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The Three Best Lulu Builds in Teamfight Tactics

Lulu Builds TFT

Lulu is one of the most unique characters in Teamfight Tactics. The Yordle Sorcerer has an ultimate which heals an ally and knocks enemies up near them. This healing and crowd control, mixed with her steady output of damage combine to make her a very viable champ to build a team around and even one that can be built as a carry. If the rolls lend themselves to it and a player is able to build around Lulu, here are the three top builds, as well as the classes they synergize with.

Anti-Dive Lulu

Assassin compositions are a growing threat, especially in the late game. This build helps to keep Lulu alive long enough for any threats to be dealt with. Here is the build:

  • Thornmail (Chain vest x2)Lulu Builds TFTLulu Builds TFTLulu Builds TFT
  • Phantom Dancer (Chain vest and Recurve Bow)
  • Hextech Gunblade (B.F. Sword and N.L.R.)

Lulu, being a Yorlde, already thrives at dodging attacks. Phantom Dancer further helps her in allowing her to dodge all critical attacks. When she does take damage, Thornmail helps to reflect a great deal of it while Hextech Gunblade allows her to heal herself through it. All of this combined won’t make Lulu hit the hardest but it will keep her alive through the worst of dives.

Because she isn’t packing too much of a punch here, players using this build need to have plenty of damage-dealers to help net kills. Lulu is fairly strong here, so taking a frontline champ or two off the board in favor of some higher DPS champs would be effective. Sorcerers, Assassins and perhaps even Gunslingers or Rangers would mix well with this build of Lulu.

Endless Ultimates

The general idea of this build is to get Lulu to her ultimate as early and often as possible. The healing and crowd control it provides should protect other characters long enough to win most fights. Here is the build:

  • Seraph’s Embrace (Tear of the Goddess x2)Lulu Builds TFT Lulu Builds TFT Lulu Builds TFT
  • Spear of Shojin (Tear of the Goddess and B.F. Sword)
  • Rapid Firecannon (Recurve Bow x2)

In this build, Seraph’s Embrace is the most key item. This not only starts Lulu off with mana, but it refills it each time she casts a spell. Spear of Shojin also grants mana back to Lulu, while Rapid Firecannon ensures that she is hitting the shots required to continue building it. This is more of an insurance item against a Phantom Dancer or a Yordle team than anything else.

Because of Lulu’s need to be kept alive, Guardians is highly recommended. Characters like Braum can tank tons of damage and distract a team long enough for Lulu to keep them stunned. Pairing this with an Aurelion Sol/Sorcerer build should provide a good balance between healing, tanking and damage. Also, be sure to mix in some frontline units near Lulu to make sure she isn’t quickly taken down by assassins and always beware of a Blitzcrank and adjust positioning accordingly.

Machine Gun Lulu

As the name implies, this build is centered around making Lulu the primary damage dealer of an army through increased rate of fire items. If the Recurve Bows are abounding, here’s what to build:

  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Recurve Bow and N.L.R.)Lulu Builds TFT Lulu Builds TFT Lulu Builds TFT
  • Rapid Firecannon (Recurve Bow x2)
  • Statikk Shiv (Recurve Bow and Tear of the Goddess)

Guinsoo’s Rageblade, currently one of the best items in the game, is key to getting Lulu’s attack speed going. This speeds up her rate of fire indefinitely, Rapid Firecannon prevents any misses, and Statikk Shiv deals splash damage every third attack. Once the Rageblade really kicks in, Statikk Shiv can become very powerful on Lulu.

Similar to the previous build, Lulu is without much protection here. However, she is able to do plenty of damage herself. Because of this, consider surrounding Lulu with tanky characters like Braum or Sejuani to prevent a quick exit. Classes like Demon or Glacial, which stun and prevent enemies from using their abilities, would build around Lulu very well and would allow her to keep her allies up and deal immense damage. At the end of the day, anything to keep enemies off of Lulu is a must for this build so she can get the full rewards of the Rageblade.



With these sorts of builds and a high-level Lulu, a player can almost guarantee themselves a top three or four finish. If the rolls and the item RNG are going a certain way, Lulu can become very scary, very quickly. For building these, or any other builds, be sure to check out the latest champion and item tier lists from The Game Haus, as well as all of our other coverage of TFT.


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