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TFT Set 4.5 PBE- Top Five Comps: Days 7,8,9

With a couple of daily patches, the metagame for the first time is starting to become stable. There are a lot of repeat comps in this iteration of the top five but a couple of new comps have emerged. Lists will slow down as the live release gets closer but new lists will come as the meta continues to develop. Here are the top five comps from the PBE of TFT set 4.5 days seven, eight, and nine.

These comps should only be used as a baseline/guideline. Some powerful comps may be omitted. If you feel like a comp should be included, reach out to me on Twitter or Reddit. Comps and meta are definitely subject to change. Keep checking back for a brand new addition of the PBE top five. For reference here is the previous list.

Enlightened Talon

One of the newer comps to emerge in the past couple of days is an old fan favorite. Enlightened Talon used to dominate the meta early on in set four’s life cycle but was hit with very hard nerfs after a nice reign at the top. In set 4.5, it seems that Talon has gotten some new life. The gift of the Syphoner synergy now allows Talon to go full damage instead of sacrificing an item slot on a healing item like Bloodthirster or Hand of Justice. The comp still plays the same. Stack Talon and hope the frontline can buy him enough time to get resets. This is easier thanks to Swain being a very powerful tank unit and Chosen Fiora actually being pretty strong too.

6 Slayer

There are simply too many good units in the Slayer synergy to keep this comp out of the meta. Between Olaf, Zed, Samira, and Tryndamere, there seems to always be a legit carry option and if one of them cant do it alone, the rest of the squad is there to clean up.


Tryndamere is starting to turn some heads. He might not be all the way there yet but he’s getting close. The Warlord engine is a great one for Tryndamere because the extra health and stats help him stay alive long enough to pop off.

8 Brawlers

Brawlers PBE TFT 4.5

Despite the nerfs to Shyvana and the brawler trait, this comp is still insanely strong. Nothing much has changed. Shyvana is the primary carry and likes attack speed items. Damage items like Infinity Edge are also good on her. Sivir isn’t what she used to be and can actually be replaced with pretty much any legendary unit like Ornn or Yone.

Oops All Legendaries

It was only a matter of time but the actual best comp in the game in set 4.5 is still going to be fast nine into a board full of legendary units. This was the case earlier in set 4 but with the removal of certain legendary units and the PBE being full of players testing new things out, the idea of throwing together a comp full of the most expensive units in the game was out of sight but it was never out of mind. Despite not having any real coherent synergies, these units are just so powerful they can carry on their own. The idea here is to fill in the gaps for synergies based on the chosen the player hits on level nine.

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