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TFT Set 5 Potentially Leaked: All Classes and Origins posted to Reddit

Today, a Reddit user leaked potential information on all of the classes and origins that will be featured in the upcoming TFT set 5 to the Teamfight Tactics subreddit. 

All alleged classes featured in Set 5, courtesy of reddit user u/snoviapryngriath


All alleged origins featured in Set 5, courtesy of Reddit user u/snoviapryngriath


While this information has not been verified by Riot Games, the content remains consistent with what Riot has revealed so far. 

All of the champions that have been confirmed by Riot appear in the leaked document, and the trait that has already been confirmed, Dragconic, appears as well.  

Most of the origins and classes seem to follow the Teamfight Tactics formula. There are the mainstays such as Brawler, Mystic and Ranger, and origins that behave similarly to those in past sets. For example, Abomination behaves similarly to the Cultist origin from set 4, relying on the team’s health dropping below a certain point in order to summon a powerful monster to the board. 

Redeemed is an origin that grants stat bonuses to a Redeemed unit, and that unit passes those stats onto another Redeemed unit after dying. This is in a similar vein to the Dark Star origin from Set 3 and the Dragonsoul trait from Set 4.5.  

Other traits seem to hint at new mechanics that will make their TFT debut. For example, the Forgotten origin grants Forgotten units bonus health and attack damage, a bonus that is increased by each ‘shadow item’ that is worn by a Forgotten unit. Riot has not released any information regarding shadow items, so if this leak is true, it will be interesting to see what these items exactly are. 

The Eternal origin, only possessed by the five-cost unit, Kindred, deploys Kindred as two separate units, Lamb and Wolf, each possessing their own unique abilities and gaining the effects of Kindred’s items. 

This leak also expands upon the God-King origin teased by Riot in March. God-King Darius and God-King Garen each have their own unique set of ‘rival traits’. While only one of these units are on the board, they will deal an extra 30% bonus damage to units who possess their rival traits. 

While these leaks have not been officially confirmed by Riot to be legitimate, their consistencies with TFT’s game design philosophy and already confirmed information certainly gives them some credibility. With Set 5’s release on the PBE scheduled for Wednesday, it will be revealed very soon whether or not this is truly what Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning will look like.

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