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TFT Set 6 Meta Week 1

TFT Set 6 Gizmos and Gadgets

Upon release, tacticians swarmed the PBE with very little knowledge about the set, and thus, the race to find the meta began. Now, a few days have passed, the dust seems to have settled a bit, and the initial TFT Set 6 meta has begun to show itself.

Although Set 6 is full of unique new traits and champions, some do stand out above the others.
Here are the Top 3 comps that dominated the first three days of the PBE.

Disclaimer: Some comps/champions listed below have already/are subject to be balanced through daily patches.


No one can talk about the initial meta of the PBE without talking about Chemtech.

Chemtech has it all. Two bruisers in the front, a mage for damage, a scholar for utility, and even an assassin for backup, who all get buffed in both offensive and defensive stats.  Not to mention the Chemtech Overload Augment making each unit deal massive damage upon being taken down.

Enemies feared the unkillable Dr. Mundo whilst being zapped by lasers, purged with machine guns, and blown to bits from everyone overloading in their face.

Sample Chemtech 7 comp

Mutant (Kog’Maw / Malzahar)

Next in line for meta-leading comps is the reroll Kog’Maw comp. Kog’Maw is essentially the “On-hit AS” carry for Set 6, and 3 Star-ing allows Kog to tear through even the tankiest of enemy units. (Vayne flashbacks intensify).

However, players discovered this comp quite early on, which made it the most contested comp in many lobbies. They then discovered an alternate carry, Malzahar. As both Malz and Kog share the Mutant trait, this meant many of the supporting champions could be shared, making pivoting simple.

Eventually, players decided to just be flexible, when deciding which carry to use, based on their initial item drop.

Also, the most versatile and popular tank Dr. Mundo, as mentioned above, sharing the Mutant trait as well might be something worth mentioning.

Sample Kog ‘Maw carry comp
Sample Malzahar carry comp


Last on the list of TOP 3 early meta comps would have to be Yordles. The trait gives 1 new yodle champion to the player’s bench per round (similar to draconic, except they are usable right away). When all six Yordle champions are  3 starred, players begin to receive a 5 cost equivalent secret Yordle. (No spoilers!)

Many players began playing the trait just to see the secret unit for themselves, only to find that 3 starring the entire board was kind of strong. Who knew? So began the Yordle hunt.

Beware, if contested, there is always a clear TOP 4 and a clear BOT 8, so always know when, or when not to, start preparing those cupcakes. (Secret tip: Trade sector Augment is key)

TFT Set 6 Meta
Sample Yordle comp (Missing Secret Champion)

Although these three comps were most seen in lobbies, players were able to see potential in many other comps which are waiting for a slight buff to take off, showing how much variety Set 6 has to offer.

Literally millions of possibilities are available to players through the new Augment system, so every comp has a chance to shine.

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