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TFT Set 3 Will Replace Elemental Hexes with Galaxies

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It has been confirmed that TFT’s Set 3 will be Galaxy themed, meaning there are some big changes coming to the way the game is played currently. The biggest feature to be announced so far is the new set’s multiple galaxies mechanic that will replace elemental hexes from Set 2. This will be the feature that will create variance and replayability, according to developers.

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What the Galaxies Mean for TFT

Rather than individual types of hexes and their varying place on the board being what creates variance each game, Set 3: Galaxies will feature a new galaxy each time a player loads into the game. At first, there may only be a few different galaxies that are playable, however, by the set’s end, developers hope for upwards of 10 different galaxies.

These different galaxies could range from exclusively 4-cost units on the opening carousel, to two Neeko’s Helps for each player to start the game with. And these are just two examples that developers cited in their update. There could be a variety of more drastic possibilities for each game’s galaxy, just depending on how far developers plan to take them.

This opens up a vast array of possibilities. Different metas could play out for each galaxy, but with how often the game sees patches, the intervals may be too short for metas to become solidified. This, in part, is the hope of developers. They want adaptability and a feeling of significant variance between each game, elements that would prevent meta guides from taking over too seriously and forcing players to lean on their overall knowledge of the game as the primary means of strategizing.

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The Future is Bright

This set is scheduled to release in mid-March, according to earlier reports, and will coincide with the game’s release on mobile devices. This should prove to be a landmark month for Riot’s auto-battler and one that could jettison it to the forefront of gaming and esports. Make sure to stay tuned as more information comes to light.


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