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TFT Set 7 Leak: Potential Dragonlands Champions and Traits

TFT Dragonlands Champions

With TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights in full swing, fans are already looking towards TFT Set 7. Not much information was officially revealed regarding the seventh set. But thanks to leaks shared on reddit, the community now knows about the TFT Dragonlands Champions and Traits. These were leaked on some Chinese cheat sheet, with the information presented in this article being translations provided by a reddiot. Without much further ado, here are some TFT Set 7 Leaks: Potential Dragonalnds Champions and Traits.

Check the link here for the source. 

TFT Set 7 PBE Release Date

TFT Set 7 Release Date

Dragonlands Champions and Traits

The information here is credited to redditor BaxBakTH 

In the reddit post, they stated:


Summon 1/2/3/4 Jade statues on your board, statues give benefits to an ally unit that has the statue, they heal 3/6/9/25% max HP every sec and gain 20/40/60/100% attack speed. When statue dies, debuffs nearby enemy units magic resist

Astral/God of Stars

Every 5 times you refresh shop, increased chance to find certain Astral/God of Stars units. You also gain a star orb. Team gains AP

3 – +5 AP

6 – +30AP, Orb value increased

9 – +60AP, Orbs can contain components


9 seconds after combat start, all enemy units get struck by lightning, stun for 1 second and take max health true damage and Tempest units gain bonus crit (chance or damage?), and attack speed


Every time unit casts a spell, fire a rocket at random nearby enemy unit that deals flat magic damage


Guild units give your entire team bonus stats based on what guild unit you have on your board, for example,

if you put Twitch on your board, he gives +10% attack speed to entire team

if you put Sejuani on your board, she gives 100 max HP to entire team

if you put Talon on your board, he gives bonus AD to entire team

if you put Zilean on your board, he gives bonus AP to entire team

if you put Bard on your board, he gives mana per attack to entire team

if you have guild spat on your board, it gives omnivamp to entire team

Guild units receive double this bonus. This bonus is further multiplied the more guild units you have on the board (vertical trait, I THINK this is what it says)


Swiftshots attack twice?? and gain bonus attack speed


Every time illusionist/mirage unit attacks, they gain a stack. Each stack gives bonus attack speed. Max 10 stacks.


Shimmerscale units give 1/2/3/5 unique items.


Volibear, Ornn and Anivia are considered Deities units. Units next to a Deity at the start of a round become their followers and sacrifice themselves, giving Deity units max HP, armor, MR and 40% of their AP (?? not sure what this does?? raid boss trait??)


Dragonscorn units take 30% reduced damage from enemies with over 2500 max HP. Dragonscorns do 30%/60%/100% more damage if you don’t have Dragon trait active on your board


Whisperers shred 40% armor and mr of the target they attack, debuff lasts 6 seconds. When allies attack debuffed target, they gain bonus AD and AP against debuffed target


Rage units generate rage when attacking. when max rage, they gain a steroid for 4 seconds after casting their ability. A lot of attack speed and omnivamp.

Dragon Tamer/Trainer

Every round, each Dragon Tamers feed biscuits to an extra unit (i think its like innovators), every time you feed it, it gains bonus HP and AP. When it eats 25 biscuits, it gains 1 star.

2 Dragon Tamers lets you play the extra unit on your board

3 Dragon Tamers increase extra unit’s magic damage by 100%


at the end of each round, Bard has a 10(* number of survived units) % chance of creating a note. If Bard casts his ability, he will also create a note. For every note that is collected, your shop has 1% increased chance of finding 3, 4, and 5 costs units. credit: u/GoSouthCourt


Mages double cast their ability, second cast does a different % amount of damage


Swiftshots gain bonus attack speed for every hex between themselves and their target, and passively gain +2 attack range (snipers basically)


Fighters have a 25% chance to add a big amount of bonus damage to their next attack


same icon as Bruiser in current set, probably same stats


Cavaliers gain bonus armor and MR. Whenever Cavaliers change targets, they charge to their new target and double this bonus for 4 seconds


When Vanguards drop below 50% HP, they grant themselves and nearby allies a shield based on their % max HP (not sure if it’s the Vanguard’s max HP or the other units’ max HP)


same as live


no text but probably same as old set, gives MR to whole team


Shapeshifters gain bonus % max HP

Dragon Worshipper

Choose one of your units, this unit gets blessing from a Dragon and gains bonus max HP and AP. Bonuses are bigger based on how many stars they have


Every 5 seconds, Cannoneer gets a big boost to their next auto attack


Evokers gain a flat amount of mana every time an ability is cast around them


Zoe’s trait, every time she casts or new round start, she randoms shuffle her spell from Set1 Kayle, Set3.5 Janna, Set5 Ivern, Set6 Lux


Soraka’s trait, first spell cast in combat round by Soraka heal their Tactician based on their star level 2/4/100 hp

In conclusion

These trait descriptions and general information was originally written and provided by redditor BaxBakTH 

Keep in mind, these are leaks and spoilers. They’re in no way official reveals from Riot. And though the information for this particular TFT Set 7 champions and traits seem grounded in very strong evidence, still take things with a grain of salt. This news remains an unofficial spoiler, and thereby may not be 100% accurate.

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