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TFT Fates: Festival of Beasts Set 4.5 Top 5 Comps on Day One

Festival of Beasts

Finally the new Teamfight Tactics update is here. TFT Fates: Festival of Beasts has just released worldwide and is now live on all servers. With the update comes a lot of new faces and of course, that means new comps to try. Need to know what’s good so quickly climbing the ladder is easier? Here are the top five comps you need to play in TFT set 4.5.


Olaf Slayers

Most likely the most played comp while the set was available for testing on the PBE was Slayers. Slayers are a new trait in Set 4.5 in which the units in the trait deal bonus damage which scales on opponents missing health and heals themselves based on their missing health. While early versions of this comp ran Samira as the primary carry, after a few nerfs Olaf took over the reins. This version of the comp elects to run only three Slayers and focuses on keeping Olaf alive while he solos entire teams.

Enlightened Talon

Enlightend Talon

One of the most feared comps in the early days of Set 4, Enlightened Talon is back and is better than ever. Thanks to the introduction of the Syphoner trait, Talon no longer needs to run any sort of healing item as the Syphoner trait gives everyone built-in life steal. Besides that the comp functions just like it did in set four. The goal is to stack Talon and watch him clean up with reset after reset.

Reroll Diana

Reroll Diana TFT set 4.5

Many players may be familiar with Diana Moonlight reroll in set four. Diana Reroll definitely exists in Set 4.5 however it’s not exactly like it was before. In Set 4.5 Diana got rid of the Moonlight tag and joined the Spirit Squad. In this version of Diana reroll players should elect to surround Diana with the other Spirit units to max out the trait as well as throw in all the Assassins to max out that trait. The most important part is definitely the chosen. Diana NEEDS to be chosen to make this comp work but this comp is fantastic if she is. Assassin chosen is slightly better than Spirit chosen because without an Assassin chosen players cant max out on the Assassin trait without a spatula. But even with Spirit Chosen going for four Spirit and four Assassin allows for incredible flexibility in the end game.


TFT set 4.5 top 5 comps- Warlord Kat

This comp may look very similar to the Warlord comps of old. And that’s because it is. Even though Warlords received a new carry option with Tryndamere, Katarina is still the comps best carry option. Tryndamere may be good in the future but right now he just doesn’t have his place outside of just being a synergy bot. The plan of this comp is still very simple. Katarina can melt entire backlines if she pops off and late-game players will need to hit Kat 3* or some good legendary units to win. But up to that point, this comp is insane.


TFT set 4.5 top 5 comps Xayah/Asol

Last but not least, the new and improved Elderwood variant. The Elderwood trait traded out a few units which included Ashe and Ezreal but it gained two powerhouses in the form of Xayah and Ornn. In this comp, players take advantage of Xayah as the comps new ADC. Xayah puts out some insane damage and is very hard to kill thanks to her traits and ability that makes her invulnerable. To clean up against armor heavy foes, this comp also squeezes in the new tier four Mage, Aurelion Sol, who can clean up whatever Xayah leaves alive.

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