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Theorizing 4 Potential Changes to Items in TFT

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In addition to the variety of exciting new changes coming to TFT in it’s second set, including a new mobile version and seasonal sets, there are still more changes that ought to be expected from this quickly-evolving game.

One of the biggest areas of change that could be coming are related to how items function in TFT. It’s clear that items are incredibly powerful when used correctly and are where a great deal of strategy in the game stems from. Especially after the introduction of Neeko’s Help, a consumable item, it’s possible developers may have even more changes in store. Here are a few that could reasonably be on the horizon.

The Ability to Sell Items

One of the most frustrating things in TFT is when the wrong items continuously fall into a player’s lap, with no way to change or sell them. On the one hand, this often forces creative adjustments to a player’s strategy. But, on the other, it seems odd that rolling certain items should be what dictates a player’s strategy.

One way to help with this, at least in a slight way, would be allowing players to sell items. Combined items could be worth 10-15 gold and single items could be worth 5-7. Doing this would hurt players for selling the items, because there is no doubt that a combined item is typically worth more than 10 gold, however, it can at least provide the opportunity for a player to maybe make that extra roll or get that last unit to get to level three. In short, it could be a way to allow for more strategy without taking much away from the game.

1 Free Item Re-Roll Per Game

Another option to change items could be to allow players to re-roll one item per game for free. Spending gold to do so an infinite number of times would eliminate the RNG aspect of the items and make powerful combos too accessible. However, just being able to do this once per game with a single item doesn’t seem too out of balance.

If a player is running Shapeshifter and gets a Needlessly Large Rod late-game, it’d be great to be able to re-roll that, especially if the player has been disciplined enough to save it for the late-game. Overall, this doesn’t seem like it would be too game-breaking of a change and one that would take some of the pain out of the total RNG of items, outside of the carousel.

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More Consumable Items

Earlier Neeko’s Help was mentioned as the first consumable item to enter the game. It’s entry brought with it a whole new set of strategies and tactics that players can employ during their matches. In League of Legends, there are many more consumable items that could be drawn from to join Neeko’s Help in TFT.

Ideas for consumable items could range from using an item on a unit to transform it into a random unit of the same cost, using on a unit to give it a one-round buff to attack or defense, or even a gold consumable that can summon a golem-like unit to fight alongside a players team for one round. These could all lead to more strategic big plays and some intense final showdowns or last stands.

Consumable Items That are Used Mid-Fight

In a similar vein to the section above, some items could be imported into the game that are meant to be used mid-fight, potentially either to heal units or give them mana. This takes away some of what makes auto-chess what it is, but it could be something to experiment with to make players more actively involved once the fighting has begun. Having a health potion to counter Phantoms or a mana potion to counter Demons could help in the final stretches if an enemy is countering a player’s team, giving them more options to outplay and get around the counters.

All in all, none of these changes have been confirmed by any developers so far. They are all simply changes theorized by the author of this article in order to reconsider what role items could have in TFT. Are any of these changes you’d like to see, or are there other changes that you think would be better suited instead? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Reddit if you have any thoughts or suggestions.


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