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Hitchhikers Guide to TFT: Galaxies: Three Compositions to Try Out

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Everyone is excited for the brand new Teamfight Tactics expansion, TFT: Galaxies which just launched on the PBE. With so many changes, TFT: Galaxies feels like a brand new game. With new mechanics, champions, and items even the most experienced players are having a little trouble navigating the new space. Players may be looking for a TFT set three guide.

For newer players and those that are coming back to the game from a hiatus, figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be frustrating.

But have no fear! Here are three quick guides to some of the better compositions in TFT: Galaxies.

Mech-Pilot Sorcerers

Here is how the composition should look on level 7.

Probably the most exciting trait in set three is Mech-Pilot. The trait needs all three Mech-Pilot champions to run. Once you acquire the three champions (which are Annie, Fizz, and Rumble) the three champions transform into a huge mech at the beginning of the fight. The key thing to note is that the mech copies all the traits, classes, and three of the items of the champions that made the mech.

With this in mind, players are going to want to make the strongest mech possible. When looking at which items to put on the mech, look to add Guardians Angel for increased survivability. Zz’rot Portal is also very good on the mech. The reason why these two items are optimal is that once the mech dies, the three champions used to make it eject out and continue the fight. If you have Guardians Angel and Zz’rot portal on the Rumble, once he ejects from the mech, he will also have the GA and Zz’rot portal too giving you an effective two revives and two Zz’rot minions. The third item can be another tank item but it seems that a damage item like the Jeweled Gauntlet works best with the mech.

Outside of the three Mech-Pilot champions, its important to maximize on synergies. Since Annie is already a Sorcerer, its important to at least go two deep into the sorcerer synergy. Most players are actually finding more success going four deep into the synergy giving the mech an increase of 40% spell power. That with the Jeweled gauntlet makes the mech an absolute killing machine. The three other sorcerers that are optimal to pick up are the three sorcerers in the Star Guardian trait. Collecting these three Sorcerers conveniently activates the Star Guardian trait bonus as well. Because of this, one of the Star Guardian sorcerers like Syndra, Ahri, or Zoe can be used as a secondary carry.

Finally, since the Mech gains all the traits and classes as the units used to make it, it’s important to round out the compositions with champions that activate those synergies. Rumble has the Demolitionist trait, so players will want to find an early Ziggs to make sure the mech can stun enemies when its ability activates. Look to replace Ziggs with Gangplank later in the game. Fizz is also an Infiltrator so on level eight, players can look to add another infiltrator like Ekko or Shaco to give the mech a burst of attack speed which can make the difference of activating one or two abilities in a fight.

Cybernetic Blademaster (Irelia Hyper Carry)

This is what the composition could look like at level eight

Just link in Summoners Rift, In TFT, Irelia can 1v9 too. In this composition, players are going to look to make Irelia the strongest unit on the entire board.

Irelia is a Cybernetic, Mana-Reaver, Blademaster. The Cybernetic trait has turned heads due to how strong the buff Cybernetic gives. If a player has three Cybernetic champions on their team, each unit that has at least one item will gain 30 attack damage and 300 health. However, when a player collects all six Cybernetic champion, that buff jumps to an insane 75 attack damage and 750 health. Giving this buff to Irelia alone would be worth it but since it gives the buff to all Cybernetic champions, it makes going six deep in the synergy and absolute priority.

As players build this composition, they will need to collect any Vi, Leona, Lucian, and Fiora they can find. Fiora doubles as a Blademaster making her even more of a priority. Later in the game, players will want to look out for Irelia. On certain galaxies, this can be done immediately. If a player sees an Irelia on the carousel, they should take it without hesitation. The same goes for the final champion in the Cybernetic synergy which is Ekko. Once Ekko is found, the composition sees a major spike in power.

The Blademaster synergy activates on three champions in this set meaning that the 7th unit of the composition needs to be another Blademaster. Since this composition is all about Irelia, The third Blademaster should be one that supports Irelia either by trait or ability. Shen does both. Shen’s ability can keep himself and other alive long enough for Irelia to kill the entire team and provides the Chrono trait which will give Irelia increased attack speed. Finally on level eight players should add in another Chrono unit to activate the trait. The best unit to do so could be Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank will give himself and Vi increased health from the Brawler class and Blitzcrank can also make backline champions non-factors in the fight. Mana-Reaver doesn’t seem to be worth going for, however if players want to go this route, picking up Thresh is the best bet.

The best thing about this composition is that the items outside of Irelia do not matter very much. In fact, even random item components are good in this comp. For Irelia though, look to give her Guardians Angel to keep her alive. Rageblade is also good especially with the Blademaster and Chrono buff. The third item should be a healing item. Gunblade saw a buff in set three and could be a good choice alongside Hand Of Justice or Bloodthirster.

Jinx Brawlers

TFT set three guide: Jinx Brawlers
Ideal composition on level 7. Make sure Blitz is in a corner next to Jinx.

One of the more infamous compositions from back in set one makes its return in set three. The idea of having one auto attacking hyper carry behind a massive wall is back in the form of Jinx Brawlers. Just like in set one, this composition relies on a tier four Jinx to proc her passive and start dealing a lot of damage while her tanky front line of brawlers soak up damage.

Jinx isn’t the only returning champion from the set one variation. Jinx’s best friend, Blitzcrank is back too. Blitzcrank allows Jinx to proc her passive immediately by hooking a low health unit right into Jinx’s sights. Vi is back too although this time without the hextech trait. And everyone’s favorite Area of effect Crowd Control king, Cho’gath, is back too with his same exact trait and class from set one.

In this version of the composition, there are only four brawlers. The missing brawler from the ones described above might actually be the most important. Malphite is a Brawler Rebel. The Rebel trait is critical in this version because Jinx is also a Rebel. The Rebel trait activates when there are three Rebels on the team. The trait states that every rebel gains a shield and damage based on the number of adjacent Rebels. This is fantastic for Jinx because now players wont have to worry about giving Jinx a defensive item. The Rebel trait does it for her. Since players will need to add in a third Rebel unit, look to add in a champion like Sona, who is a Rebel and can heal Jinx in a pinch.

Jinx’s other trait is Blaster. The Blaster synergy allows units with the trait to fire additional attacks on every fourth hit. This is fantastic for Jinx as it allows her to do a lot of damage quickly. This synergy activates when there are two Blasters. Since Jinx likes to attack quickly, and since Blitzcrank already has Chrono, adding a Chrono Blaster would be ideal. Thankfully there is a champion that has both of those synergies. Look to add in Ezreal on Level 7 to round out the composition.

Near perfect composition on level eight. Make sure the Rebel champions are lined up in a triangle to maximize the bonus shield and damage.

On level eight, players can look to maximize the Blaster trait by going four deep. This allows Blasters to fire five additional attacks on every fourth hit instead of two. This is a massive power spike for Jinx. It comes at the cost of dropping Rebel though. But fear not, Rebel trait comes in the form of a spatula item. If a player comes across this, they can make a champion like Ezreal a Rebel too. If this is found, then players should look to drop Sona for Miss Fortune and Lucian to round out the Brawler, Blaster, Chrono, Rebel composition.

When it comes to items, Look to give Jinx items like Infinity Edge, Last Whisperer, and Rageblade. If defensive items are found slap them onto one of the brawlers like Cho’Gath. Any other offensive items should go on Miss Fortune or Ezreal.


Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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