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A Guide on How to Econ Properly In TFT Galaxies

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A couple of days into TFT Galaxies has shown players what is essentially a brand new game. A brand new game means that there are brand new compositions and more importantly, brand new strategies. Some players may be having trouble figuring out how to play the set and not necessarily what to play. The way the economy and gold system works in set three is way different than it was in the previous two sets. This guide will help players understand how to manage gold effectively and win more games as a result. Here are three econ tips in TFT Galaxies.

When To Level

econ set three level

The standard level guide so far in set three

The one thing that is relatively the same in TFT Galaxies is the level intervals. In previous sets, players looked push levels in the late game after PVE rounds. Examples included leveling to seven on stage 4-1 and leveling to eight on stage 5-1. Those are still relatively the same but the early and mid-game are now more strict on level timings.

TFT Galaxies has reduced the gold given during stage one significantly. Instead of hitting 20 gold at the stage two carousel, players will only have around ten gold. Also players cannot sell units taken off of the carousel anymore to get them to the 20 gold interval. What this means is that it is dangerous to level early game in fear of getting way behind economy wise. Players need to get their gold econ to 50 as soon as they possibly can.

In set three, players now more than ever should not level until at least the stage two PVE round. Even then, if a player has a strong enough team at level four, they should wait to level until stage three. Somethings are still the same though. At stage 3-2, players should still look to level to 6 because at this point in the game, the econ a player has should be similar to what players have experienced in other sets. From there players should then level to seven and eight after the next PVE rounds.

This timing isnt super strict and could change based on win streaks and lose streaks. As a general rule of thumb, follow this guide and players will find more consistency.

When to Win Streak/Lose Streak

econ set 3 win streak
Win/Lose streaking is way easier in set three

The absolute biggest change in TFT Galaxies is the huge buffs to win and lose streaks. In set two, players would gain bonus passive gold each round based on if they were on a win streak or lose streak. A win/lose streak between two to four rounds gave one bonus gold, a win/lose streak of five or six gave two bonus gold, and a win/lose streak of seven or more gave three bonus gold. Because the intervals were so high, win and lose streaking in previous sets were difficult to achieve consistently. However, that has completely changed in set three.

In set three it is way more easier to achieve the maximum bonus for win and lose streaks. A win/lose streak of two gives players one bonus gold, a win/lose streak of three gives players two bonus gold, and a win/lose streak of four or more gives players the maximum allotted three bonus gold per round. These changes make it so players can strategically plan on getting win streaks and lose streaks because it is very easy to achieve. Also as an additional buff, win/lose streak bonus gold counts during PVE rounds as well.

For win streaking, players may find it enticing to level extremely early one stage 2-1 or 2-2. The four gold spent doing this early is risky but if a player has a strong board and can win streak until the stage two PVE round, they will make their gold back and more. If a player thinks they can win streak, absolutely level early. Also to maintain win streaks in the mid game, players should consider leveling a stage early then noted above. Perhaps leveling to six on stage 3-1 instead of 3-2 could prove beneficial to keep the win streak alive.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, lose streaking is now very viable and very valuable. It is more difficult to win streak than it is to lose streak. In fact, you can almost guarantee a lose streak by simply putting out the weakest units possible. Early game damage is not significant as long as a player can become very strong in the mid to late game. Lose streaking can make or break that. Another benefit to lose streaking in the early game is that it will give a player item priority on carousel and even gold priority due to the first picks being three gold units and the later picks being one or two gold units. Its fairly easy to catch up to win streaking opponents as long as you lose streak.

It is very important to not break a win streak or lose streak. This can cause a major loss in tempo in econ. When lose streaking, make sure the board isn’t super strong. Players should consider not putting items on champions and be wary about upgrading units. Players should consider putting in bad units instead to lose to other players doing the same strategy. At the same time, players should use judgment in making sure their losses are close and not blowouts to prevent taking too much damage.

If a win/streak is broken, players should consider capitalizes on the change and try to streak in the opposite direction to prevent as much tempo loss as possible.

When to Reroll

Image result for dark star shaco
Dark Star Shaco is the main carry in the popular Mech-Pilot Infiltrator comp. To get him to level three, players will most likely need to perform the “slowroll” reroll strategy.

Towards the end of set two, the meta in regards to rerolling was optimized. It is impossible to know if the same can be said about set three at this point.  However, what players have learned so far is that some strategies still work.

Slowrolling, the idea of econing up to 50 gold then reroll down to 50 gold after every round, has popped up in set three. Typically when following this strategy, players will level to 6 or 7 and from then on, will only reroll above 50 gold. This strategy is very useful when searching for three star champions that are around tier two or three. A variation of this strategy was used in set two when playing the infamous Predator composition but instead of rolling on level six or seven, players rerolled on level five. In set three it is being used in Mech-Pilot Infiltrators to find three star versions of champions like Kai’sa, Shaco, and Rumble. Once units are found, players can safely level up due to having more than 50 gold.

Rush 8, the idea of throwing all gold past 50 directly into experience until level 8, is also back in this set. Often seen in set two, this reroll strategy was used to hunt for powerful tier five champions before anyone else in the lobby had a chance to look. In this strategy, it is critical to keep the board strong to be able to survive long enough to level to eight. Picking up any playable level two champions is ideal to keep econ strong and keep player health up. Typically in this strategy, players will hit level eight somewhere in the middle of stage four and will look to reroll down from about 30 gold in hopes of finding champions like Ekko for the Cybernetic composition or Aurelion Sol in the Rebel composition.

This strategy can also prove to be useful in compositions that require level two tier four units like Jinx while at the same time being able to hunt for tier five champions like Miss Fortune. However, doing this is risky as board states will be weak up to this point. Also, pulling the trigger on rolling too early will leave players with not enough gold to sufficiently find upgrades.

The safest strategy to follow is the Normal reroll strategy which is the same from set two. Players will level normally then when they hit level seven they will reroll down to find important upgrades. This is typically done on stage 4-1. From there, once players stabilize they will look to econ back up. On stage 5-1 they will level to eight and reroll down once again. This is a strategy that is common in compositions like Mech Pilot Sorcs and Kayle hyper carry.

It is important to note that players should think before pushing the reroll button. If a player is rolling down and finds critical upgrades they should stop. This will save gold and players can econ to the next interval. Sometimes a player will roll down and not find upgrades. At that point players should think about either sacrificing health for gold from a weak board. Doing this can allow a player to keep econ up and try again at the next stage. However, sometimes players should consider rolling until upgrades and sacrifice econ. Players cant spend gold if they are dead.

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