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TFT Tier List Patch 11.6: How to Train your Dragon

With TFT patch 11.6 settled in, here’s a look at the TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List of the best team compositions dominating the boards right now.

Also I will be the new TFT writer for TGH, huge thanks to Warren for everything he did before and to keep the consistency of what he was doing these will keep a similar format for now. If you all would like anything different please reach out and let us know, thanks!

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TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

S Tier: Will Top 4 Almost Always/ Can Win the Lobby

Chosen Sharpshooters Tristana
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

Despite Riot’s best efforts, Tristana is still an insanely powerful one-cost unit, being the main carry and the preferred chosen unit of this comp. This comp revolves around the player slow-rolling to three-star as many units as possible, particularly Tristana and Diana

While Tristana is dealing the lion’s share of the team’s damage, Teemo and Sivir serve as utility, with Teemo’s blind compensating for the lack of frontline, while Sivir provides attack damage and attack speed with her ultimate. Shen is placed in the frontline to stall for the sharpshooters, Yuumi is on the frontline to get her ability off as soon as possible, granting the spirit attack speed buff to her team immediately and becoming untargetable with her ability in the process. Diana’s job is to provide some durability with her Lockets and jumping to the enemy backline to disrupt their damage dealers.

The core of this comp is complete at level 7, from there the player should high roll and three-star as many units as they can. Although, if the player reaches level 8 and still needs some extra power to win, adding Samira as another carry or an Aatrox for some more utility and extra frontline protection are both solid options.

Nine Cultist
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

Forget the fancy-schmancy comps with a bunch of synergies and complicated setups, this is nine Cultist, baby. This comp relies on Galio and Aatrox’s disruptive power to stall the enemy team while Kalista mows them down. The player should prioritize building Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Runaan’s Hurricane for Kalista so she can get as many spears off as possible. Her third item can be a power boost such as Rabadon’s Deathcap or something for survivability such as Quicksilver Sash or Guardian’s Angel.

Any cultist chosen can be utilized for this comp, although chosen frontline units such as Elise, Aatrox, Vladimir, or Kalista herself, are preferred. The goal of positioning is to give Kalista as much protection as possible with Sivir next to her so Kalista can benefit from her ability. Aatrox should also be taking most of the enemy damage in order to get his ability off and set up a nice cluster of enemy units for Galio to slam down on.  While it is a viable strategy to high-roll and three-star as many cultist units as possible, it is vital that the player has enough gold to reach levels 8 and 9 to find Zilean and reach nine Cultist

While only level 8 is needed to reach nine cultist, hitting level nine in order to put in a Lee Sin will help secure first place, as he gives Kalista the duelist synergy, and can kick any potential threats off the map.

TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

Executioners, more specifically Kayle, have been prevalent throughout set 4.5’s lifespan, hiding behind different frontlines such as Vanguards and Keepers. This iteration gives Kayle an extra boost of power with the four Divine trait, and the Adept trait gives this comp a nice head start at the beginning of each fight. The comp is pretty tricky to pull off, as finding an Executioner chosen and three bows are no easy tasks, but once the team is complete, it is all but a guaranteed top two placement. 

As mentioned before, this comp centers around protecting Kayle at all costs and letting her build up her attack speed with her Guinsoo’s Rageblade and activating the Divine buff. Xayah and Kindred’s purpose are to fill out the Executioner traits, so try to only focus on getting items for Kayle in the early and mid-game. Zeke’s Herald is a nifty item that is strong in all stages of the game, so be sure to build it whenever the components are available. 

At level 9, Yone is the perfect addition, granting the three Adept trait which is amazing for slowing down the other meta comps such as Duelists and Sharpshooters.  

A Tier: Likely Top 4/Can win if optimally built

Kennen Keepers
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

Kennen has quickly risen to the top as one of the most coveted units in TFT, offering damage, tankiness and crowd control. This comp centers around him in order to maximize his potential. Any Keeper chosen is usable for this comp, although chosen Kennen is preferred. The player will want to prioritize Morellonomicon for additional burn damage and healing reduction, and Guardian Angel for extra survivability and to ensure that Kennen gets a couple of extra ultimates off. 

This comp follows the “all of the eggs in one basket” philosophy, with everyone else’s job being to set up Kennen for a massive ultimate. This is why it is important to put Kennen in the frontline next to Aatrox so that Aatrox can pull in as many units as possible within Kennen’s ult range. Rakan and Jarvan IV serve as additional crowd control, while Xayah is a solid secondary damage option, also benefiting from the enemy being clustered together. The cultist flex also ensures that Kennen will stay alive a lot longer, with Galio being an additional tank and disrupter and Zilean providing an additional Guardian Angel with his ultimate. 

While the Cultist flex plays into the Keeper comp’s strengths, swapping Zilean for an executioner such as Kayle or Kindred can help diversify the team’s damage. 

Duelist Yasuo
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

The sky is blue. Water is wet. The Pope is Catholic. Chosen duelist Yasuo is still a good comp in Set 4.5.

B Tier: Can top four/ probably won’t win lobbies without highroll

Warlord Cultist
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

In a similar vein to the Kennen Keepers comp, Warlord Cultist focuses on clustering the enemy to set up a massive ult from Katarina, using Zz’rot to taunt enemy units and focus them on Katarina, QSS to guarantee the first ult, and Hextech Gunblade to heal from the damage. Aatrox provides additional cluster insurance, and the Cultist flex provides disruption and Zilean’s ultimate to stall out the fight. Tryndamere remains a solid secondary damage option and even has the potential to become the primary carry if the player has no luck finding items for Katarina.

This comp is at its best when the player wins early and levels aggressively, in order to both get as many Warlord stacks as possible, and get six Warlords on the board as soon as they can to snowball into the mid to late game. 

If a Warlord spatula is found, putting in nine Warlords is always worth getting rid of Cultist. Samira is the best candidate for the Warlord spatula, as she is already an extremely strong late game carry on her own, and will receive the Sharpshooter synergy. Don’t be afraid to put the Warlord spat on any other unit, though, as the stat buff will turn anyone into a potential threat. 

Elderwood Mage Veigar 
TFT Patch 11.6 Tier List

In a meta full of Sharpshooters, Executioners, and Aatroxes waiting to yoink any carry they see into the center of the board, Elderwood is a solid sustain option with a high damage output that is not often too hotly contested. Any Elderwood chosen will work for this comp, but it is best to stay from Xayah and Rakan, as if there is no Elderwood spatula available, it is difficult to work them into the team. 

This comp centers around Veigar being the primary carry, utilizing Hextech Gunblade for sustain, Blue Buff to get in as many ults as possible, and QSS for all of those pesky Aatroxes dominating the meta right now. A big win condition for this comp is to three-star Veigar, allowing him to blow up almost any unit by the late game. 

If an Elderwood spatula is found, giving it to Aurelion Sol is always the best option, as the Elderwood buff makes him extremely tanky and more powerful the longer the fight drags on. While nine Elderwood Mage would be the stronger version of this comp, it is not the best idea to go into a game relying on finding a spatula, so this comp will be a lot more reliable and can win the game on its own if Veigar is three-starred. 

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