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TFT Tier List Patch 10.12 Week Two: Cybers Hacking to the Top

Warren Younger is a Seven Time Master+ Rank player in TFT. Check back for a weekly tier list every Monday for TFT Set 3.5.

As the first patch of set 3.5 comes to a close, the meta game has had some room to grow and then solidify. The game seems to be in a very good state for the time being.

This meta game is not as diverse as previous patches. However it definitely feels like it is one of if not the most balanced.

With about six or seven compositions capable of winning any lobby, it has been hard for players to rank them in order. With that said there is one comp that seems to have pulled away from the others.

Here is the week two patch 10.12 TFT tier list.

tier list week two 10.12

S-Tier: Compositions that will top four at average power level/Consistently win at Optimal Power Level.


Last Week Position: S-Tier

Ol’ faithful has claimed the S-tier spot alone this week for one simple reason. Cybernetics are the most consistent composition to play in the game.

The Cybernetic composition is strong on nearly every single galaxy with it being the best composition in multiple galaxies (Galactic Armory, Superdense, and Treasure Trove). This makes it a very safe pick regardless of what galaxy a player is playing on.

The comp is also consistent when it comes to itemization. With the composition’s main carry only needing two specific items right now (Infinity Edge and Last Whisperer) every other item component can be made into a valuable tech item. Have tear? Make a Redemption or Frozen Heart on Vi. Have belts and cloaks? Zephyr is an amazing item on units like Fiora who can be placed anywhere on the map. Rod can make Ionic Spark on Leona. Vests can turn into Red Buff on Lucian or Ekko. Essentially this means no items are bad items in the composition.

There might not be a lot of flexibility when it comes to the end game composition but between Ekko, Irelia, and Vayne there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to the main carry of the composition. Vayne has emerged as the best option due to her safety from the backline and practically being immune to any infiltrator due to her dropping aggro when she uses her ability. She is also immune to items like Trap Claw and most CC as it cant reach her.

Irelia is still a strong carry candidate especially with Infiltrator’s Talons that lets her skip the CC heavy frontline and jump right onto the enemy’s carry threats. With Ekko in the composition, the now formed Infiltrator duo can hard carry games by themselves.

As if the comp didn’t need another late-game win condition, Thresh can be used to get rid of opponents raid bosses like Mech and Gnar by simply hooking in an Urgot to instantly kill them.

Even if a player isn’t able to survive until level nine to complete the composition, Cyber players should still have the tools necessary to top four in most games even if they low roll. In a game where a Cyber player is able to hit level nine safely and find upgraded Thresh and Ekko along with an Urgot or two, Cybers should be in a very very good place to win any lobby.

A-Tier: Compositions that usually top four at average power level/Can win at Optimal Power Level

-Jinx Brawlers

tier list 10.12 jinx

Last Week Position: A-Tier

It might not seem like it but Jinx Brawlers are in a better position in the metagame than they were a week ago.

The four Brawler, two Blaster, three Rebel variant of the comp is the most popular but this comp is very flexible. Players have found success in high elo playing all sorts of different units as the comps late-game throw-ins. One thing is constant though. There are six units in this comp that are critical for success.

Vi, Gnar and Blitzcrank are amazing in this comp as they play two distinct roles. The first is that they are big health shields that buy time for Jinx to pop off but almost more importantly, they provide excellent CC that not only buy Jinx even more time, but also soften enemies up for Jinx to get kills even faster. Malphite also provides the fourth health shield needed for the gold Brawler trait bonus but he does not provide CC in any way. However, he does provide the Rebel trait which gives Jinx more health and more damage.

The second blaster in this composition is almost always going to be Ezreal. Ezreal along with Blitzcrank provides the Chrono trait which directly benefits Jinx as it speeds up the killing process. Every second is critical in a fight and since the comp has one true carry, Jinx needs to make every second count.

Itemization on Jinx is somewhat flexible. The golden rule of thumb is to have two offensive items and one defensive item. Typically the best items for Jinx are Infinity Edge, Last Whisperer, and Guardians Angel. However, there are many good items that Jinx can run like Giant Slayer, Trap Claw, and Runan’s Hurricane.

Late game units are flexible. If a player needs extra damage or CC, the player can elect to run Gangplank and Ziggs for the Demolitionist trait. If Sorcerers are tearing up a lobby then two Mystics can be throw in like Soraka and Lulu.

This comp is very flexible with a ton of variation but its the Jinx show and if a player can protect Jinx from infiltrators, zephyr, or if Jinx cant get quick resets, it may be a little difficult to win games consistently. However, this comp is a safe bet to net consistent top fours. Jinx 3* or a Jinx 2* with a very strong secondary carry unit like Gnar, Aurelion Sol, or GP will put players in a good position to win any lobby.

-Mech Sorcs

Last Week Position: A-Tier

Another comp in the same tier but in a better position is Mech-Pilot Sorcerers.

Over the past few days, there has been in a shift in the metagame from Vanguard Mystic being heavily played to more sorcerers coming into the fray.

There are a couple of Sorcerer variations that usually run six sorcerers alongside Gangplank and Riven but this composition can run either one and also have a giant mech alongside with it.

Unlike mech builds of the past, the items on the mech are not the priority. The reason is that the mech doesn’t need to buy a lot of time for the carries to pop off. It just needs to buy enough time. The other reason why the mech items are not prioritized is that fights in this composition do not take long. Usually fights are very one-sided with either the mech player winning quickly or the enemy winning quickly.

With six sorcerers, the mech along with the other units in the comp do so much damage that with one round of abilities the fight is usually over. Even units with no items will be doing a lot of damage, 75% more to be exact.

If the mech is not the carry than who is? In an optimal position, Gangplank is. Everyone knows how much damage GP can do but what if he had optimal items due to prioritizing items for him? Now imagine that same GP but with a 75% damage boost. No survivors will be left to see it. He fits amazingly in this comp as the mech can shield the GP from all damage while he walks up, hits an enemy twice and then hits them with his giant ability for the finishing blow.

Another thing of note, players do not go for 3* mech units in this comp. They instead focus on getting a late-game carry unit online instead. Riven 2* is usually played until a GP is found. Viktor isn’t a bad carry option either and he is also fantastic as a secondary carry in this comp.

The game plan is simple. Throw the tank items on the mech and throw the damage items on a carry. If a player can do that then a top four is likely. If a player can find a GP 2* rather quickly then a win is likely too.

-Vanguard Mystics

TFT Tier list 10.12 vanguard mystic

Position Last Week: S-Tier

The comp with the biggest change in position from last week to this week are the former Kings (and Queens) of patch 10.12. Vanguard Mystics have slowly been dying off kinda like they have been hit with Cassiopeia’s ability.

The reason the comp has lost some steam is due to players adapting to the composition. Every auto-attack carry has made it a priority to build Infinity Edge and Last Whisperer so they can quickly melt the heavy armor vanguard front line. Infiltrators also do a number to this composition by being able to jump quickly on Cassiopeia and eliminating her before she kills units. Essentially Cybernetics are Vanguard Mystic’s worst nightmare right now.

The comp doesn’t do too well against ranged attackers. Snipers and Blasters are hard to CC in the comp and the mystic portion of the comp doesn’t do well against those ranged threats either. When it comes to front to back fighting, Vanguard Mystics struggle a lot if their opponents have a good frontline or enough burst damage. Even with a mediocre front line, if a player can find Urgot or a Thresh that can pull in Urgot, then eliminating the wall in front of Cassiopeia is not that hard.

Make no mistake though, this comp is still strong. Not every composition in the game has enough backline power to tear through the Vanguard Mystic wall and if they do, it won’t be until the late game. The CC is very real for this composition and if the wall can march forward, even range threats are neutralized.

If a player can spike early enough with this comp, it’s still a fairly easy top four. However, players are going to need optimal defensive items and upgrades as well as optimal Cass items to win in the late game.

-Astro Snipers

TFT astro sniper tier list 10.12

Position Last Week: A-Tier

If the meta was pure front to back fighting, Astro Sniper would be kings. Too bad not every front to back fighting comp plays nice.

The tools are there for this comp to succeed. The Astro synergy lets Teemo become an insane AP threat slowing every unit in his path while also doing massive burst damage. Jhin is there for the AD threat making it hard to counter this comp defensively. That one-two punch Teemo and Jhin have is insane.

The front line is not too bad either. With the Astro synergy, Nautilus and Gnar pop off earlier than the opponent’s front liners do which gives the Astro Snipers an advantage at the beginning of fights

The downfall is that the comp is very fragile. Cybernetics can simply dive onto Teemo and Jhin and kill them before they do anything. Also if Gnar and the other front liners cant neutralize enemy threats when they cast, then the fight goes downhill. The Astro Sniper frontline isn’t the tankiest so if their frontline gets deleted before the Snipers do work, then the snipers have nowhere to run to.

For Astro Sniper players its critical that they keep Teemo and Jhin alive. Getting into late game isn’t that bad so top fours come regularly. If players can keep Teemo and Jhin alive long enough in the late game then they will have a chance to win games.

-Blade Bros

TFT blade bros tier list 10.12

Last Week Position: N/A

Yes, they are back but a little different than players remember.

Some things are the same. The goal is still to carry through Master Yi 3*.  Players are still looking to play a small Rebel package to buff Yi too. But that’s where the similarities end.

In new and improved Blade Bros, the goal is run six Blademasters. The Blademaster synergy at the silver stage got massively buffed in patch 10.12. With six Blademasters there is now a 70% chance that each blademaster will strike two additional times. This is up from 55% before the patch.

This makes a 3* Master Yi with optimal items scarier than ever. If one thought old Master Yi melted teams before, he can do it even faster now. What’s even scarier is Yi’s new partner in crime. Players still play Yasuo to compliment Master Yi but the new Rebel unit introduced is Yi’s new brother, Zed. He is a ridiculous secondary carry threat if given a Blade of the Ruined King.

Zed doesn’t have an active ability instead he has a passive. His ability states whenever he strikes three times he deals bonus damage and steals a percentage of the opponent’s AD. With a Blademaster Spatula, there is a 70% chance that every time he strikes, he just activates his passive ability. At 3* Zed is an absolute monster.

The comp has a surprisingly decent frontline. Shen has always been a great tank for the comp. The introduction of Riven gives the Blade Bros even more time due to Riven being a pseudo tank thanks to her ability giving her shields.

The counter to this comp is its frailness. Yes, this comp does insane damage quickly but it can die just as quick too. Burst damage can eliminate Yi before he gets going and Zed placement is critical to dive onto the enemy back liners. A misplacement of Zed can spell disaster. Every second counts in this comp. Zephyr is also a real pain as well. Usually, players will want to make Master Yi CC proof so that he can dish out damage unhindered. Doing this is risky because putting a Quicksilver Sash on Yi has an unintended consequence.

If Master Yi has a QSS against an enemy Ekko, Ekko will just hit the Yi over and over again until he dies and Ekko is a very popular unit right now.

This comp isn’t in the best place in the metagame currently but it’s still a strong comp that players should watch out for. If uncontested players should be able to hit Zed and Master Yi 3* which should be good enough for top four. If they can do that with the right itemization they can win lobbies too.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games.
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