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TFT Will Be Getting a New Champions, Ranked Rewards and More in Mid-Set Update

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In a press release, Riot Games announced that TFT would be getting a lot of new things in a mid-set update. The update will be coming in early June or around patch 10.12 which is set to release June 10. This was not a huge surprise as it had already been revealed that there was going to be a mid-set update but what was not known was how much would be added. Here is a quick list of everything that is getting added and what it means.

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Mid-Set Additions and Subtractions

  • A Ranked reset
    • Basically everyone will be going down one full rank so Gold will go to Silver and so on. Anyone Master rank or above will be reset to Diamond 4. This will be met with many unhappy players but it is likely because it will coincide with the new Esports structure that is being set up and starting around this time.
  • Ranked rewards from the Launch Set, Rise of the Elements, and Galaxies’ first act
    • If a player reached the rank of at least Gold in any or all of the previous ranked sets then they will be getting special Little Legends. There will also be new emotes based on a player’s final rank each act in the future. Ranked rewards are finally coming which will likely make a lot of people really happy as Riot have been promising them for a while.
  • A bunch of new champions and traits and the removal of a few champions and traits
    • Here is one of the most interesting updates for players, having champions and traits not only added but also removed. The new question will be, which champions are most likely to go?
  • A whole new pass, complete with an arena, Booms, eggs, and emotes
    • Basically the same as the last pass but with three brand new Little Legends.
  • Mobile has been well received and will be getting a major update to the store
    • This one generally speaks for itself. Mobile has already been downloaded over 10 million times and the folks at Riot are very please with what they have seen out of it.

Pictures Shown in the Release

Silverwing and Furyhorn Ranked Reward Concepts

Star Guardian River Sprite in new Galaxy Pass
One of the Three New Little Legends Concepts

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