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The Best Items to Stack in Teamfight Tactics

Best Items TFT

One of the core strategic aspects of TFT is in how and when to use items. While which items players receive is largely left to the RNG gods, how to use them can completely change the landscape of any given game. Yet, even within this, there are complexities. One, for example, comes in the question of, “Which items are best stacked?”

What “stacking items” refers to is the use of multiple’s of the same combined items on a champ. This is not, for example, using two Giant’s Belts. Instead, stacking refers to using two of Warmog’s Armor, or any other combined item in TFT. Some of these, when combined, can produce devastating results, while others nullify, or at least fail to double, their own effect when stacking. To help sort this out, here are the best items to stack in TFT.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Best Items TFT

This is arguably the best item in the game and sometimes the best things are made even better in pairs. This item increases attack speed 3% after each attack and stacks infinitely. This effect is essentially doubled when using two of these and there is no reported cap as to how fast it can get.

Pair two of these with a Hextech Gunblade or Bloodthirster for some quick and deadly self-healing or even with a Rapid Firecannon if Yordles are a counter. Put this stacked item set on a Lucian, Draven, Vayne, or any other ranged character with a strong ability and voilà, it’s game over.

Locket of the Iron SolariBest Items TFT

This item gives a 200 shield boon to all surrounding allies at the start of the fight. This can be stacked two or three times to give up to 600 shield to all surrounding allies. Stacking three of these on a character completely surrounded can give 3,600 shields to a team. It may not be as deadly as stacked Guinsoo’s but it’s every bit as powerful and pesky to deal with.

Zeke’s HeraldBest Items TFT

This is similar to the Locket in that it gives allies a buff. However, this item can stack to give adjacent allies +10% attack speed. This can be stacked multiple times to increase the percentage of attack speed gained, making a team hit very hard and very fast.

This also pairs incredibly well with the Blademaster or even Assassin class. Blademasters have a 35% chance to strike one to two additional times depending on how many are in an army. If they pair this chance along with two or three stacked Harold’s, things could get dangerous very quickly. Assassins simply have critical strike damage buffs, so attacking more often can give them as good of a chance as possible to land as many strikes as they can before being killed.

Spear of ShojinBest Items TFT

Last on this list is the Spear of Shojin. This item returns 15% of a champs max mana back to them after using their ability. Using two or three of these can allow a character to almost constantly be using their ability. This allows this combo to be very powerful but one that players have to be careful with.

For example, players should not use this on Shapeshifters or any other hero that either does not have an active ability. Instead, look to champs like Pyke, Lucian, Aurelion Sol, Cho Gath or Miss Fortune that have highly impactful ults. Especially in the hands of champs like Pyke or Lucian, who not only have good ults, but also ones that have quick animations, this can be a combo that has a large effect in almost any game.

If the RNG is working right and the cards fall where they may, these four items are absolutely worth crafting multiples of. Be sure to also check out the latest champion and item tier lists from The Game Haus, as well as all of our other coverage of TFT.


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