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TFT Set 6 Potentially Leaked

TFT Set 6 Officially Announced

Today, Reddit user u/tlyee61 posted a link to the South Korean forum to the competitive TFT subreddit, claiming that the theme and some traits of Set 6 were leaked. The post was removed from the subreddit, with moderators citing the lack of official sources as reason for removal.

The post itself was full of speculation, featuring only several images of trait symbols that although feature less abstract symbols than past TFT sets, line up with champion skins that already exist in-game.

The post author claimed that these images were taken from a preview video for TFT set 6 that they themselves could not find, and that it was also announced that the set theme would be a ‘Dream’ or ‘Fantasy’ world.

This theme although similar to the theme of set 4, takes the word ‘Fantasy’ in a slightly more whimsical and child-like direction judging by the speculated synergies.



The author speculates that the trait symbols  above represent the Winter Wonderland, Sugar Rush, Dream Catcher, Toys,  Space Groove and Gladiator synergies respectively.

While most of these names merely match a skin line, Dream Catcher could represent a skin line that has not been released yet, and Gladiator could be being used as a general term for ‘warrior’ skins that feature an arena-type setting in the champion’s splash art.

Lastly, a Bee synergy icon is featured by itself, hinting at the possibility of Bee-themed skins making their TFT debut in Set 6, with the article naming Teemo, Malzahar and Singed as possible candidates.

The author then goes on to speculate which champions could be featured in Set 6 by matching up the skin lines with the teased synergies. No champions have been confirmed at this time.

While this is extremely early for Set 6 leaks, considering Set 5.5 just released last week, the post claims that the screenshots were taken from a Riot video commentary. Regardless, Set 6’s release date has not been announced, and judging by past release patterns, probably will not be released until at least the Fall of this year.

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