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TFT Set 6 Tier List/Meta Snapshot Patch 11.23

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Hi everyone, welcome TGH’s TFT Set 6 Tier List for Patch 11.23! This is the first balance patch since Set 6’s release and although some traits, champions and combinations are on the much side, the meta seems to be in a somewhat healthy overall state, which is surprising considering that it was the first patch of Set 6! This tier list is written and curated by Trade (aka nathanielleung), a multi-set challenger TFT player. 

His LoLCHESS can be found here.

His Twitch streams can be caught live here.


The day 1 patch predictions from two weeks ago were pretty accurate… at least for the first week. In the second half of the patch, players from all regions and all levels began to really shake up the meta, figuring out what was really overpowered for the patch; for example, Urgot, a comp that was hardly seen in the last few days of PBE and the first few days of launch, completely overtook the meta, becoming S tier and by far the strongest four-cost carry of that patch. Additionally, players quickly realized the Metamorphosis (or Elderwood for set 4 players) Mutant buff was incredibly broken, turning Cho’gath and Malzahar into unkillable drain-tanking machines. Even worse, Kog’maw, another mutant, was found to be one of Cho’gath’s greater counters, sometimes leading to up to six mutant players in a single lobby.

Regardless, this patch sees some small nerfs to some of the most prominent carries such as Urgot, Yone and Jinx as well as some tune-ups for some of the weaker/stronger augments, this should bring down some of the S tier comps without changing the meta too much. Without further ado, here’s the tier list. 

TFT Set 6 Tier List

S+ Tier:

Jinx and Friends

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Despite nerfs to Jinx this patch, she will likely remain one of the strongest late-game carries in the entire game due to her extremely flexible itemization, transitions, and supporting units. Like last patch, her best-in-slot itemization is probably Infinity Edge, Jewelled Gauntlet and Guardian Angel/Hand of Justice; however, she can literally run any AD, AP, or sustain items. This board is very flexible, the only units that are essential are Jinx and Vi; a player should feel free to cut any of the remaining units for the core of Janna, Orianna, Yuumi, and optionally Taric, Galio, Braum, Seraphine depending on what they hit. 

Syndicate Sin Akali

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Like Jinx, Akali remains an extremely flexible and powerful carry, able to be run with 3, 5, or 7 Syndicate. A player can either opt to run damage items on Akali to have her 1v9 fights or with defensive items such as Guardian’s Angel, Bramble, and Dragon’s Claw using her execute to clean up fights while itemizing offensively on another carry such as Shaco. 

Viktor and FriendsTFT Set 6 Tier ListViktor remains an extremely powerful and flexible carry without seeing nerfs this patch, but like Jinx and Akali, can only be played when high-rolling or with a strong and healthy level 8. Like last patch, he can be flexed with up to 7 Chemtech or 6 Arcahnist depending on what a player hits and what augments they are offered. Stack Viktor with mana items such as Shojin and damage items such as Jewelled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, and Giant’s Slayer.

S Tier:

Jhin and Friends

TFT Set 6 Tier List

While most of the meta comps got nerfed, Jhin was an A tier comp that was not touched by any nerfs this patch, meaning he will likely be the premier AD four-cost carry this patch. His best-in-slot itemization is probably Infinity Edge, Last Whisperer and Hand of Justice, but items such as Bloodthirster, Giant Slayer, Quicksilver, etc. are all great on him. This comp is much stronger when the Socialite hex is in the back row near the corner, as it not only allows Jhin to buff himself without losing Sniper Value, but he will also be able to consistently snipe the enemy carry on the opposite Socialite hex. If the Socialite hex is in a bad spot, a player should feel free to cut the Socialite units for some other front line and utility such as Braum, Leona, and Jayce. Additionally, with lots of AP items, this comp can run Miss Fortune over Caitlyn and can carry Miss Fortune instead. 

Lux and Friends

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Although Academy was slightly nerfed, Lux herself was untouched this patch, and given that she was an A-tier comp before, will likely move her up to S-tier this patch. Given that she gains additional AP from Academy and Arcanist, her best-in-slot itemization will likely consist of Jewelled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge. Her last item can be a mana item or an additional damage item to help her get resets on her laser. Similar to Jhin, Lux benefits from a backline corner Socialite hex, as it allows her to not only benefit from the hex, but also snipe enemy carries also on the Socialite hex. Depending on what a player hits, this board can be run with anywhere between 2-8 Arcanists and 2-4 Enchanters. The Enchanter variant will find a player rerolling for Lulu 3, Vex 3, as well as potentially Swain 3 and Malzahar 3. The 4-8 Arcanist variants are much stronger when a player hits Runic Shield, as this comp usually lacks front line.

Socialite Sion

TFT Set 6 Tier List

As both Colossus and Galio were buffed this patch, this comp, which was extremely strong on PBE, may see a return to S tier this patch. In addition, many of the high damage threats such as Yone, Urgot, and Jinx were nerfed, letting Sion get multiple casts off in a fight. This comp is MUCH stronger when the Socialite hex is in the front row corner, as it allows Sion to instantly one-tap half the enemy board at the beginning of the fight. His best-in-slot itemization will be Infinity Edge and Jewelled Gauntlet, but tank and AP items are all great on him. Feel free to cut Taric and Yuumi for 2 Imperial units to give Sion a big damage buff instead of added crowd control and utility.

A tier: 

Kai’sa and Friends

Kaisa found herself struggling last patch trying to compete with the other high damage carries in this set. Although she is usually best paired with another carry such as Yone, Urgot, or Jinx, Kai’sa can still solo carry fights when the stars align. This comp is extremely flexible as the core units only include Kaisa, Mundo, Cho’Gath, and an extra Challenger. A player can opt to run a Bruiser frontline, A Bodyguard Enchanter frontline, Fiora+Jayce; essentially, a player can just play whatever upgraded units they hit.

Chemtech Urgot

Urgot was probably the strongest and most consistent comp in the last patch; however, given the nerfs to not only Urgot, but also Jinx, Yuumi, and Tahm Kench, Urgot might have fallen out of S tier. His best-in-slot itemization has traditionally been Runaan’s plus two damage items, such as Deathblade, Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper; however, as the nerfs primarily hit his base AD and his AD scalings, some players have found success putting items such as Statik Shiv on him, similar to the Pikachu Xayah build in Set 3. This comp is extremely flexible and can run Yuumi, Socialites, Bodyguards, Arcanists what whatever other splashable units a player hits. 

Yone and Friends

Despite the nerfs to both Yone and Academy this patch, Yone is still an extremely powerful and flexible champion in the current meta. This comp can run 2-4 Bodyguards, 2-8 Academy, 0-3 Enchanter, 0-3 Socialite, and 2-8 Challenger depending on what a player hits. Additionally, given the nature of Challengers, extra AP items can go on Fiora or even Kaisa, meaning that this comp will always have multiple threats.

Mutant Malzahar

This comp for the TFT Set 6 Tier List is extremely strong when the Mutant trait for that game is either Metamorphasis (Elderwood) or the mana reduction trait, as they make Malzahar and Cho’Gath unkillable drain tanks while also dealing massive damage. The Darkstar Mutant Trait is also quite good when combined with target dummies. This comp is easily S tier with those two mutant traits but possibly B or even C tier without them. This comp aims to stack Malzahar with Mana and AP items while Tank items such as Redemption, Bramble Vest, and Dragon’s Claw. As this comp is currently extremely popular, when contested a player can simply

Academy Garen/Protector Kog’Maw Reroll

Depending on what a player hits and what the Mutant Variant is that game, a player can either play Academy Garen or Protector Kog’Maw reroll, both focusing on three-starring low-cost units such as Garen and Graves. Although traditionally built with AD items, players have found much success in stacking Garen with three tank items (such as Bramble, Dragon’s Claw, and Warmogs) and letting Kog’Maw or Katarina carry the damage items. This comp is extremely powerful with a protector spat, as a player can play Protector Katarina or Cho’Gath. 

Socks Yordles Reroll

The Tempo Yorlde comp remains the most powerful way to play Yordles; a player will three-star all the one and two-cost Yordles while selling all three-cost Yordles for economy in order to fast 9. Roll at 4/5 to three-star Ziggs, Lulu, Tristana, and Poppy. Leave Ziggs 3 on the bench in order to continue farming three-cost Yordles. For more information regarding this comp consult Mismatched Sock’s Yordle Guide as he is the creator and mastermind behind this comp.

B Tier:

Syndicate Shaco

Despite small buffs this patch, Shaco will likely remain in the shadow of his Syndicate Assassin counterpart, but a player finding themselves with many early Shacos should not hesitate to commit to this comp.  this comp will run AD items on Shaco and will instead reroll on 7 or 8 in hopes to three-star Shaco and Ekko. Shaco needs Infinity Edge and one defensive item such as Rapidfire Cannon or Guardian’s Angel. His last item can be any damage item. Tank items will go on Braum. This comp can run anywhere between 2, 4, or 6 Assassin; 3, 5, or 7 Syndicate; 2, 4 Bodyguard depending on what augments and units a player hits. 

Trundle/Vi Reroll

With Urgot, Jinx, Trundle and Tahm Kench nerfs this patch, this comp for the TFT Set 6 Tier List has definitely taken a slight hit; however, if a player were to find themselves with Featherweights or a good reroll augment like Trade Sector and lots of copies of Trundle and Vi, this comp is definitely still playable. This board aims to reroll at level 6 to three-star Trundle, Vi, and Illaoi, then pivot into a Jinx and Tahm Kench board at level 8/9. Stack Trundle with any AD, Attack Speed, and Tank items. Stack Vi with any additional AP and Mana items. Use Jinx or Tahm Kench as the secondary carry in the late game as Trundle and Vi will fall off.

Lissandra Reroll

Lissandra reroll is a niche comp for the TFT Set 6 Tier List but it can be extremely powerful given the right items. Her best-in-slot itemization will consist of Gunblade, Archangel’s and Guardian Angel as these items give her the best tools to stall the fight through healing and immunity until her Archangel’s is granting tons of AP. 

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