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The Best Items in Teamfight Tactics Set 2

The second set for Teamfight Tactics is now halfway through its life cycle. Looking back, there has been a steady progression of the meta, but as some things change, others stay the same.

With the metagame bouncing between team compositions like Summoner Assassins to Ocean Mages to Blender, there has been a lot of champion diversity but what about the items?

Simply put, some items are just better than others and in this set. A few items have shown to be “must haves” to secure LP. Here are the top five items so far from TFT’s second set, Rise of the Elements.

5. Locket of the Iron Solari

Best Items in Teamfight Tactics set 2 #5
Made with Rod and Vest, this item provides valuable defensive stats for many comps in the game. (credit to Riot Games)

One of the only few items to receive a nerf so far in set two of Teamfight Tactics. Even before the nerf it was still a little bit underrated. A surprise pick to some, Locket is among the top items in set two.

Locket has been the king of early game win streaking. Even back in the days of set one, it’s been universally good in almost every single comp. The item, which gives units in a line a significant health shield, allows for the units to tank more damage. With that, champions fire abilities quicker.

There is not a single comp in the game that wouldn’t make good use of this item. Some players like the item so much that they elect to build it first.  

The item really started the shine recently with the buffs to the Berserker class. The item is now a staple in the comp due to the extra health needed for the Berserkers to fire off their abilities. More importantly the health is needed for the Berserkers to stay alive long enough for Olaf to pop off.

The Nerf to the item significantly hurts the early game impact it provides. Now when Locket is placed on a one star champion, the shield is smaller. Two star units that have the item will gain the health that the item gave before the nerf. Put it on a three star unit and the item is actually stronger than before.

The item may not see as much play going forward. However it definitely has seen enough play to warrant a spot on the list.

4. Seraph’s Embrace

Best Items in Teamfight Tactics set 2 #4
Made with two tears, Seraph’s provides any caster with the mana they need to fire off abilities at will. (Credit to Riot Games)

Not only is this item one of the best items Teamfight Tactics set two, it’s arguably the most fun. A champion with one of these on it means that the screen is going to see a lot of colors and flash, and it’s not just Lux.

The double tear item, Seraphs, is a must have for any composition that’s looking to fire off abilities fast and often. First popularized by Brand in the Ocean Mage composition, the item has seen its use in a couple of other compositions too.

Kindred, with magic damage and shadow buff, turns into an absolute monster with Seraph’s Embrace. The item allows the champion to use its ability immediately due to Kindred’s low mana cost. With the item’s mana refund perk, it allows Kindred to continue to fire abilities off every other auto attack. Even the most tanky of champions die to magic damage Kindred. Add Seraph’s Embrace, and the enemy front line is gone before they move. 

Seraphs is higher than Locket due to how many champions in the game can use Seraphs in a carry role. Locket might be usable on any champion but Seraphs outweighs Locket when it comes to impact.

Defense is cool. But offense is cooler.

3. Morellonomicon

Best Items in Teamfight Tactics set 2 #3
Made with rod and belt, Morello’s is the go to item for healing debuffs and is good offensively too. (Credit to Riot Games)

The second item on the list that saw a nerf. It may actually be the second best item Teamfight Tactics set two, or at least the second most infamous. 

By far the best healing reduction item in the game is Morellonomicon. If there is a need to take down those pesky druids or cut through a Warmogs, this is the item. The item is pretty flexible on any champion that can fire off abilities fast and apply them to multiple targets. Champions like Brand, Zyra, Neeko, and Amumu use this item well. But they are not the reason why the item is this high on the list.

Commonly called “The Running Man with Book”, Singed is the reason why this item is this high on the list. Back when set two first came out, there was no bigger terror in the game then a singed with a Morello. Since Singed’s ability is always active, whenever he simply runs by a champion, Morello activates. The item deals 20% damage of their maximum health when hit by a spell and applies healing reduction. Everyone’s teams simply couldn’t heal through the massive Singed damage and just died while he just ran around the map. 

Singed saw significant nerfs and Morello damage reduced from 20% over 10 seconds to 18% over 10 seconds. But the running man is still very scary with book. 

Bloodthirsters and Mundo beware.

2. Hush

Best Items in TFT set 2 #2
Made with tear and cloak, Hush is the best debuff item in the game with its mana locking ability. (Credit to Riot Games)

Another item that has seen nerfs not only once, but twice this set. Hush has been a staple in multiple comps for almost the entirety of set two.

The mana locking item has seen the most use when built on Sivir. Sivir’s ability is Ricochet which is similar to what the gunslinger class did last set. The ability causes her auto attacks to bounce to up to ten nearby enemies doing bonus damage and applying on-hit effects.

The key here is the “on-hit” part as hush counts as on hit effects. This means that when ricochet activates, each of the bounces has a chance to mana lock every champion it hits.This is kind of like gunslingers from set one except on one champion. 

The item has also seen a lot of play in the Berserker class when put on Olaf. The Berserker class has the ability to “cleave” enemies they auto attack. Cleaving damages enemies behind them in a cone also causing on-hit effects to apply. 

There are a few debuff items in the game and while the rest have seen some play, none have been more popular than Hush.

Despite having two nerfs to the item’s trigger chance, the item still sees play and will probably be a popular pick for the rest of the set.

1. Blade of the Ruined King

Best Items in Teamfight Tactics set 2 #1
Made with spatula and bow, Blade of the Ruined King has been the key to activating one of the most dominating comps in the history of Teamfight Tactics. (Credit to Riot Games.)

The lone spatula item on the list turns out to be the best item in Teamfight Tactics set two.

A decent argument could be made for Talisman of Light to be on this list especially used on Zed to create infinite light clones that heal each other and give them attack speed. However, that composition has not dominated the game for as many patches as the infamous Blender comp.

Blender or Blademaster Nocturne, has been an S tier comp for the entirety of set two due to how scary a Nocturne that is turned into a Blademaster can be.

The Blademaster class has the ability to grant Blademaster champions the chance to trigger additional auto attacks in succession. Nocturne conveniently has the ability to damage all adjacent enemies and heal for a significant chunk of that damage on Nocturnes every third auto attack. Putting the Blade of the Ruined King and a couple of Infinity Edges makes Nocturne the nightmare that his lore says it is. 

Without Blade of the Ruined King, Nocturne is still a good champion especially with the assassin class and steel trait. It’s just the Blademaster part that makes the champion the best.

Since you cant nerf spatula items, the composition Blademaster Nocturne saw nerfs multiple times. Sivir and hush both saw nerfs twice. Nocturne saw nerfs three separate times in which the comp has still remained one of the best. It wasn’t until a hot fix on January 8th for a bug on Nocturne did the Blender comp finally die.

Apparently, Nocturne has been doing double damage when his ability activates all this time. This was the nail in the coffin. Blender has finally died.

Instead of thinking about if Blender, and with it Blade of the Ruined King, would have even existed without the bug, players were graciously met with another Blademaster comp. Instead of Nocturne, Azir has now taken the crown of Blademaster king.

You can’t run away from Blade of the Ruined King, the wielder literally won’t let you because wielder is always attacking. 


Warren Younger is a former two time Challenger in Teamfight Tactics and is currently bouncing around from Diamond and Grand Master in set two. Follow Warren Younger on Twitter.

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