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TFT Tier List 10.21 B-patch – “Throwing down the Jeweled Gauntlet”

After a week of Warwick and Static Shiv warping the meta game, the 10.21 B-Patch has restored peace to Teamfight Tactics. In this week’s tier list, nine comps have made their mark with two comps in particular taking the throne of S-tier. Without further ado, here is the 10.21 TFT Meta Snapshot for week two.

For returning comps the descriptions will be shorter than comps that are new. For more detailed descriptions of returning comps, a link to the previous tier list will be linked for them below. Check back every Monday for new lists.


S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Vanguard Mystic Ahri

TFT Meta Snapshot 10.21 - Ahri

Last Week Position: HM

After a week of absence, Ahri has regained her spot among the elite for the fourth time. The second coming of set three Gangplank is still as powerful as ever. Nothing really has changed from the comp. The plan is simple, stack Ahri with Jeweled Gauntlets and keep her safe as she one-shots entire boards. For extra damage, players can turn excess cloaks and tears into chalices to give Ahri that extra oomph that she might need in the super late game. The front line is as critical to success as Ahri as Aatrox, Sejuani and Cassiopeia do a fantastic job at locking down the enemy units so Ahri has a big bullseye to hit.


TFT TIer List Sharp

Last Week Position: HM

Now that Warwick has left the meta, the Warwick counter has been let loose to reign supreme. Sharpshooters may be an absolute blast to play but they are an absolute pain to play against. The comp’s gameplan is simple, get Jinx to 3*, throw in the Six Sharpshooter synergy and watch entire teams freeze as Jinx stuns them all. Don’t worry if there are still units moving around as the AoE damage combined with Jeweled Gauntlet will surely wipe away any health bar remaining. Jhin is also a fantastic secondary carry that needs little to no item support to pop. Even Teemo is a good carry threat too. Once this comp comes online, it’s almost impossible to beat.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby

Elderwood Ashe

TFT Tier List Ashe2

Last Week Position: HM

The items may be different but the comp is still the same old story. Elderwood Ashe continues to be a super-strong pick in the meta game. The plan is still the same, throw in the Six Elderwood trait, stack Ashe with damage items and have the rest of the Elderwood units buy time for Ashe to clean up everything around the map. Like always Ezreal, Sett, and Warwick are there to make targets soft for Ashe. The main Ashe build has changed due to the rise of Vanguards with Infinity Edge and Last Whisper being the best in slot items currently but the nice thing about this comp is flexibility. Adept focused builds have also popped up but the one constant is always Ashe. She might not be as good as Sharpshooters and Ahri at the moment but it’s pretty close.

Ninja Akali

Ninja Akali TFT 10.21

Last Week Position: HM

The one comp that was able to somewhat compete with Warwick is here in the “post-Warweek” meta. While this comp may not be the S-Tier comp that people thought it was going to be, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. The comp is simple from a win condition point of view. All the marbles go into Akali’s basket. Players need to have Blue Buff, Infinity Edge, and Rapid Fire Cannon for Akali to truly pop off. But if a player can do that while also hitting Akali 3* and upgraded Ninjas and Assassins then they are primed for a top-four finish every time. Positioning Akali is critical to success but if a player can make sure Akali is always in the right spot at the right time, this comp can beat any comp in the game at max power.

B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies

Diana Reroll

TFT TIer List Diana2

Last Week Position: HM

A comp that has been under the radar for so long has finally shown itself in the moonlight. With Aphelios gutted, Diana has taken the crown as the Moonlight hyper carry and she’s pretty good at doing that. This comp does not abuse the new Five Moonlight chase trait and instead just goes for the classic three moonlight. The reason is that like Akali, all the eggs are in Diana’s basket. The plan is simple, stack Diana with damage and healing, let her pop everyone’s health bar and watch hers turn white as she gains a gigantic shield.

This comp is like Akali except it traded pure damage for tanky survivability. But don’t get it twisted, Diana at 4* can still delete enemies like Akali but unlike Akali, she has to rely on her tankiness to continue casting her ability. Like some other units, Diana is mana locked until her ability shield goes away. It’s not that Diana wants tank and healing items, it’s that she needs them to be able to survive long enough to chain her ability which puts her at a disadvantage unlike Akali who can one-shot units quickly.

However, there are some things Diana can do better. For instance, Diana’s ability does AoE damage to the units around her so she can kill multiple units at the same time which is great for heavy backline carry comps. She can also take some serious hits unlike Akali who dies to a light breeze. At the end of the day, Akali is the more consistent comp in terms of damage output. In the late game, Diana’s tankiness will start to fall off as well as her damage, unlike Akali. That said, this comp is a fantastic comp to top four with but winning will be hard unless players can take advantage of Diana’s mid game power spike to chunk other players health bars.

Enlightend Talon

TFT 10.21 - Talon

Last Week Position: HM

Talon is back on this week’s tier list and in a similar spot. The comp hasn’t changed from previous iterations and the plan is still the same. Have Morgana soften up enemies and the Adept units slow them down as Talon jumps around the map in hopes of killing every unit in one tap to be able to reset his ability and do it again until there are no units left.

The problem with this comp is the same as always. Talon needs to be able to one-shot every unit he sees or the comp falls apart. If he doesn’t one-shot a unit then he’s very susceptible to CC and just getting one shot himself. Also, it’s hard to tear through the vanguard frontlines that are very prevalent in the meta game. Those problems are erased if a player can hit Talon 3* and or Morgana 3*. Yone can be used as a secondary carry to help Talon clean up too.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted

Enlightened Nami (Bubble Bobble)

Last Week Position: N/A

In recent memory, there has not been a more oppressive comp in the early and mid-game as Bubble Bobble is right now. The comp is named Bubble Bobble as a reference to the hit game and also Nami’s ability. With the recent buffs to Ludens Echo, Nami‘s CC ability is a nuke. Luden’s Echo now does 360 damage to enemies that are shielded or CC’d.

In the early game, 360 damage from an item alone is a lot. If the Nami player manages to hit two Ludens then that’s 720 from the item every time she casts and with the Enlightened buff she will cast a lot and that doesn’t even include the mage buff that literally doubles the output. This comp is the destroyer of win streaks but it falls off very hard late game as 720 damage doesn’t scale well against tanky units and QSS erases the damage almost entirely.

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: HM

Just like Talon, Yasuo always seems to find his way into the meta game one way or another. This comp is still powerful if it can get going as Yasuo is a crazy good early and mid game carry and not super bad late. Jax with the new Divine trait is fantastic too and with Kalista being able to use Static Shiv well this comp is definitely capable of surprising people. However, there are better comps in the meta that can use the items Duelist Yasuo would want to use and there are better reroll comps as well with the likes of Diana, Akali and Sharpshooters. This isn’t the best meta for Yasuo but he’s still good enough to top four most lobbies.

Warlords (Katarina Carry)

While Katarina is only the fourth best Assassin carry comp in the meta behind Talon,Diana,and Akali, she still is strong enough to warrant a spot on this list. This comp relies on hitting Katarina 3* along with six or nine Warlords and like the other Assassin comps, it puts all the pressure on Katarina to take down entire teams. Thanks to items like Gunblade and HoJ, if she is able to cast her ability, its likely that anyone in her presence will die and those items will help her be healthy enough to cast again. She may not be the fastest assassin in the meta but her ability is definitely the most powerful when it comes to raw damage.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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