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TFT Set 6 Tier List Patch 11.24 and Meta Predictions

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Hi everyone, welcome TGH’s TFT Set 6 Tier List Patch 11.24/Meta Predictions! Patch 11.24 is a huge patch that will probably bring a huge meta shake-up with nerfs to basically every single meta comp. This tier list is written and curated by Trade (aka nathanielleung), a multi-set challenger TFT player.

His LoLCHESS can be found here.

His Twitch streams can be caught live here. (Feel free to drop a follow! He will hopefully be streaming much more after his exams are over in a couple of weeks).


With three weeks of a huge Katarina, Vex, Yone, and Clapio meta, the meta had started becoming a little stale. These comps, with the addition of a few frustrating and game-changing bugs, had brought many players no choice but to take a break from TFT, but fear not, as this balance patch will likely flip the meta on its head. This patch brings nerfs to all these comps as well as buffs to Syndicates, Orianna, Fiora, and a ton more touchups, likely leaving comps such as Syndicates, Chemtechs, Snipers, and Scholars near the top of the meta. Without further ado, let’s jump into the TFT Set 6 Tier List.

S+ Tier:

Syndicate Akali/Shaco

Since the beginning of the Set, Trade has thought Akali to be one of the strongest units in the game, albeit, extremely difficult to execute. Although some challenger streamers have disagreed with this opinion (Soju and Robin), some challenger players have been strong Akali advocates as well (namely Socks). However, given the nerf to so many meta comps, and buffs to Akali, Shaco, and Syndicates, it would be difficult to disagree that Akali will likely become one of the most prevalent comps in the game. This comp can flex 3, 5, or 7 Syndicate, as well as 2, 4, or 6 Sin, and can run Enchanters, Bodyguards, Socialites, or Scholars depending on what a player hits.

A player may want to either slow roll at level 7 to three-star Shaco, or simply go level 8 and play for Akali carry. Akali items can range from offensive items such as Blue, Ionic Spark, Infinity Edge, and Hand of Justice to defensive items such as Guardian’s Angel, Hextech Gunblade, Bramble Vest, Titan’s and Dragon’s Claw. Shaco items will typically be Infinity Edge, Rapidfire Cannon, and Rageblade, but defensive items such as Guardian’s Angel, Quicksilver and offensive items such as Deathblade, Giant Slayer, etc. will all do fantastic on him. 

7 Innovator (3/5 Innovator + Carries probably A-tier)

Although Innovators were nerfed this patch, they are likely to still remain extremely strong. Many changes were made so that Innovator 7 was much harder to hit (Innovator Heart and Soul are no longer offered early game), but the power of the comp still likely remains intact when hit. This comp will typically look to run all 6 innovators + Janna + Orianna but can splash any of the Enchanters (Taric), Scholars (Yuumi, Lissandra), Snipers (Jhin + Caitlyn), or Arcanists (Viktor + 1) depending on what items a player has and what they hit on their rolldown.

This comp can carry Seraphine (Shojin + Morello + AP), Orianna (Shojn + AP), Jhin (AD/Crit Items), or Viktor (Shojin + 2 damage), or even Jayce (Tank items for Melee, AD/Crit/Attack Speed for Ranged). Items such as Ionic Spark and Statik Shiv are also very good for this comp. If a player is unable to hit Innovator Heart/Soul; running 3 or 5 Innovators and playing for top 4 is also strong, just not nearly as oppressive and powerful as the 7 Innovator variant. 

Warwick/Lissandra Reroll

Both Warwick and Lissandra were relatively untouched this new patch, and were probably one of the strongest reroll comps towards the very end of last patch. Although Lissandra received some damage nerfs, they fixed many bugs regarding her spell fizzling, meaning that she is now much more consistent and will probably still be extremely powerful. Warwick will need QSS + 2 damage items, preferably a combination of Titan’s Resolve, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Statik Shiv, but items such as Runaan’s Hurricane, Giant Slayer, and similar items will probably perform quite well.

Lissandra wants AP, Healing and Defensive, such as Guardian’s Angel, Morello, Spark, Gunblade, Deathcap, and/or Archangel. Reroll this comp at 6 until many Warwicks are hit, then go 7 to three-star the rest of the board. Every unit except Mundo and Singed can be three-starred. This comp can also run 4 Scholar, focusing on Lissandra carry, or 4 Challenger, focusing on Warwick. 

Jinx and Friends (Urgot Variant A-Tier)

Although Jinx was nerfed once again last patch, she will likely remain one of the strongest late-game carries in the entire game due to her extremely flexible itemization, transitions, and supporting units. Jinx can basically use any offensive items (AD or AP), but she would generally prefer one defensive item (GA/QSS/BT) to avoid jumping in and getting one shot. If a player can not find themselves two-starring Jinx, this same comp can easily carry Urgot instead, who can essentially use any AD items as well as Statik Shiv, but a Runaan’s Hurricane will drastically increase Urgot’s damage. The Urgot Variant is likely A tier while carrying Jinx 2 is S+ tier. This comp can also cut units such as Jayce and Tahm Kench to run other powerful units such as Lissandra, Viktor, and Yuumi to cap out one’s board. 

S Tier:

Viktor and Friends

Despite light nerfs, Viktor is likely to remain incredibly powerful in the meta and can essentially be flexed with any board. He can be run with 3-9 Chemtech as well as 2-8 Arcanists, or simply run with a board of Enchanters and other supporting units depending on what a player hits. Viktor needs 1 mana item (Shojin), and two damage items to completely obliterate enemy boards. 

Jhin and Friends

Trade had predicted the last patch that Jhin would become one of the strongest comps, and was quite unfortunately wrong due to the prevalence of bad matchups such as Katarina and Yone; however, both of those comps have been quite heavily nerfed this patch, and Trade believes that this comp will be extremely powerful.

Jhin’s best-in-slot will probably include Infinity Edge, Last Whisperer, and Giant Slayer, but items such as Bloodthirster, Hand of Justice, Quicksilver, Deathblade, etc. will all do great on him. Miss Fortune can carry leftover AP items. Depending on augments and the socialite hex, this comp can run multiple Socialites, 4 Bodyguards, 4 Snipers, more Enchanters, etc. Jhin carry is an extremely flexible comp and can even run a Brawler/Chemtech frontline (Mundo, Zac, Vi, Tahm Kench, Lissandra). 

Twitch Reroll

Twitch reroll has been spiking in popularity, particularly in Chinese and Korean Challenger games. However, this comp is vastly underplayed so the best variants of Twitch probably have not been found yet. Above is an Innovator board Twitch; however, feel free to experiment by flexing up to 6 Sin or 7 Chemtech instead.

His best in slot itemization is likely Infinity Edge, Rageblade, and Last Whisperer, but items such as Giant’s Slayer, Blue Buff, Deathblade, Runaan’s Hurricane can all be extremely good on him. Note that with blue buff, a player would probably want to run 2 Scholar in the form of Lissandra + 1, as 2 Scholar lowers Twitch to only needing 1 auto to cast, drastically increasing his DPS. 

A Tier:

Vertical Challenger Yone

After being the most dominant comp in 11.23, Yone has once again received nerfs this patch though, he is still probably quite playable. However, this comp requires perfect Yone items, so open-forting in the early game to prioritize economy and carousel priority may not be a bad idea. Yone wants Guardian’s Angel, Runaan’s Hurricane and Last Whisperer; however, items such as Quicksilver, Infinity Edge, Deathblade, and Giant’s Slayer may suffice.

Run 8 Challenger with this comp whenever possible (augment/spatula). Feel free to sub out Leona and Braum for Yuumi and Jayce when the legendaries are able to be two-starred. Trade has discussed with other Challenger players and some believe that Fiora may be an extremely powerful carry-over Yone now, wanting items such as Infinity Edge, Jewelled Gauntlet, Titan’s Resolve, Giant’s Slayer, and Hand of Justice. When carrying Fiora, it is probably best to run this comp with bodyguards and 3 Socialite instead of vertical challengers. 

Bodyguard/Arcanist Lux

With the massive nerf to Vex this patch, it may be in the interest of Arcanist players to simply run a Braum Leona front line instead of Vex. Trade is unsure which variant is the best; feel free to experiment with both and test if Vex is still viable in this comp. Lux wants Blue Buff, Infinity Edge, and Jewelled Gauntlet, but any AP or generic damage items (Giant Slayer, Deathcap, etc.) will be great on her. Blue Buff can be substituted out for more damage as well. Viktor usually wants leftover mana items and damage items. 

Trundle and Friends

Although Trundle has been nerfed this patch, his flexibility and base power are still probably high enough to be a decent comp this patch. This comp can be run with 2-6 Scrap, 2-8 Brawler, 2-4 Enchanter, 0-3 Socialite, or even run with Jinx and Urgot to cap out in the late game. This comp is extremely flexible and can essentially be run with whatever a player hits. Best-in-slot Trundle items will be Quicksilver, Runaan’s and Bloodthirster. Ekko wants leftover AP and Mana items, especially Morellos, and Vi wants leftover Tank and AP items. 

B Tier: 


TFT Set 6 Tier List

Last patch, players were able to completely open fort every game and still consistently top 4 lobbies. With massive nerfs to Katarina and Ekko, this comp will not be as powerful as it once was. However, when given a good spot for it, Katarina may still be extremely powerful. Her best-in-slot itemization will include Infinity Edge, Ionic Spark, and Hand of Justice; however, items such as Deathcap, Gunblade, and Jewelled Gauntlet are also amazing on her. Stack Leona with Tank items, Ekko with mana and Morellos, and look to three-star every unit on this board. When given an Assassin spat or augment, feel free to take out socialite for 6 Assassin. 

Socialite Clapio

TFT Set 6 Tier List

The fun Clapio build was only around for a week or two before getting nerfed this patch. Although Galio will still be an extremely powerful unit in TFT Set 6 Tier List, his AD crit “Clapio” version is likely to be a lot less powerful. His best-in-slot itemization is probably Infinity Edge, Runaan’s and Titan’s. Make sure to put Galio on the Socialite spot. 

Reroll Protector/Mutants

TFT Set 6 Tier List

With changes to Kog’Maw, nerfs to Kassadin and Garen this patch, this comp is likely not as powerful as it once was; however, given the correct opener and mutant traits, Kog’Maw can still be incredibly powerful. Kog’Maw’s best-in-slot itemization will include Rageblade, Giant’s Slayer, and Statik Shiv, but defensive items such as QSS, Guardian’s Angel, Hand of Justice are all fantastic on him. Stack Kassadin over Garen with all tank items. The priority on items such as Statik Shiv, Runaan’s, Bramble, Sunfire, and Ionic Spark go up in value when the mutant trait is the execute (Predator/Void) as these items can proc the execute. 

Samira RR

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Once the most powerful comp in the game, Samira is now a shell of her former self; however, given the correct opener, Samira can still dominate a lobby in this TFT Set 6 Tier List. Samira wants Infinity Edge, Last Whisperer, and Bloodthirster, but with a healing augment, her last item can be substituted for a damage item as Runaan’s Hurricane. Other items such as Giant Slayer, Blue Buff, Deathblade, and Assassin Spat can work very well with her. This comp can either run 6 Challenger or 2 Challenger + Ekko + Arcanist + Orianna + Janna, depending on a player’s items and what they hit. With many tank items, a player can cut Talon and other Challenger units for a 2* Sion, creating a very beefy frontline. 

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