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TFT Set 6 Tier List Patch 11.24b and Meta Predictions

TFT Set 6 Tier List

After a week of Cho’gaths and Akalis, the B patch has finally arrived! Much needed nerfs were given to many dominating units/comps, and some love was given to those not seeing much success. The meta should be shifting once again, as the race to “solve” 11.24B has begun. Here is the TFT Set 6 Tier List and TFT Comp Tier Predictions for patch 11.24B.



S Tier (The dominating comps of the patch)


Pretty much untouched with the patch, innovators should still be a very solid comp to run. The nerfs to Archangel’s Staff may make Seraphene and Heimerdinger carry difficult to pull off, but shifting the carry role over to Jhin or other backline units should still keep this comp in the top tier. Not to mention innovator 7 is still basically an automatic Top 2.


Decent buffs to Chemtech 7/9, as well as the fall of other popular comps, should bump this comp up to the top tier. Urgot will most likely be the most consistent carry, but buffs to the trait mean that other units like Viktor and Lissandra have chances to shine as well.

A Tier (Very high potential to TOP 4, Highroll to get TOP 1)

Akali(Syndicate Assassins)

Much needed nerfs to the legendary assassin were given in this patch, but most likely not enough to bump her down any lower than A tier. The buffs just mean that players who hit a single Akali shouldn’t sell their entire board and start smashing D looking for syndicates and assassins, nor play her with 0 synergies. Shaco is a very solid mid-game carry for the comp (with good items of course), which lets players committing to assassins early, have solid success.

Samira Reroll

Although toned down last minute, Samira still got a substantial buff to her damage. With the multiplicative damage buffs she can receive in the game, the buffs should be enough for Imperial Samira to shoot and chop her way to the top of the tier list.

Yone (Challenger)

An interesting bug had been occurring for Yone, causing him to deal much more damage than intended. The bug has been fixed, but with the compensation given, he should still be a very viable carry. Keep in mind that a 20% buff to his raw AD stat might mean that Yone’s best items will now include Infinity Edge.

Protector Reroll

Another bug that everyone was happy to see gone. Say goodbye to unkillable Kassadin, but the comp is still here to stay. Although the itemization may shift back to Garen being the main tank, the generic protector reroll comp should still be able to consistently Top 4. To be honest, five 3 star units with working synergies will never be a bad thing.

Jhin (Enchanter Sniper)

With only requiring one item (Infinity Edge) and two other units (Orianna + sniper) to come online, Jhin was the ultimate fallback carry, and he still will be. He may even see more play than before due to the assassin nerfs, as he excels at dealing with front-to-back comps. (RIP for any players who were playing 6 snipers.)

B Tier (Great to Top 4 Difficult to Top 2)


Vex received some small buffs to bring her back into the game, but will most likely not be enough to push the comp back to a higher tier. An early 2 star Lux with amazing items can definitely win lobbies, but arcanists will most likely still struggle to stabilize at crucial points in the game. Also, the cap is decently high but will have a lot of trouble facing any legendary comps due to the lack of frontline.

Tristana Reroll (3 Yordles)

Although a niece comp, this comp is still popular amongst quite a few players. As another orthodox backline carry comp, fewer assassins equal more success. Hitting an early Trist 3 is essential, as well as the board cap being lower than a flexible Jhin carry comp, are things to be careful of when running this comp.

Warwick Reroll

TFT Set 6 Tier List

As said above, Chemtech buffs mean alternative carry potential. For reroll enthusiasts, Warwick is back. Well, Warwick and Lissandra. No, Warwick and Lissandra and Zac… Anyway, the doggo and friends are back. As with the other comps in the B tier though, this comp also will struggle to beat boards with higher caps.

C Tier (Can Top 4, but inconsistent)

Cho’gath (Mutant)

TFT Set 6 Tier List

One of the biggest focus points of this patch was the fact that this tyrant was dominating lobbies in all ranks and servers. With the substantial nerf, Cho’gath should be back in his “3 Cost Tank” role. Depending on the Mutant trait he can still be viable, but will most likely succumb to high damage carries faster.


TFT Set 6 Tier List

Nothing much to say here. Just hit. 2 star Veigar will always be strong. Just hit him early and grab the popcorn.

Galio carry (Clappio)

TFT Set 6 Tier List

Hit with the nerf hammer once again, Galio’s carry potential is down another notch. No one can say it won’t work, but will most likely not be worth the trouble.

Honorable Mention

Fiora Carry

This is more of a PSA reminding players that this 4 cost unit has been buffed every patch since release. Yone is always the carry in Challenger comps, but maybe this third buff is enough to help Fiora find some time in the spotlight. (No this doesn’t mean run her with Socialite, or maybe it does…)


Hopefully, this TFT Set 6 Tier List can help when deciding what to play for patch 11.24. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next Comp Tier Predictions. Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

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