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The Best TFT Compositions for Each Elemental Board Type

tft rise of the elements

One of the biggest changes in TFT’s set 2, Rise of the Elements, are the elemental hexes that occupy the board each game. These are random and can be seen on the starting carousel, but they can also be used strategically to build ideal compositions.

Because of that, the author of this piece has come up with one or two builds for each type of elemental board, including three possible items for each champion, using Each of these builds, at least somewhat, synergies with the particular element. This will be explained more in-depth in each section.

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Ocean: Additional Starting Mana

When getting an Ocean board, the key is to building around units that are best when they are using their abilities, and using them frequently. Because of this, classes like Mage and Summoner make a great deal of sense. This also applies to units with the Ocean element, which can further help units to get their abilities off several times per fight.

With items, the same is true. This makes items like Seraph’s Embrace and Spear of Shojin powerful. In the same way, items like Hextech Gunblade can provide tons of healing, while Luden’s Echo and Jeweled Gauntlet can dish out massive amounts of damage. Look for all of those items when building Mages or Summoners. Each of these sentiments are much of what into building the composition seen below, with two Ocean/Warden units serving as the primary frontline.

For a more comprehensive guide to mastering Ocean boards, check out our in-depth guide to that elemental board.

elemental board tft


Inferno: Increased Attack Speed

Inferno is all about maximizing the effects of Basic Attacks, due to the Inferno hexes buffing attack speed 30%. This opens up things well for Rangers, especially if the hexes are more towards the player side of the board. If the hexes are more towards the enemy side of the board, Berserkers (Olaf, especially) can have a field day.

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Because Attack Speed is being buffed, items like Runaan’s Hurricane and Rapid Firecannon should especially help Rangers to melt enemy frontline units. These sentiments, combined, let to the assembly of this composition, which features a variety of different options for carry-potential units. In a comp like this, look to stack Olaf or Kindred with items if possible. Each are high-tier units capable of dealing out tons of damage.

For a more comprehensive guide to mastering Inferno boards, check out our in-depth guide to that elemental board.

elemental board tft

Cloud: Increased Dodge Chance

While the first two elemental boards are fairly clear-cut, the next two have a bit more wiggle room as far as what composition maximizes them the best. Because of that, two boards are being provided for each.

With Cloud boards buffing a unit’s ability to dodge, this is a great board to throw high DPS units with low Attack Range into the fray, making Blademasters, Assassins and Berserkers optimal classes. As such, units like Master Yi, Yasuo, Nocturne and Olaf are excellent on these boards.

Each of the below builds reflects the strength of items like Bloodthirster, Deathblade and Guinsoo’s Rageblade on comps which feature the above classes. These items help to keep the units healthy, but also getting kills quickly. Additionally, this is a board that is ideal for Icebourne Gauntlet, an item that activates when a unit dodges, which the Cloud board naturally helps. Outside of that, is a lot of variance due to the broad nature of buffing dodge percentage, so allowing plenty of fluidity when building on these boards is important.

For a more comprehensive guide to mastering Cloud boards, check out our in-depth guide to that elemental board.

elemental board tft elemental board tft

Mountain: Permanent HP per round

There is really only one key to maximizing a Mountain board: Build around an early-game unit. Here’s why.

Because the Mountain hex gives a unit 30 permanent health, it would be a waste to have a unit on that hex that will eventually get sold. To help retain all of that health throughout a game, it’s best to feature a 1-star unit as a part of the final composition. This makes the early-game Druid option a good one, as well as getting either Ornn or Nasus as early-game Wardens. Any of those can give way to the following two builds, which display two very different strategies.

With a unit or two that will eventually be stacked with an insane amount of HP, using items like Warmog’s Armor and Ionic Spark can be good ways to use that health in a strategic way. On the other hand, to counter that, items like Red Buff and Morellonomicon can be good ways to cancel out healing. Overall, there are a lot of different ways these comps can go, just be sure to have a 1-cost unit in mind in whatever scenario.

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For a more comprehensive guide to mastering Mountain boards, check out our in-depth guide to that elemental board.

elemental board tft elemental board tft


Overall, understanding which comps go best on each elemental board is only half the battle. The rest comes through an understanding of which units, classes and items are currently the best in the game. To help gain that understanding, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to TFT Rise of the Elements.



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