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TFT Tier List Patch 10.8b. Mech-Infiltrators back on Top

For the first time in Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics, there was a “B patch”. Riot thought the meta was not in a good place so they decided to make changes mid way through patch 10.8 to address those concerns. With the changes came some significant shifts to the meta game. Some comps dropped spots, some comps climbed, and a new challenger has risen up. Here are the updated tier list for TFT Patch 10.8b.

S-Tier: Compositions that will top four/Consistently Win Lobbies


super-galaxy-rumble-splash-art | Moar Powah!

Guess whose back. After only a one week absence from the throne, Mech is back in S-Tier.

In patch 10.8, Shaco, who used to be the compositions main carry, got nerfed. In patch 10.8b he got nerfed again. Luckily for Mech-Infiltrator players, this isn’t a concern for them.

Kai’Sa now does the heavy lifting. A level three Kai’Sa with Demolitionist’s Charge and a Seraph’s Embrace stuns the entire backline while dishing out massive damage if paired with a Kayle or Miss Fortune for the Valkyrie trait bonus. Even in a gutted state, Shaco is still a great secondary carry option in this comp who is worthy of carrying excess items.

The Mech itself got nerfed late game but actually received a small buff mid game. This allows players to stop bleeding earlier if they can get out even a level three mech. This is important because the biggest downfall of the composition has always been failure to spike before dying. The new Trade Sector Galaxy also is fantastic for this comp allowing mech players to hit critical upgrades quicker.

As always item priority on the Mech is what makes this comp tick. Brambles Vest now with Star Guardians getting nerfed is even stronger with the rest of the meta being primarily attack damage focused. Quicksilver Sash is still amazing as well.

The comp overall is weaker than its 10.7 version but not by much. If uncontested, this comp is a free top four. With perfect items its more than likely a free win.


League of Legends: After nearly five years, Xerath is finally ...

One major comp fell with the 10.8b nerfs. The other stayed exactly where it was. Darkstars have been the target of multiple nerfs but are still scarier than ever.

The crazy thing about Darkstars is the fact that the comp didnt need to rely on Shaco to carry the comp on his back. It just simply allowed him to do so. Now that he can’t do that because of the nerfs, Darkstars can simply throw in the next best thing and still carry games.

Jhin and Xerath are two of the strongest units in the game and benefit from the Darkstar bonus a lot. The fact that you can throw three defensive items on a Jhin and the unit can still one shot everyone on the enemy team is concerning. In fact, players are starting to build Brambles Vest on him just so he can stay alive longer. The unit does not need damage items. Xerath doesn’t really need them either. Just a Rageblade and a defensive item QSS is enough for him to solo carry fights too.

Shaco saw his spell power decreased by 100% in the b patch and he can STILL clean up fights with the right items.

Even if contested, this comp is a good bet to top four with and with the right items, it will win even the most stacked lobbies.

A-Tier: Compositions that consistently top four/Can win lobbies

Jinx Brawlers

Odyssey Jinx :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Jinx and friends are in a fantastic position in patch 10.8

The benefit this comp has seen in patch 10.8 is that most comps are playing “bait units” and “synergy bots”. Essentially other comps know that Blitzcrank is a massive threat so they are forced to put in a unit that is very weak so it doesn’t disrupt fights. Ironically it makes fights a lot more hectic. It is becoming easier than ever for Jinx to pop off. Items like Giant Slayer, Runnan’s Hurricane, and Red Buff go a long way at helping her hit that goal.

The problem for Jinx so far in Set 3 is that its pretty difficult for her to pop off. But with more and more comps playing weaker units and weaker front lines, its making things easier for the Rebel Blaster.

If Jinx does pop off in a fight, she does insane damage. Compositions have to kill her before she gets excited.

At level three, Jinx gets a little too excited. Enough to make the comp win lobbies. But at level two, Jinx and friends are good enough to top four.


PROJECT: Irelia :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Cybernetics are still in a good position even if they are no longer on top.

The Chrono version of this comp is pretty much an afterthought now although Shen still puts in work against Darkstars. Players are preferring to play the popular Celestial (Xayah and Kassadin) package instead. This allows Irelia to build strictly damage items with no need for defense. If she gets chunked, she will heal back the damage with the Celestial bonus.

Items like Redemption and Zz’rot Portal are becoming popular and there is not a class that uses these items better than Cybers. The new Superdense Galaxy greatly benefits the comp too. Having a Force of Nature at level five allows for a mid game power spike that not only allows Cybernetic players the chance to fit in additional synergies at level five, but to also be able to slam the FoN itself on a random Cyber unit for the stat bonus.

There is not a four star unit in the game that is better at level three than Irelia. A level three Irelia with good items can literally one shot anything in the game including a mech.

Cybers are a good pick if players are looking to top four even if its contested. But if players can land an Irelia level three, they are in a good spot at winning the lobby straight up.

Chrono Kayle

Aether Wing Kayle new splash by Alex Flores : Kaylemains

The second-best level three tier four unit is Kayle. But as players might know by now, she is probably the best level one tier four unit too.

Because of this, the Chrono Kayle comp can spike twice. Once when a player finds a single Kayle and twice in the late game if they hit level three Kayle.

Another thing going right for this comp is the buff to Rapid Fire Cannon. This allows for Kayle to sit pretty on the backline while dealing an insane amount of damage from a distance.

Paired with Miss Fortune, the Valkyrie duo do enough damage to erase any team with any build.

The only problem this comp seems to have is that the front line of Chrono units sometimes cant stay alive long enough for Kayle to delete teams. Kayle is also very suspect to backline diving from infiltrators. This means that Kayle is going to need some sort of defensive item. Trap Claw and Guardian’s Angel are good on her.

If playing on the Lilac Nebula or The Neekoverse, players should consider playing Kayle for a very consistent top four. If uncontested this comp can definitely win lobbies as well.


Odyssey Yasuo :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

What started off as a meme comp has become one of the most feared comps in the game.

The “brother” duo of Master Yi and Yasuo are the perfect pair. Master Yi deletes anyone in the front line without fail while Yasuo deletes the back row in an instant.

The comp on paper seems to have counterplay but in reality, it really doesn’t. “Bang Bros” is essentially the perfect meta call. In this meta it’s almost mandatory that a comp has one main carry and that unit holds the most items. This is perfect prey for Yasuo as he will one shot any carry champion almost without fail.

As for front line counterplay for Yi, good luck. The RFC buff benefits him too. This allows for Yi to skip the time waste of running up to a champ in melee range and just hack away from a distance.

The only downside is that this comp needs to hit level three Yi and Yasuo to even top four. This is not a comp someone can play if contested. Also if Yasuo doesn’t ult the right unit which can happen if there are multiple units with three units, it can make or break an entire match.

To make matters even scarier, this comp can transition into the infamous, Six Rebel variation which is growing more popular by the day.

If uncontested, this comp can top four. In specific lobbies or if the Yi/Yasuo player spikes early enough, this comp can wipe everyone out before they know what hit them.

B-Tier: Comps that can top four/rarely win

Star Guardians

Syndra - Star Guardian - Universe of League of Legends

On initial impressions of the 10.8b patch nerfs, people expected Darkstars to be down here and not Star Guardians.

All it took for Star Guardians to take the fall was one change to Syndra‘s mana cost. which was raised from 50 to 65.

The mana component already saw a nerf in 10.8 so the comp while strong, was very fragile. One change was all it took. With Syndra needing an extra 15 mana per ult cast, the Star Guardian comp kind of just falls apart. Syndra cant cast fast enough which means that the entire comp also cant cast fast enough either due to the Star Guardian synergy working like a machine.

The comp can still be that well-oiled machine it needs to be but at the cost of going full offense on Syndra. She absolutely needs that second mana item now and ability power to offset her lower fire rate. Either that or the comp has to high roll with multiple spatulas. A full offensive Syndra makes her vulnerable against anything that can dive the backline. A one-shot onto Syndra and it’s over.

The comp can still top four if uncontested but that comp just doesn’t have what it takes to win lobbies anymore.

Space Jam

Best Space Pirate Build Teamfight Tactics 10.7 Guide TFT ...

Come on and Slam and welcome to the Jam. Space Jam is a growing fan favorite.

This comp relies heavily on using level three Darius and Jayce to one-shot enemy champions while using the Celestial traits to keep themselves healthy enough to literally slam the enemy team to death.

This comp is also a blend of the reroll Protector comp too bringing along Xin Zhao and Rakan for the ride.

It is reliant on having really good offensive items on Darius as he is the primary carry in the composition. He needs at least one Deathcap if not more to do enough damage late game to one-shot enemy units. The comp also needs a majority of the units to be level three as well. Players should look to make Rakan and Xin three-star and Kassadin too. These units will buy enough time for Jayce and Darius to dunk around the whole board.

The problem with this comp is that it’s somewhat RNG reliant. Players need to see a lot of gold early from the Space Pirate synergy so they can re-roll faster than everyone else in the lobby and spike quick enough to punish comps waiting until stage four and five to spike.

This comp is fun to play and borderline meme tier but it has the results to back it up. Players won’t see this comp win a lot but don’t be surprised to see it in the top four in lobbies.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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