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TFT Set 6.5: PBE Day 1 Comp Predictions and Theory Crafting

TFT Set 6.5

Hi everyone, welcome TGH’s first TFT Set 6.5 Comp Predictions! With TFT Set 6.5 comes the removal of some loved traits and units such as Protectors, Academies but also the introduction of some very exciting new traits such as Hextech, Strikers, Debonairs, a new champion, and even Silco! Oh, and Guardian Angel was also removed and replaced with Edge of Night!

Trade has had the pleasure of playtesting TFT Set 6.5 before it came out on PBE; however, the balancing in playtesting is very volatile so the meta from playtesting, to PBE, to the time of release will be completely different. For this reason, this list is not a tier list by any means, but just some fun and potentially strong comps to try out!

This tier list is written and curated by Trade (aka nathanielleung), a multi-set challenger TFT player (currently ~1100 LP, and recently hit top 100 NA!!!). 

His LoLCHESS can be found here.

His Twitch streams can be caught live here.

Trade has had the privilege of playtesting for about four days but had a pretty swamped schedule so was, unfortunately, unable to play as many games as he liked. Regardless, this is his best guess as to what the upcoming potential comps would look like. Please keep in mind, the comp variations shown are likely only one of the MANY ways to play the comp, and that the optimal way to play different comps will look vastly different as we head closer and closer to the official release date.  None of these comps are set in stone, so definitely feel free to experiment and innovate creative ways to play this game! This list will be split into two sections. 4-Cost Carries and Reroll Comps. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Potentially Strong Four-Cost Carry Comps:

Syndicate/Arcanist Ahri

TFT Set 6.5

Everyone’s favorite AP carry is back this mid-set as a 4-cost carry, as a Syndicate Arcanist, Ahri. Her ability is her Q “Orb of Deception”; however, for each time she has cast this fight, she casts another one, leading to complete board wipes after the 3rd or 4th cast. Although the damage does not stack (only the AOE increases), during Trade’s playtest, her damage was quite high, and with a decent front line, Ahri would always end up wiping the board. Ahri will likely be played in one of two ways, either in vertical Syndicates as a stall, drain-tank comp, or in vertical Arcanists as a burst comp.

If played with 5-7 Syndicate, she will likely be played with 2 Arcanist as well as some stalling supporting units such as Enchanters and Scholars. She will likely want to sport items such as Blue Buff, Morello, (although Morello can go on many other champs in the comp such as Morgana and Renata) and Deathcap; however, any damage items such as Jewelled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge (with JG), Gunblade, Giant’s Slayer, etc. will all likely be fantastic on her.

If a player chooses to go for a high damage Arcanist build, the Jewelled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge combo will be her best-in-slot. Regardless of how a player chooses to play Ahri, they will definitely need a mana item, preferably Blue Buff as her max mana is 50 and she needs to cast as often as possible to ramp up. Shojin is an acceptable alternative as they both let Ahri cast in 3 autos but is slightly worse as it denies her the ability to cast instantly at the start of the fight. Trade also suspects that Ahri with a Mutant spatula (Synaptic Web – the mana reduction one) will be incredibly strong. 


Striker Irelia

TFT Set 6.5

The resetting AD menace that has taken over multiple TFT sets is once again making her appearance, this time as a premier 4-cost AD carry. Her ability is her Q, “Bladesurge”, a 30 mana nuke on her target that will instantly re-cast on the lowest health enemy if it killed its first target. TFT Veterans will remember how oppressive Set 3 Cybernetics Irelia was. Luckily, Irelia is coming back with the tags of Scrap and Striker, so it’ll likely be less powerful than Set 3 Irelia; however, only time will tell.

Irelia will likely be played with 2-3 Socialite, a powerful frontline, and some supporting units, similar to how Fiora is currently played. Alternatively, she can be paired with a 4 Bruiser frontline as she slots in quite easily with Rek’sai, who is also a Striker. Perhaps she will also be played as the carry in 6 Scrap but that seems unlikely. If she’s anything like her Set 3 self, her ideal items will likely consist of Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Bloodthirster, but items such as Giant Slayer, Edge of Night, Quicksilver, Hand of Justice, etc. are all likely to be fantastic on her. 


Striker/Hextech Sivir

TFT Set 6.5

Similarly, Sivir is also a 4-cost Striker that is returning with a previous ability: Her R – On the Hunt. She essentially has the same ability as her Set 4 counterpart, giving herself attack speed and causing her attacks to bounce, but with some numbers buffed to compensate for being a 4-cost instead of a 3-cost.

Sivir will likely be played in Hextechs, but may also be paired with Bruisers, Socialites, Colossus, Bodyguards, or any generically good front line. Her best-in-slot will likely consist of Last Whisperer, Giant Slayer, and Rageblade, but items such as Infinity Edge, Rapidfire, Quicksilver, Edge of Night, Bloodthirster, etc. will all likely be great on her; she will likely be itemized like a Set 5 Draven/Aphelios, or Set 6 Jhin. 


Sniper/Clockwork Jhin

TFT Set 6.5

Jhin remains the same in Set 6.5 and needs no introduction. He will most likely still be very powerful; however, with the removal of Jhin’s favourite support units: Sion, Yuumi, and Janna, players will need to innovate and find new ways to support TFT’s most satisfying sniper.

Above is a random theory-craft by Trade, but as time goes on, players will likely find better ways to play the Jhin Comp. His best-in-slot itemization likely remains unchanged, preferring items such as Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Giant’s Slayer, but all AD items will work great on him. 


Renata Scholar/Stall

TFT Set 6.5

Renata is a new champion coming into the League of Legends universe and will also be added as a new unit in TFT Set 6.5. Her ability is “Toxic Wave”, she will unleash a toxic wave towards the largest group of enemies, poisoning enemies for 15 seconds. Poisoned enemies will have their attack speed slowed, and the damage from this ability can stack. Although Renata can be played as a supportive unit in most comps that also happens to do some damage (similar vibes to Orianna and Seraphine), she will likely also be playable as a carry with a comp built around her.

Renata does damage over time, which means she will benefit from an extremely beefy frontline, as well as lots of supporting and enchanting units. Her best-in-slot will definitely consist of Spear of Shojin, and Morellonomicon. Her last item can be any damage item, but to truly play into her stall win condition, Hextech Gunblade or Archangel’s will likely be her last best-in-slot item. Trade is skeptical regarding what her best comp will look like, but something like the comp above seems like a decent start. Perhaps she can also be played with a Colossus frontline and Socialites (Senna, Galio, Seraphine) for maximum stall and healing. 


Draven and Friends

TFT Set 6.5

Draven is another returning 4-cost AD carry this set, and sports the same ability as he did in Set 5, but this time with the tags Challenger and Debonair. His ability is the same as in all previous sets, his Q: Spinning Axes; he gains some bonus damage on his next auto and if he picks up his axe he will regain the buff. If he is the Debonair VIP, he gains infinite range and some armor penetration. His best-in-slot itemization will probably be pretty similar to his Set 5 counterpart, with items such as Giant Slayer, Bloodthirster, and Runaan’s Hurricane/Guinsoo’s Rageblade as his best items. However, any AD items such as Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Deathblade, Guardian Angel, Quicksilver, and Edge of Night are probably all fantastic on him.

In Set 5, Draven was played with only 2 Forgotten and 2 Legionnaire (and some solid front line) until players realized that 6-8 Legionnaire Draven was actually pretty good; perhaps 6 Challenger may be the way to play Draven instead. Go out, innovate, test new things and perhaps time will tell the optimal way to play Draven. 


Mutant/Sins Kha’Zix

TFT Veterans will remember the absolutely broken Set 1 Void Assassin comp, but fear not; this iteration of Kha’Zix uses his E: Arid Assault as his ability. Kha’Zix leaps towards the lowest health unit, dealing a ton of damage and reaving their mana for 50%. Due to the game-to-game changing nature of Mutant, this comp’s itemization and units will probably vary a lot; combined with the fact that TFT has never seen an ability similar to Kha’Zix’s E before, figuring out his optimal comp and itemization will both be incredibly fun and difficult.

As an Assassin, Kha’Zix definitely wants Infinity Edge. As his ability does physical damage, Trade’s best guess is that players would want to itemize him like a Set 6 Shaco, with items such as Last Whisper, Quicksilver, Giant Slayer, Edge of Night, Runaan’s Hurricane as his last two items. The comp above… probably isn’t the most optimal build, but until the meta unfolds, it’s a start!


Innovator Seraphine/Orianna Carry

Innovators are essentially the same comp as this set, but now with Ekko replacing Heimerdinger. This comp also lost Janna, a unit that gave Scholar, Scrap, and Enchanter to the comp. Although the comp may be a bit more awkward to run, the comp remains relatively unchanged. Best-in-slot Seraphine items are probably still AP and Mana items such as Shojin, Archangel, Deathcap, and Statik Shiv.

The big thing now is that Ekko is now the Innovator Morello holder, meaning that Seraphine has an extra slot for another offensive item. Chalices are very beneficial in this comp and can be stacked on Orianna. Seraphine items can also go on Orianna if she is two-starred before Seraphine. 


Potentially Strong Reroll Comps:

Brand Reroll

In TFT Set 6.5 Brand’s ability is his Q: Sear. He launches a fireball at the nearest enemy dealing damage and lighting them on fire. If he casts on a unit that is already on fire, he will stun them and deal extra damage. Although this ability may seem lackluster, what makes Brand a viable carry is his VIP bonus. A Brand with VIP bonus will launch a second fireball at the furthest enemy, essentially doubling his DPS. This comp is likely unplayable without VIP Brand.

For his itemization, Brand definitely wants Blue Buff, as his ability only costs 20 mana, Brand will only have to auto once with Blue Buff (due to mana lock). If locked in a corner surrounded by 4 hex units, Brand will not have to auto at all. His other items should be Infinity Edge and Jewelled Gauntlet, as he is gaining ability power from both Debonair and Arcanist, the multiplicative scaling from the crit items will be a higher DPS increase than AP items such as Deathcap, Gunblade, Archangel’s, etc. However, if a player can not get Infinity Edge and Jewelled Gauntlet, any other damage items will be fine. 


Hextech Sin/Bruiser Reroll

Nocturne is a returning unit in this set as a one-cost Hextech Assassin. His ability is the same as it was in Set 3.5, his E: Unspeakable Horror. He fears the unit he is targeting and deals a bit of damage. However, what makes this comp potentially rerollable is that there are many low-cost Assasins, Bruisers and Hextechs.

This TFT Set 6.5 comp will likely try to use Nocturne as the carry, holding items such as Infinity Edge, Runaan’s Hurricane, Last Whisperer, or any other generic AD or Attack Speed Items. Jarvan is also returning with the same ability he had in Set 3, giving his whole team attack speed. For this reason, the main units that should be three-starred in this comp are Nocturne and Jarvan, with Jarvan sporting AP and tank items to buff up Nocturne. 


6 Yordle

Yordle is essentially unchanged other than the fact that Heimer has been replaced with Gnar, and Tristana has been replaced with Corki. The 6 Yordle comp also lost their star supporting unit: Janna. Although probably a comp that will not take the meta by storm, 6 Yordle will probably remain a somewhat playable comp throughout the Set. With the removal of Heimerdinger, Corki will likely be the premier AP carry of the comp, with Gnar as the premier AD carry/bruiser item holder. Vex will likely continue to hold the tank items. Corki probably wants the same itemization Heimer did, using items such as Blue Buff, Infinity Edge, Jewelled Gauntlet, Giant Slayer, Deathcap, and Gunblade. 


Lucian Reroll

Lucian returns this Set as 3-cost, sharing the same ability as his Set 1 and 3 counterparts. Lucian dashes, and fires two shots dealing magic damage. His numbers have been adjusted to fit him as a 3-cost rather than a 2-cost. His ability deals magic damage, but Twinshot and Hextech scale off his attack speed and attack damage, so Lucian will likely benefit from the hybrid items such as Giant Slayer, Infinity Edge, Jewelled Gauntlet, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Statik Shiv, or perhaps even Blue Buff. Be sure to experiment, perhaps by running 6 Hextech or 4 Twinshot instead. 


Talon Reroll 

Talon in TFT Set 6.5 has gotten a bit of a makeover but still sports the same ability. His new typing is Debonair Assassin. His VIP bonus will convert all his bleed damage into true damage, making him much stronger. His best-in-slot will probably remain the same as live, with items such as Infinity Edge and Rapidfire being essential; his last item is usually a defensive item in the form of Quicksilver, but items such as Rageblade, Deathcap, Giant Slayer, Gunblade, Edge of Night are probably all fine. 


Chemtech Challenger Reroll

Warwick remains exactly the same in TFT Set 6.5, but now has a new Challenger Chemtech friend in the form of Tryndamere. Tryndamere is now a three-cost carry and has the same ability as his Set 4.5 ability where he spins to the backline and deals extra damage on his next three autos. This comp can probably either carry Warwick, Tryndamere, or both, with Warwick wanting items such as Quicksilver, Statik Shiv, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer.

If Tryndamere continues to want the same items he did in Set 4.5, then items such as Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisperer will be his best-in-slot; however, he will likely be able to use any AD items a player can spare. This comp may be best run with more Challengers, more Chemtechs, or more supporting units, the comp above is just a quick theorycraft!


Mutant Malzahar/Cho’Gath Reroll

In TFT Set 6.5 Mutants largely remain unchanged as their core units of Malzahar and Cho’gath have not been changed. However, Mundo has been removed, Kassadin is now a scholar, and Sion has been removed so it is hard to say which variation of this comp will be the strongest. Perhaps this comp would still like to run two Colossus, teching in Alistar where Sion used to be, or perhaps this comp would like to reroll bruisers instead or start running scholars. This comp’s itemization depends on the Mutant trait of that specific game, but in general, Malzahar would like items such as Blue Buff, Gunblade, and Damage such as JG/IE/GS/Dcap/Archangel while Cho’Gath would like tank items such as Bramble, Redemption, Dclaw, and Spark. 


Honourable Mentions:

There are probably still many potential comps that Trade has not been able to touch on; if he were to include all of them, this article would be 15 pages. However, Arcanist Reroll could be pretty strong, Miss Fortune Reroll, 6 Bruiser Reroll, Morgana Carry, Reroll Innovators, Reroll Gnar, Reroll Syndra/Debonairs may all be viable to just name a few. In addition, this list doesn’t even include the high-roll 5-cost carry boards that could be played such as 4-6 Scholar Silco, 3 Socialite Kaisa, Tahm Kench, or Jayce carry as those comps typically require both highrolling and the flexibility to adapt to what units and items a player may hit. Regardless, the fun of a new Set is to experiment and innovate new creative ways to play the game. Try these comps out, play flexibly and remember to have fun! 

Thanks for reading! Let us know what your thoughts are on the article!