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TFT Patch Notes 9.16B Overview: Matchmaking Fixes, Brawler Nerfs and More

TFT Patch 9.16B

Right on schedule, the 9.16B patch notes were announced on the League of Legends website and by @Mortdog. This patch, while significantly smaller than 9.16, addresses some significant changes. Chief among these is an alteration to the matchmaking system. Here is a quote from Blake “Riot Berrnana” Edwards outlining that change.

TFT Patch 9.16B
Image Courtesy of League of Legends

Other Buffs and Nerfs

Outside of the matchmaking change, the mighty frontline Brawlers are getting hit the hardest, getting their health bonus reduced by the following amounts.

TFT Patch 9.16B
Image Courtesy of League of Legends
Champion Nerfs

Otherwise, all of the changes in this patch target a handful of specific champions. Those getting nerfs are very strong champs like Draven, Kayle, Lucian, Vi and Jinx (partially). This should weaken the very strong Noble and Gunslinger combos which features several of these champs.

Champion Buffs

On the other hand, look for Aatrox, Anivia, Gnar, Miss Fortune, Morgana (partially) and Shen to become slightly stronger moving forward, as they are the only champs to receive buffs in this patch. Even so, all of these buffs are hard more than small tweaks and may not significantly improve the viability of these characters, outside of Gnar whose buff is more significant (significant buff to attack damage on Transform).


All of the official notes can be found here. Additionally, @Mortdog should be tweeting out when these changes go live, but this typically happens only a short time after they are announced. So, while waiting, be sure to check out the latest OriginClassChampion and Item tier lists from The Game Haus and stay tuned for more upcoming news on the latest patches and tournaments.


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