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The 10 Best Carry Champions in TFT Set 2

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TFT’s Rise of the Elements has been, through and through, all about maximizing the best champions to make them into one that can carry a team. While defining a “carry” champion can be subjective and heavily dependent on items and overall team synergies, there are a few that seem to stand above the rest as champs that can dominate a game.

These, above most others, are the ones that players should look to use their items on.

Vayne: 1-cost

Vayne is one of the few 1-cost units that can seamlessly transition through the mid and late game. Being Light/Ranger, she has a variety of different potential synergies and can maximize the potential of several items like Runaan’s Hurricane, Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Red Buff. If Vayne is on the board early, its almost always a good idea to pick her up.

vladimir tft
Image Courtesy of League of Legends

Vladimir: 1-cost

Vladimir is another 1-cost unit that can transition to later parts of the game and continue to be effective with proper items. What’s more, there is diversity to how a player can build Vladimir. On the one hand, he could be a frontline unit with Warmog’s and another bulky item or two, on the other, he could use his range to stay behind Wardens or Berserkers to deal more damage. His adaptability is one of the things that makes him most useful as a carry champ.

Dr. Mundo: 3-cost

Dr. Mundo is not one that many might think of as a champion to stack items on, but his potential to carry a team is still very high. This is due to his ability, which does a radius of damage, and because he is a Poison unit. These units naturally slow down the fight as they stunt the mana of their enemies. So, to utilize this even further, employing items like Morellonomicon, Icebourne Gauntlet and things of that nature will help Mundo to be a stocky frontline nuisance and allow other DPS champs to finish off the enemy team.

Veigar: 3-cost

Much the same as set 1, Veigar can carry a team if a player can get him to level 2 early on, or even level 3. Stacking Seraph’s Embrace on Veigar with Mage buff can allow him to quickly double-cast his spell, potentially taking several units out of commission at once. As long as there is a frontline presence to protect him, Veigar can absolutely dominate an opposing team.

Brand: 4-cost

Brand is a unit that can be deadly when he’s got the right items due to the chained nature of his ability. Pairing this alongside other Mages can nearly wipe an entire team, with the right items. For Brand, using Jeweled Gantlet is a must, and items like Seraph’s Embrace and Luden’s Echo can help him, even more, to inflict damage and use his ability more than once. Also, because it chains to multiple enemies, consider Morellonomicon as an alternative if some of the others aren’t available.

khazix tft
Image Courtesy of League of Legends

Kha’Zix: 4-cost

There is a particular build of Kha’Zix that places him on this list. Because he gets his ultimate so fast, Seraph’s Embrace is an absolute must-use that makes him almost continuously hopping around the board. Pair this with some combination of Infinity Edge, Hextech Gunblade or even a second Seraph’s Embrace, and Kha’Zix becomes an immediate problem for the enemy team.

Olaf: 4-cost

Olaf is only a carry champion if he is able to use his ability, which turns him into a killing machine. But, if he is able to use it, he is immediately going to surge into the top of a team’s damage dealt. To help him get there, and be as effective as possible once he does, stack him with items like Bloodthirster and Warmog’s Armor. These help to keep him alive and continuously healing, even after he has turned into the frozen Hulk.

master yi tft
Image Courtesy of League of Legends

Master Yi: 5-cost

Master Yi is a champion that has a ton of use late-game and can be used with a variety of different items. Part of what makes Yi so powerful is the synergies that he fulfills. Shadow, Mystic and Blademaster are all ones that Yi can fill out late in a game. Items to look for to make him even stronger are a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Deathblade and potentially even a Warmog’s Armor.

Singed: 5-cost

Singed has one job and one job only: survive. Equipping him with items like Warmog’s Armor, Thornmail, Dragon’s Blade and Morellonomicon allow Singed to continue running around the arena distracting enemy units and soaking damage away from his teammates. Also, like Mundo, Singed being Poison makes him an immediate threat and one that needs to be kept alive as long as possible in order to continuously stunt other units mana.

Zed: 5-cost

Of all the units currently in TFT Rise of the Elements, Zed has fluctuated the most in his capacity to carry a team, however, he is still quite effective even with nerfs. The nature of his ultimate allows him to use items with a huge amount of potential. Items like Guardian Angel, Redemption, Statik Shiv, Warmog’s Armor and several others have lots of good use on Zed and his many copies of himself. Additionally, running him with three Electrics can be absolutely deadly considering how many times it will zap enemy units. Overall, if you are running Summoner, Electric or Assassin, save some items for Zed late game. You won’t regret it.


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