak preview of Set 5, who won the Fates world championship, and what Riot has in store for Set 4’s final days. 

Possible Phantom Return for Set 5

Today on Twitter, Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer teased the possibility of the return of the Phantom synergy from set 1 in the following Tweet: 

For those who did not play Set 1, the Phantom synergy designated one enemy unit to begin the round with one health, later changed to 50% health. Kindred, Mordekaiser and Karthus possessed the Phantom synergy.

This synergy was extremely controversial, as it was completely up to chance which enemy unit would be chosen to have their health depleted. 

As TFT continued to evolve, Riot seems to have moved away from these more random and luck-based synergies in favor of more strategic ones, so if Phantom was to return, it could possibly come with some sort of strategic qualifier, such as choosing a unit based on who has a  highest or lowest stat, such as Attack Damage or percent health, or positioning similar to the item Zephyr

While Mortdog remained ambiguous with his Tweet, the photo seems to show some classic little legends in a ghost-like form, teasing a new Shadow Aisles-themed line of little legends. 

Set 5 is slated to release on PBE April 14, and is expected to release on live servers with patch 11.9 on April 28.

A look at The Final Fates patch 11.8

Today on Twitter, the official Teamfight Tactics account tweeted out a preview of patch 11.8, the final patch for Set 4. 

This patch features some buffs to some four and five cost units, while some more oppressive units that have been dominating the meta such as Neeko and Aurelion Sol received some nerfs. 

The most interesting change coming this patch is the adjustments to the Lucky Lanterns. In honor of Set 4’s conclusion, a Lucky Lantern is now guaranteed every game, and now there is a 25% chance of three Lucky Lanterns appearing, one each at the beginning of stages 2-5, 3-5 and 4-5. 

This change follows a similar tune to Set 3’s Galaxy changes in the Set’s final patch, where the odds of a game featuring a game-altering Galaxy such as giving every player a free re-roll at the beginning of each round or extra items at the start of the game, were changed to appear 90% of the time.

Patch 11.8 is currently on PBE, and is set to release on live servers April 14.


South Korea’s 8LJayWalking Wins the Fates World Championship

The Teamfight Tactics Fates World Championship concluded this morning with South Korea’s 8LJayWalking taking home first place featuring a prize of $41,500. 

The ultimate Set 4 tournament featured a swiss-style format, starting with 24 players around the world on day one, that pool being narrowed down to 8 players by day three. 

On day three, today, the top eight players played five rounds with the goal of accumulating placement points from each game, the first player to 18 points would be declared the winner. Points were assigned to their corresponding placements as followed: 

     First: 10 points

     Second: 8 points

     Third: 7 points

     Fourth: 6 points

     Fifth: 4 points

     Sixth: 3 points

     Seventh: 2 points

     Eighth: 1 point


8LJayWalking got off to a slow start on the final day. While he placed second in the first game, he placed fifth and eighth in games two and three. He went on to rally a huge comeback to place first in the last two games of the tournament, becoming the first player to cross the 18 point threshold and securing first place in the tournament. Here is the comp that he won his final game with:  

8LJayWalking’s final comp, featuring a Kayle divine chosen carry.


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