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TFT Tier List Patch 10.10 Week One: Blademaster Beatdown

Warren Younger is a current Master Tier player on NA. He is always open to suggestions to make this weekly tier list better. Look for weekly tier lists every Monday.

If Teamfight Tactics:Galaxies have taught players anything its that even the smallest patches can send ripples through the metagame. Patch 10.10 was purposely made to be small due to the metagame being in a healthy state as well as the big mid-season update coming in only a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, the newest patch has shaken up the meta once again. Here are the top comps in this weeks tier list patch 10.10

tier list patch 10.10 week one

S-Tier: Comps that will top four at average power level/Consistently win at optimal power


Tier list 10.10 kayle

Kayle has claimed her place on the throne for patch 10.10. The Valkyrie Blademaster has proven to be the best unit in the game.

The flexibility of this unit is ridiculous. The well known Chrono variation of Kayle is still alive and well but many players in higher elo are playing her in any comp.

Kayle has been paired with nearly every single tier four unit in the game. She is great with Jinx due to Miss Fortune being a Valkyrie Blaster. She is good with Irelia due to both being Blademasters. Jhin has also seen play alongside her because she is just that good.

Rageblade is still mandatory on Kayle but after that she is super flexible. Rapidfire Cannon, Quicksilver Sash, Deathcap, Morellos, Hand of Justice, Infinity Edge, and Guardians Angel are all fantastic item options on Kayle.

Kayle doesn’t require optimal items or synergies to pop off making her an almost perfect carry option in many different comps. Chances are if Kayle is somewhere in a comp, that comp has a good shot at winning the lobby.

Jinx Brawlers

Odyssey Jinx :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Jinx Brawlers have cemented their place in S-tier. Just like with Kayle, Jinx Brawlers are highly flexible too.

The classic four Blaster four Brawler variation is still very strong but the comp is not reliant at all when it comes to fitting four blasters. In fact, many players wont run four blasters at all. This is because players are electing to go for a couple of critical synergies that make a huge difference in the late game.

The first variation is the two Mystic variation. As discussed last week, players are prioritizing running a Rebel three-piece in their blaster brawler builds which gives Jinx extra health and damage. In the two mystic variation. Players run Sona and Karma on level eight in place of two blasters. This is great against heavy magic damage lobbies. Lulu replaces Karma in the late game.

In lobbies where damage is more important, players are fitting in Ziggs and Gangplank for the all-important Demolitionist trait which gives Jinx some help in cutting foes HP and stuns them in place for target practice.

Miss Fortune is the optimal second blaster in the composition but she isn’t exactly needed. Players are often found running Ezreal in her place. That’s because but these variations help make this composition more consistent due to Miss Fortune being hard to find late. Also, optimal Miss Fortune items can be hard to come by late as well.

The composition is definitely the most consistent option at netting top fours in patch 10.10 and if a player does land an optimal MF or GP, wins are easy to come by.

A-Tier: Comps that consistently top four at average power/Can win at optimal power level


4/13 PBE Update: Cosmic Dawn Rakan & Cosmic Dusk Xayah splash ...

Even post nerf, Shredder is still real. Xayah might of gotten a five AD nerf but Deathblade got a 30 AD buff.

The comp is still the exact same but now players are building Deathblade on Xayah. The item provides an additional 30 AD every time Xayah kills a unit and the buff to the item makes the holder start off with a stack. This means the item gives 60 AD at the beginning of the round.

The biggest takeaway here is that not only does Xayah have more consistent damage up front now, she now has the ability to do massive damage in the late game. With every unit she kills, she gets stronger and stronger. Shredder’s late game has never been better.

The only thing keeping this comp out of S tier is consistency. Players absolutely need perfect items on Xayah and for the comp to have the right upgrades at the right time. A delayed 3* Xayah or Jarvan can make or break a top four.

The comp is still very powerful and if uncontested, it can grant consistent top fours. If a player can sustain a big health lead, the comp can definitely win in the late game before it even falls off.


PROJECT: Irelia :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Still holding strong in A-tier is the Cybernetic composition.

The comp is still the same, collect the six Cybernetic champions, slap carry items on Irelia, throw in a two-piece synergy like Chrono and Celestial and then watch Irelia go.

Irelia is still one of the best champions in the game and with optimal items, she is the best. With the ability to one-shot anyone at any time, there is hardly a debate.

There are two issues plaguing this comp from S-tier. The first is that Irelia is contested in Kayle and Shredder compositions. Both of those comps realize how good Irelia is as a secondary carry and can prevent Cyber players from power spiking. The other issue is that Irelia items are heavily contested in this meta. Cyber players absolutely need optimal Irelia items or the entire composition falls apart.

Infinity Edge and Last Whisperer are staples on Irelia and the components that make those items are always taken first on carousels. Its not all doom and gloom for Irelia though. Deathblade is a good alternative item in place of Infinity Edge. Irelia also benefits from Seraph’s Embrace and Deathcap which are not very contested at the moment.

The alternatives might not be better than the original items but are still strong enough to net top fours with right upgrades. If a player has optimal Irelia items then they can look for firsts, with an Irelia 3* they will take it.


Odyssey Ziggs :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Rebels are officially back but these are not your grandma’s rebels.

Aurelion Sol is pretty much an afterthought in this version of the comp but players are definitely going for the six Rebel synergy.

Ziggs with double Seraph’s Embrace is an absolute menace in this comp. So much so Riot decided it was broken enough to hotfix. But even after the hotfix, Ziggs is very strong. Jinx is still the comps ace in the hole as she is still the best overall Rebel unit.

The star of the show, however, is Gangplank. Although these might not be your grandma’s Rebels, there are still things that stay the same. An optimized GP 2* with good items and upgrades is definitely still the win condition for this comp.

The only thing holding this comp back from S-tier is consistency issues. Players have to find Jinx and GP in a meta where they are heavily contested.

Like Cybers, the rest of the Rebel crew are mostly just synergy bots, if Jinx and GP cant pop off then the comp falls apart.

However, if players can find GP and Jinx early enough, the comp can secure top fours if not flat out just win.

B-Tier: Comps that can top four at average power level/Can win at optimal power level


League of Legends: After nearly five years, Xerath is finally ...

After a one week absence, Darkstars are back.

In patch 10.10, Karma got a significant buff to her attack speed giving ability. The ability now grants the tethered user 75% bonus attack speed which is up from 50%. This sounds great for Jhin as her converts the attack speed into damage but this is actually insane on the true carry for the comp which is Xerath.

An optimized Xerath is simply the best carry unit in the game. A 2* Xerath with QSS and Rageblade deletes everyone from the back line. Xerath will heal any damage taken thanks to the celestial buff and with Karma by his side, he gets his ability off quicker and is given a shield too.

The issue is hitting all of that while staying alive is rough. Most compositions power spike way before a player finds a Xerath 2*.

Jhin is an ok carry alternative but he simply cant kill things faster than the other big carry threats in the meta.

The power of this composition at max potential is one of if not the strongest in the game but getting there is a challenge.

If a player is able to navigate the early and mid-game well, players can still top four without a Xerath 2* but more often then not, they will need him to do well.

Mech Infiltrators

Tier list 10.10 mech

The comp seems like it’s in its twilight phase. The most infamous comp of set three is still a threat to win games but definitely not like it used to.

The comp is still very strong with optimal items on the mech itself. However, the meta is not very kind to this composition.

The first issue is that diving the back line is a suicide mission in this meta. Every composition can either effectively position to beat infiltrators or naturally do so. Also, every comp has very powerful CC tools to lock the infiltrators in place.

The second issue is that since the meta is so diverse, the old optimal mech items are simply not good enough. Bramble Vest is terrible against Candyland and Lazer Printer. It’s also bad because every other comp is building LW. The mech never lives long for an item like Ionic Spark to do work. Quicksilver Sash is an absolute must-have on the mech but even that got nerfed.

The nerfs have actually made it a somewhat normal occurrence for the mech to not even be able to cast.

The shining light with this composition is that the comp is really uncontested. If a player is able to power spike early enough, the comp can definitely still top four lobbies.

And as always, if a player can hit mech 9*, the game is over.

Honorable Mentions

-Void Brawlers

With mana printer gone Void Brawlers took a massive hit. But with new technology like Zeke’s Herald on Kha’Zix, the comp is still a threat. Just not as big of a one like it was last patch.

-Star Guardians

Coming off some strong showings in the Giant Slayer Season 2 Qualifiers, Star Guardians might be back on the rise. Look out for this comp going forward.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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