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TFT Patch 12.1: Top 5 comp predictions

TFT Patch 12.1

New year, new patch. The month-long patch has come and gone, and everyone is ready for a fresh new meta. As a reminder, the new Patch Schedule starts this week with new patches just about every two weeks throughout the year. Here are the TOP 5 comp predictions for TFT patch 12.1.

1. Jhin  TFT Patch 12.1

Nothing to really say here. Jhin has been viable for most of the set, and that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. Jhin himself is completely untouched, and his partner in crime, Orianna, received a small mana buff. He should still be a very viable and flexible carry. The heavily nerfed GA not being a BIS item is also an added bonus.

2. Socialite

The queen has fallen. Kaisa received substantial nerfs, as well as the 2 Socialite buff being cut in half. But was Kaisa the only hogger of the spotlight? Akali, Fiora, Tahm Kench, are a few others who were always viable alternatives. Viktor even received a mana buff for just this occasion. One big issue will definitely be the GA nerfs though. This may require players to hit an earlier 3 socialite buff or make sure their carry has a regen item/augment to help them get back on their feet after their very fragile resurrection. (*cough* Sion buffs help too *cough*)

3. Yone

The GA nerfs hurt all. Many carries who utilized it, now need to find ways to pick themselves back up from a measly 250 HP. Not only that, Urgot received a tweak in his item interaction, and as a GA user with the best in-build healing, Yone may once again become the Top-tier AS carry. Big nerfs to Kaisa stop the 6 challenger board from capping as high as it did before though, so he may require different friends in a more academic environment.

4. Yordles

TFT Patch 12.1

Very interesting nerfs and buffs may make Yordles the next thing to one trick. Lower econ value means fewer people picking them up early. While contested = hold hands, when non-contested, Yordle lets players rain terror in the late game, literally. Less competition, easier to 3-star units in order, and the much-awaited Heimerdinger QOL buff, could be just enough for players to be reminded that size doesn’t always matter.

5. Innovator

Heimerdinger, Seraphine, and the bear. 3 buffs to the carry and tank are great news to innovative folk everywhere. Each buff is small and simple, but in TFT several small buffs to one specific comp have snowballed into an “omega dominating 6 people forcing in every lobby comp” many times. Even though 7 is still quite difficult to achieve, keep an eye out for those trying to grab a win with their “bear” hands.

Honorable mention: Syndicate

Just in case anyone missed it, Syndicate 7 received a substantial buff this patch. Yes, it is a chase trait, and yes Socialite Akali is easier to put together. But as the Syndicate emblem is craftable, it may be worth keeping in mind that Syndicate is now potentially a trait actually worth chasing.

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