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TFT Patch Notes 10.22 Rundown – Top 3 Meta Predictions

The 10.21 patch brought out some really broken comps. Patch 10.22 may warp the meta game again. Here are the top three meta predictions for TFT Patch 10.22.

Elderwood Ashe will be the Undisputed best comp in the game.

TFT Patch Notes 10 - Ashe

Ashe has been at the top of the meta game for almost the entirety of set four. But she has found herself dodging nerfs due to other comps that have been severely over-tuned stealing the spotlight. Come patch 10.22, there might not be a comp that steals Ashe’s spotlight anymore. In fact, despite being a meta comp, Ashe actually received buffs.

The current meta game tends to favor a Vanguard frontline so the best items on Ashe have changed. Instead of Giant Slayer and Rageblade, players have favored the classic Infinity Edge and Last Whisper combo. The issue with this is that in patch 10.21, Infinity Edge had a bug on Ashe. When Ashe casted her ability, only the first hit of her flurry would proc Infinity Edge. This left the rest of her shots unaffected by IE. The crazy part is that the item was still good on her. That bug has been removed so now Ashe’s damage output will be way higher.

The rest of the Elderwood Ashe comp also received some nice buffs. Ezreal has more starting mana making him cast his first and most important ability quicker. Nunu 3* got a huge buff which could make chasing after it a lot better. Sett got a damage buff making him hit harder and makes Ashe’s job easier.

Ninja’s will still be at the top and with a new face too

TFT Patch Notes 10 - Zed

With the significant buff that the Ninja trait got last patch, Akali has emerged as one of the best comps in the entire game. In patch 10.22 they scaled down the Ninja damage a little bit. Also, Akali took a hit to her mana generating ability. However, both of these changes are pretty small but if players are worried about the downfall of Ninja’s, Zed is here to save the day, again.

During the rise of the Spirit meta, Zed dominated. This was due to his amazing synergy with Shade and the attack speed steroid that the Spirit bonus gave. Nowadays, Zed is just a secondary carry at best in the Akali Ninja comp. However, in patch 10.22 that may change. One item that was becoming popular on Zed toward the end of patch 10.21 was Runnan’s Hurricane.

Hurricane allows for a unit to strike a second enemy with each auto at the penalty of dealing only 75% against the second target. However, in patch 10.22, Hurricane received a buff and now the secondary auto does 100% damage instead. The days of Spirit Zed may be over but having two Zed 3*’s with the Ninja buff may not only be a decent replacement, it may be even better than the old Zed comp was.

Dazzlers will be in more comps but it won’t be a comp

TFT Lux Set 4

For almost the entirety of set four, the Dazzler trait has been an afterthought. Some comps would splash it in due to having a synergy bot having the trait but it has pretty much never been something a player wants to run. Riot is trying to change that in patch 10.22 by giving the trait some crazy good buffs. Some players are starting to think that the buff may make the trait playable as the main focus of a comp.

How Dazzler works is whenever a Dazzler unit hits an enemy unit with their ability, they do reduced physical damage for a duration. That damage reduction in the past was 50% at both Dazzler synergy thresholds. with the two Dazzler synergy being over five seconds and the four Dazzler synergy being over 15 seconds. That has changed in patch 10.22. The two Dazzler synergy still has a 50% damage reduction but now it lasts 8 seconds which is a huge buff. The four Dazzler synergy now reduces damage by a whopping 80% but also lasts 8 seconds.

Both synergy tiers got a great buff and these will help making Dazzlers more relevant especially at the two-piece level. In fact, picking up a Chosen Dazzler may actually be a meta thing. However, committing to four Dazzler just doesn’t seem to be worth it. Not only do you have to pick up all four Dazzler units to do so or pick up a Chosen Dazzler, the synergy is kind of situational. The synergy only reduces physical damage so Magic Damage is not affected. Also, the dazzler debuff does not work against a QSS’d unit. Another thing is that one comp that the synergy in theory would be good against, Assassins, are actually super hard to hit.  Since all the Dazzler units are usually in the backline, the Assassins are able to kill them before they apply the debuff.

Essentially Dazzlers are in a better spot but they are not good enough to commit to a Dazzler comp. However, Dazzler two pieces will be meta game staples in patch 10.22.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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