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TFT Set 6 Tier List/Meta Snapshot Day 1 [11.22]

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Hi everyone, welcome TGH’s TFT Set 6 Tier List Patch 11.22, Day 1! With today being the first day of the set, here is a list of all the comps that are expected to be dominant or playable in the next few weeks! This tier list is written and curated by Trade (aka nathanielleung), a multi-set challenger TFT player. He had about a week of playtesting before the Set 6 release on PBE and has been playing on PBE since. 

His LoLCHESS can be found here.

His Twitch streams can be caught live here.


Because this is only day 1 of the patch, this TFT Set 6 Tier List is simply a prediction; however, given Trade’s experience playing in-houses on the PBE server for the past week, here are his best guesses. In addition, with Set 6 came the implementation of augments. There are over 140 augments in Set 6, so this TFT Set 6 Tier List will only take into consideration very standard all-purpose augments.

For example, getting an econ augment on 1-3 will make reroll comps exceptionally stronger. Getting the Yordle dodge chance augment will make Yordle reroll much stronger; the list goes on. For this reason, the tier list will be biased towards comps that are the most flexible and can be played with the most general augments; however, this isn’t to say B and C tier comps are terrible. Given the right scenario and augments, they can easily win lobbies and beat capped 5-cost boards. Without further ado, here’s the tier list.

TFT Set 6 Tier List Patch 11.22 Overview

TFT Set 6 Tier List

S+: Jinx, Akali, Viktor, Kai’sa

S: Jayce, Yone, Jhin, Lux

A: Yordles, Sion, Urgot, Shaco, Malzahar

B: Kog’maw, Trundle/Vi Reroll, Lissandra Reroll, Twitch/Singed Reroll

C: Garen Reroll, Ziggs/Twisted Fate Reroll



Jinx and FriendsTFT Set 6 Tier List

Jinx is the premier AD/AP flex carry in Set 6. She is probably the strongest carry in the game right now given that players can two-star her and her frontline. Her best-in-slot itemization is probably Infinity Edge, Jewelled Gauntlet and Guardian Angel/Hand of Justice; however, she can literally run any AD, AP, or sustain items. Leftover AD items should go on Urgot. Leftover AP items can go on Tahm Kench, and leftover tank items can go on Mundo, Jayce, or Tahm Kench depending on which unit is upgraded. This board is very flexible, the only units that are essential are Jinx and Vi; a player should feel free to cut any of the remaining units for a core of Janna, Orianna, Yuumi, and optionally Taric, Galio, Braum, Seraphine depending on what they hit.

Syndicate Sin AkaliTFT Set 6 Tier List

Akali was probably the weakest five-cost on the release of PBE, but after numerous buffs and players learning how to play her, she is incredibly strong. Stack items on Twisted Fate or Talon before moving items to Akali. Akali’s best-in-slot itemization is probably Blue Buff, Infinity Edge, and Hextech Gunblade. Tank items can go on Galio or Braum. Leftover mana and AP items can go on Ekko. Leftover AD items should go on Shaco. Depending on what augments a player hits, they can run 5 Syndicates or 6 Assassin. Socialite units can be cut for Yuumi, Janna, Orianna, Leona or whatever else a player can 2-star. 

Viktor and FriendsTFT Set 6 Tier List

Viktor is the premier and strongest AP carry in this set. He utilizes all mana and AP items; however, Spear of Shojin will be his best mana item due to his high mana cost and Jewelled Gauntlet with an Infinity Edge or Deathcap will probably be his highest damage items. This comp can be flexed with up to 7 Chemtechs or 6 Arcanists depending on what a player hits and what augments they are offered. A player can also opt to run 3 Socialites with a Braum Galio front line. Leftover tank items can go on Mundo, leftover mana items can go on Yuumi.

Kaisa and FriendsTFT Set 6 Tier List

Kaisa is the premier attack speed carry this set and does well with all the attack speed and AP items. Her best-in-slot itemization will include Guinsoo’s Rageblade, as well as a healing and a damage item. This comp is extremely flexible as the core units only include Kaisa, Mundo, Cho’Gath, and an extra Challenger. A player can opt to run a Bruiser frontline, a Bodyguard Enchanter frontline, or Fiora+Jayce; essentially, a player can just play whatever upgraded units they hit.



Jayce Innovator FlexTFT Set 6 Tier List

Jayce is an extremely flexible unit that can be played as a tank or an Attack Damage Carry for a team. In this comp, he will be used as the primary damage dealer. Jayce items are extremely flexible and can use literally every AD, Attack Speed, and Tank item as a carry (a Jayce carrying tank items should instead be placed in the frontline). Items such as Last Whisper, Deathblade, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer, Bloodthirster etc. will all do fantastic on him. Leftover tank items can go on Galio. This comp is extremely flexible and the only unit that needs to be in this comp is Jayce. He can be flexed in with Fiora (+ Challengers) or Vi (+Bruisers) for enforcer, or simply paired with a strong Bodyguard frontline.

Yone/Fiora and FriendsTFT Set 6 Tier List

Yone is the 4-cost melee AD carry in this set and can hold all AD, Attack Speed and Defensive Items. His best-in-slot itemization is probably Quicksilver, Titans, and Runaan’s but has extremely flexible itemization. If a player were to instead find crit and AP items such as Infinity Edge, Jewelled Gauntlet, and Hand of Justice, they can simply opt to carry Fiora instead. Leftover offensive items will go on Fiora, tank items on Galio. This comp is extremely flexible in that it can run Bodyguards, 4 Academy, or 4 Challenger depending on what a player hits. 

Jhin and FriendsTFT Set 6 Tier List

Jhin is the ranged 4-cost AD carry of the set and can hold basically all AD and Crit items. His best-in-slot itemization is probably Infinity Edge, Last Whisperer and Hand of Justice, but items such as Bloodthirster, Giant Slayer, Quicksilver, etc. are all great on him. This comp is much stronger when the Socialite hex is in the back row near the corner, as it not only allows Jhin to buff himself without losing Sniper Value, but he will also be able to consistently snipe the enemy carry on the opposite Socialite hex. If the Socialite hex is in a bad spot, a player should feel free to cut the Socialite units for some other front line and utility such as Braum, Leona, and Jayce. 

Lux and FriendsTFT Set 6 Tier List

Lux is the AP 4-cost carry of the set. Given that she gains additional AP from Academy and Arcanist, her best-in-slot itemization will likely consist of Jewelled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge. Her last item can be a mana item or an additional damage item to help her get resets on her laser. Similar to Jhin, Lux benefits from a backline corner Socialite hex, as it allows her to not only benefit from the hex but also snipe enemy carries on the opposite Socialite hex. 



Socks Yordles Reroll

The most powerful way to play Yordles this set is to likely play it as a tempo comp, three-starring all the one and two-cost Yordles while selling all three-cost Yordles for economy in order to fast 9. Roll at 4/5 to three-star Ziggs, Lulu, Tristana, and Poppy. Leave Ziggs 3 on the bench in order to continue farming three-cost Yordles for econ. For more information regarding this comp consult Mismatched Sock’s Yordle Guide as he is the creator and mastermind behind this comp

Socialite Sion

Sion is an interesting comp that relies on one-shotting entire enemy boards in one smash due to Sion’s powerful ability. This comp is MUCH stronger when the Socialite hex is in the front row corner, as it allows Sion to instantly one-tap half the enemy board at the beginning of the fight. His best-in-slot itemization will be Infinity Edge and Jewelled Gauntlet, but tank and AP items are all great on him. Feel free to cut Taric and Yuumi for 2 Imperial units to give Sion a big damage buff instead of added crowd control and utility.

Chemtech Urgot

Urgot is a very flexible AD carry who can run basically every AD and Attack Speed Item. Additionally, Urgot is a comp that can easily roll on 7 instead, as he has many cheaper supporting units that can be substituted for the four and five-costs in this comp. His best-in-slot itemization will probably be Runaan’s plus two damage items, such as Deathblade, Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper etc. 

Syndicate Shaco

This board is similar to the Akali board; however, instead of having AP and Mana items on Akali, this comp will run AD items on Shaco and will instead reroll on 7 or 8 in hopes of three-star Shaco and Ekko. Shaco needs Infinity Edge and one defensive item such as Rapidfire Cannon or Guardian’s Angel. His last item can be any damage item. Tank items will go on Braum. This comp can run anywhere between 2, 4, or 6 Assassin; 3, 5, or 7 Syndicate and 2, 4 Bodyguard depending on what augments and units a player hits. 

Mutant Malzahar

This comp’s power level can vary a lot depending on the mutant trait in each game. The mana reduction is by far Malzahar’s best buff and turns him into a 20 mana DPS machine. The execute, omnivamp, and Cybernetics and Dark Star buffs are also okay on Malzahar; however, this comp is probably S tier with the mana buff and B tier with all the other mutant buffs. This comp rerolls on level 7 to try to hit Cho’Gath, Zac, and Malzahar 3. Tank items can go on Cho’Gath, Zac, or Mundo. Malzahar loves blue buff given the mana reduction buff; Jewelled Gauntlet is Malzahar’s best damage item and his last item can either be a damage item or a Hextech Gunblade to heal his entire team.



Mutant Protector Kog’Maw

Like Malzahar, the Kog’Maw carry comp heavily depends on the mutant buff that game. The Blademaster is by far Kog’Maw’s best mutant buff and turns him into a potential S-tier champion, but the Predator and Darkstar buff can be extremely powerful as well. Kog’Maw was probably one of the most OP comps for the entire PBE cycle before getting a massive nerf just before today’s patch release. This comp aims to reroll all the one and two-cost units at levels 5, and 6. Stack any attack speed, AP and AD items on Kog’Maw with all tank items going on Kassadin. 

Trundle/Vi Reroll

This board aims to reroll at level 6 to three-star Trundle, Vi and Illaoi, then pivot into a Jinx and Tahm Kench board at level 8/9. Stack Trundle with any AD, Attack Speed, and Tank items. Stack Vi with any additional AP and Mana items. Use Jinx or Tahm Kench as the secondary carry in the late game as Trundle and Vi will fall off.

Lissandra Reroll

Lissandra reroll is a niche comp but can be extremely powerful given the right items. Her best-in-slot itemization will consist of Gunblade, Archangel’s and Guardian Angel as these items give her the best tools to stall the fight through healing and immunity until her Archangel’s is granting tons of AP. 

Twitch Reroll

This comp aims to roll on 5 to three-star Singed and Twitch. If a player has sufficient copies of Talon, Katarina or even Warwick they can choose to continue rerolling at level 6, if not, they should go level 8 to fit in 5 Chemtech. This comp can be run with 3, 5 or 7 Chemtech as well as 2, 4 or 6 Assassin. Twitch should have an Infinity Edge, a Last Whisper and any other AD or Attack Speed item. 



Academy Garen Reroll

Once one of the strongest comp during Set 6’s release, Academy Garen reroll is much weaker than it used to be due to repeated nerfs to Garen. This comp aims to reroll at level 5 to three-star Graves, Kassadin, and Garen before going level 8 and adding good supporting units. Garen can hold all AD, Crit, Tank, and Lifesteal items. However, after Garen’s nerfs a player is much more likely to find success playing the Mutant Protector variation of this comp, carrying Kog’Maw and Kassadin instead. 

Reroll Arcanists

This comp rolls at level 5 in order to three-star Ziggs and Twisted Fate, then rerolling once again at 8 to three-star Vex. This comp is honestly not very good unless the game is to give a player very specific augments such as Runic Shield and many Arcanist Hearts. Both Twisted Fate and Ziggs can hold AP and mana items. 

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