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3 TFT Set 5 Comps to Try on PBE

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The time has finally arrived, TFT Set 5, Reckoning, will be hitting the PBE and players will be wondering what to play? Well with all of the new champions, their abilities and new traits joining the crew it may be tough to wrap one’s head around it all right off the start. To make it easier, here are three new TFT Set 5 comps to try on Day 1 of the PBE.

As a quick reminder, these are just test comps, none of them may be viable as the meta shifts and the top comps come out or they could turn into top-tier comps. Only time will tell.

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Abomination Hellion Ryze

“They just keep coming!”.  Ryze makes his TFT debut in a commanding fashion, dealing out high-sustain DPS while retaining natural tankiness with his Mystic buff. This comp stalls out the fight as long as possible for Ryze to shred the enemy team with his large AOE stun, staying alive with Hextech Gunblade. Rabadon’s Deathcap and Blue Buff are mainly just for increasing Ryze’s damage output.

While Hellion is the dominant trait in this comp, they will not be dealing much damage. Instead, the Hellion’s purpose is to throw cannon fodder at the enemy team in the form of Doppelhellions while Ryze does his thing. The Abomination flex has the same assignment, taking advantage of Ryze’s items to deal some quick damage to whatever is left of the enemy team before he perishes himself.

The Rapidfire Deathcannon and the Cursed Hextech Gunblade on Ziggs give Ryze a ton of extra sustain. RFDC allows Ziggs to toss bombs safely from the backline and keep Ryze healthy from the CHG procs. The Spellweaver flex ensures that this heal will only increase the longer the fight goes on.

Hellion will definitely be a trait to keep an eye on as PBE progresses, as they have an extremely strong presence early game, and some surprisingly high flexibility at all stages of the game.

Dawnbringer Riven

Riven dominates every set she is featured in and Set 5 seems to be no exception. Like her previous iterations, Riven offers a hybrid of burst damage and utility, taking advantage of the Dawnbringer synergy to make sure the enemy team is going to have to work just to pop the Guardian’s Angel. Hand of Vengence is an insanely good item for Riven, offering her both increased healing and damage at the minor cost of some downtime between takedowns. Guardian’s Angel and Quicksilver Sash ensure that Riven will be able to deal some sustainable damage to every enemy unit before she goes out.

While Karma could have this whole comp built around her as well, she acts as more of a controller in this iteration, taking advantage of Mor-evil-nomicon to burn some of the tankier units that Riven can’t deal with on her own. Ivern is the perfect flex piece for this comp, rounding out both the Invoker and Renewer traits, and offering some extra frontline with his Daisy summon.

Garen and Kayle can both be a little difficult to find, as they are some hotly contested units at the moment, so don’t be afraid to put in a Mordekaiser and Gragas to keep their spots warm until they pop up in the shop.

Don’t forget Draven

The man. The myth. The legend. Draven. He’s back and hasn’t missed a single step since his departure from TFT at the end of set 1. This comp surrounds Draven with only the beefiest units whose only purpose is to keep him alive, because why would they do anything else? It’s Draven’s show!

To make up for a lack of supporting damage, Draven will have to utilize some rather risky items, mainly Riskthirster and Guinsoo’s Evil Rageblade. This combo works extremely well, as if the grunts are doing their jobs, Draven should have no problem healing up whatever health is lost from the shadow items’ passives. The two shadow items will also contribute a hefty amount of damage and health to Draven and his other Forgotten brethren.

Legionnaire will make sure Draven will come out of the gate swinging, and Verdant acts as some extra insurance against any crowd control that may manage to make its way to the backline. While the supporting cast is extremely tanky, with these items Draven will be able to 1v9 if the worst-case scenario happens.

Set 5 on the PBE on April 13

This new Set is certainly going to bring a lot of surprises and changes to the meta. Expect plenty of champions to live up to the theme, Reckoning, because a lot of them will bring a reckoning to say the least. With that, let us know if you find any other fun varients of these TFT Set 5 comps or more comps to try in general as the first meta of TFT Set 5 comps comes into its own.

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