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TFT Fates: Festival of Beasts Set 4.5 PBE- Top Five Comps: Day 3

Three days into the mid-season expansion for Teamfight Tactics, and there have already been a lot of comps that have been established. However, with daily patch notes it’s hard to keep track of which comps are good and which ones are irrelevant.

To combat that, check out the top five comps from day three of the Public Beta Environment testing of the brand new TFT set 4.5.

These comps should only be used as a baseline/guideline. Some powerful comps may be emitted. If you feel like a comp should be included, reach out to me on Twitter or Reddit. Comps and meta are definitely subject to change. Keep checking back daily for a brand new addition of the PBE top five. 

Vanguard’s and Vlad

This comp focuses on Vlad‘s ability, Transfusion. The ability does damage to his target but also heals nearby allies for 50% of the damage dealt. The comp goes heavy into the Vanguard tree to maximize survivability and packs a serious punch in the CC department. The goal is to whittle opponents down in long drawn out fights.


TFT PBE 4.5 Neeko

Similar to the comp above, this comp is reminiscent of the infamous Vanguard Mystic Ahri comps that were very strong earlier in set four. This comp is basically that comp but with a new carry. Neeko replaces Ahri as the primary damage dealer in this comp. The rest of the Fabled units pack very strong CC and survivability. An early Ornn can snowball this comp out of control with Artifacts.

Trist Hyper Carry (but Samira is the real carry)

Trist PBE TFT 4.5

The lone hyper carry on the list today but something tells me that it’s not for long. This comp relies on hitting a Tristana 3* and preferably Chosen. The goal with this comp is to have the Dragonsoul trait active on Tristana and have Sharpshooters to maximize targets. After that, during fights, the goal is to watch Tristana become a machine gun with insane attack speed thanks to Sivir and friends. However, the true carry in this comp in the late game is going to be Samira. The 5 cost Sharpshooter can honestly be played in any comp and be the main carry but especially in this one.

Kayle Hyper Carry

Kayle PBE TFT 4.5

Another hyper carry comp although this time getting the carry to 3* isn’t needed. This comp’s carry unit may bring back some memories from set 3. Kayle is back and she’s just as good as she was before. This time around she doesn’t have built-in attack speed manipulation so having Spirit and Sivir in the comp allows for players to reexperience Kayle just like they remembered.

8 Brawler

Brawlers PBE TFT 4.5

One of the newer comps comes in the form of a change to how the Brawler trait works. In yesterday’s patch, the Brawler trait got a buff. Now instead of just gaining flat health, every brawler gains AD depending on how many Brawlers are in the comp. This comp maximizes on that idea and uses Shyvana as the primary carry source. Shyvana benefits heavily from attack speed so prioritizing those items are very important. Sivir also can go a long way at maximizing attack speed too.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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