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Teamfight Tactics

TFT Set 7 Comps to Tryout on the PBE

TFT Set 7 Comps

Hello everyone. The long-awaited day is finally here! Set 7 for TFT has hit PBE, and the race to find the most broken comp has begun. Set 7 caters to both vertical OTPs, as well as flexible tacticians, meaning there are so many options to choose from. Of course, a new set can seem overwhelming to many players, so for players who have not yet decided what to try, here are 7 TFT Set 7 Comps to Tryout on the PBE.


Mage is back, and powerful as ever. Casting spells twice always has obvious advantages, but the reason Mages make it to the top of this list is the variance in units. Not only are there hard-hitting AP units like Ryze and Lilia (and of course Zoe), but Nami for healing, Vladimir as a tank, and Heimerdinger for CC. Not to mention the emblem is craftable, so hitting 7 is not very difficult compared to other comps. Just make sure to add some extra frontline to buy time for the backline units, and watch the enemy team melt away. Remember, “When in doubt, mage it out. ”


The new economy trait, but with a twist. Not only will this trait reward players who are addicted to smashing “D” with some extra gold, but it also makes it very easy to build a massive 3-star army. No more “didn’t hit, go 8”, but rather “Hit everything, nothing to buy”. Unless an early Aurelion Sol randomly appears, Varus will most likely be the main carry, so slap a Rageblade and a fellow Swiftshot, and just watch the money come rolling in. (Literally, the gold comes in an orb.)


A unique trait that can work as a vertical comp, as well as a “flex-in”. Tempest will stun all units on the enemy board, allowing for a massive opportunity to turn fights around. It will also deal percentage health damage as well as grant AS buffs to all tempest units, which is a fantastic bonus. One thing to note is that unless the player can hit the 10-cost Ao Shin, the main carry will be Lee Sin. Make sure to have good defensive items so he isn’t focused down immediately, as well as Dragonmancers to maximize damage and sustain.


There are only 3 non-dragon damage-oriented 4 cost units in Set 7, with Xaya being the most oppressive. She can deal painful single target damage, only to finish off the enemy with a massive AOE. Being able to add in another 4 cost as a tank (Hecarim) is an added bonus as well. Make sure to give her plenty of AS with Swiftshot and items, and she will take down the beefiest of enemies with ease.

TFT Set 7 Comps

Swain Reroll

Swain is a very special unit. He deals damage, gains health, and heals. Basically, he is a one-man army in the right hands. Make sure to surround him with Shapeshifters and Ragewing units, as well as give him a Rageblade and extra sustain. Step aside Shyvanna. Swain is now taking the role of the unkillable firebreathing dragon. (Just kidding, please play Shyvanna with Swain. She is awesome and has the same traits.)

TFT Set 7 Comps

Jinx and Tristana Reroll (Cannoneer Trainer/Revel)

The obvious 2-cost reroll comp of Set 7 is Jinx and Tristana. Easy to force, and simple to learn. Due to their abilities, AS+AD on Jinx and AP (or AS) on Trist are recommended, but there is a lot of room for experimentation. As for the frontline, Trainer is great as it scales over time, but if it’s not found early, try to use Bruisers with Tahm to get an extra Revel on the board.

TFT Set 7 Comps

9 Shimmerscale

This requires 2 emblems, but will definitely not disappoint. Most likely the biggest auto-win in all of TFT history will be granted to the lucky few that can pull this off. The item guaranteed at 9 deals unrealistic amounts of true damage, tearing through anything the enemy can throw.


That is it for the comp suggestions for Set 7. Most of the comps introduced here were vertical traits, but this Set is also very fun to play flexibly. Make sure to try out everything, as well as stay tuned to patches happening all throughout the PBE cycle. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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