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TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List: Extra Beef, Please

The conclusion of TFT Set 4.5 is fast approaching. With only two patches left in the competitive season, here are some comps to help get to the next rank in Patch 11.7. Some of these comps are returning from the Patch 11.6 Tier list, so more information about those comps can be found there!

Patch 11.7 Tier List


S Tier: Will Top 4 Almost Always/ Can Win the Lobby

9 Cultist
TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List

Featuring Kalista and Aatrox, arguably two of the strongest units in the game right now, 9 cultist continues to dominate the competitive scene. It is extremely strong at all stages of the game, will work with any Cultist chosen unit, and will probably not be going anywhere below S rank anytime soon. Read more about this comp in last week’s tier list!

Spirit Sharpshooters Tristana
TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List

At this point, Riot will probably have to delete Tristana from the game for this comp to drop out of the list. The only reason that this is not the single strongest comp right now is that it is very hotly contested with the urgency to find the Tristana Sharpshooter chosen as early as possible. Read more about this comp in last week’s tier list!

TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List

Tired of having to choose between an insanely high damage output and the beefiest frontline known to man? It’s now possible to have both with the Brawlers comp. This comp is fairly straightforward, taking advantage of Shyvana’s high DPS potential with attack speed items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Runaan’s Hurricane while the Brawler synergy simultaneously grants her a Warmog’s Armor’s worth of health.  

The other Brawlers’ purpose is to stall out the fight as long as possible with their beefiness and crowd control while Shyvana tears through the enemy team. It’s also a good idea to delegate one Brawler as the dedicated tank, and give any defensive items such as Sunfire Cape, Dragon’s Claw and Thornmail to them. Nunu is probably the best for this role as these items give him the durability to stay alive and get off as many Consumes as possible. 

This comp is extremely strong at all stages of the game, and any chosen Brawler unit will work perfectly for this team. Do not be afraid to experiment with other items for Shyvana as well, as Deathblade, Rapidfire Cannon, and Giant’s Slayer can all be utilized depending on the other teams in the lobby. Overall, this comp is extremely flexible and can net a first place in almost any environment. 

A Tier: Likely Top 4/Can win if optimally built

Vanguard Mystics Neeko
TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List

The ‘defense wins championships’ philosophy has started to become true not just in modern sports, but Teamfight Tactics as well, as the Vanguard Mystic comp has been prevalent since the debut of Set 4. Since Ahri’s departure, Neeko has taken the spotlight as the one-shot queen surrounded by her entourage of bodyguards. 

Like the loyal bodyguards they are, The Vanguard and Mystic units serve to protect Neeko, granting her a fortified frontline and plenty of Magic Resist, allowing her to deliver a high amount of burst damage with the Fabled bonus safely. Jeweled Gauntlet increases Neeko’s damage exponentially while Hextech Gunblade and Guardian’s Angel provide a high amount of sustain and durability. Nautilus is the best candidate for any tank items that may appear, as his damage reduction, increased by the Fabled bonus, will allow him to outlast almost any other unit.

If the opportunity presents itself, a Vanguard Spatula is always the best for Neeko, and it is worth it to ditch the Mystic trait altogether for the eight Vanguard bonus, as the 1000 bonus armor is too good to pass up. 

TFT Patch 11.7 Tier list

While This comp is still extremely strong, a combination Kayle’s dependency on Rapidfire Cannon and Guinsoo’s Rageblade to do her job and the rise of other comps have caused this team to fall in the ranks a bit. Read more about this comp in last week’s Tier List!

TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List

Feeling lucky? It’s no coincidence that Riot decided to tweet out a guide on how to play Fortune as soon as patch 11.7 dropped. Darius’ rise to power has made the risk accompanying this comp a little smaller. 

This comp is the most unique on the list, and while it is extremely powerful, pulling it off can take some practice. If any Fortune chosen is found, there are two main playstyles to utilize with it. 

The first is to use Darius’s carry potential to rack up some wins, and use the extra gold and items from the Fortune prizes to snowball into the late game, flying ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of levels. From here, it is best to eventually sell the chosen Fortune unit and look for a replacement to better suit the stacked Darius, and transition into a Slayers comp. 

The second, albeit riskier option, is to purposefully go on a losing streak. This will vastly increase the Fortune payout, and give the player a large amount of gold and rare items like Neeko’s Helps and Spatulas all at once. These can be used to completely change the team from a loss factory to a god-like board that players could only dream of. From here, it’s best to use the sudden influx of money and items to carefully transition the comp into a collection of five-cost units over the next few turns, led by a five-cost chosen of the player’s choice. 

The Fortune strategy requires a good amount of game knowledge to pull off, such as knowing how to manage econ, mitigate losses, and having a general feel of a board’s current power at all times. It can take a couple of eighth places before getting the hang of it, but it can result in some of the most dominating victories ever seen.  

B Tier: Can top four/ probably won’t win lobbies without highroll

Enlightened Adept 
TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List

As foreshadowed in this week’s patch rundown, the Enlightened trait has started to move its way up the tier list. While Morgana has been featured as a flex to round out other comps, Talon’s recent resurgence as a reliable burst assassin has made running an Enlightened team viable again. 

This comp is pretty flexible with its chosen. While a full six Enlightened can be dangerous, the mana regeneration bonus is a little overkill. An Adept chosen would be best, but as these are some of the rarest chosens in the game, so they’re not the most reliable to find. Other chosen synergies such as Assassin, Mystic, or Syphoner can work if no Adept chosen is found. As long as Morgana has Morellonomicon for extra damage over time, and Talon has good attack damage burst items such as Infinity Edge and Last Whisper, this team should net a top-four placement. These two are the primary carries that will be dealing most of the team’s damage. 

While the above-finished board is the best-case scenario, do not be afraid to swap out units to complement the alternative chosen. For example, if a Syphoner chosen is found, making room for four Syphoner by swapping out Yone for Swain can significantly increase the team’s potential.

Warlord Sharpshooters
TFT Patch 11.7 Tier List

What would a Set 4.5 tier list be without at least one slow-roll comp? Some recent buffs to her three-star form have made Nidalee a nuke machine once again and this comp ensures that she can be deleting enemy backlines with one spear. 

A chosen Warlord Nidalee is essential for this comp to function, and works better the earlier the player finds it. From here, the player should slow roll at level five to three-star Nidalee. The Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge combo maximizes Nidalee’s damage output, while Spear of Sojin allows her to vastly increase the amount of spears she is able to throw in a single fight. The other Sharpshooters provide a good amount of crowd control and damage amplification with Teemo’s Blind and Sivir’s On The Hunt ability, while the other Warlords provide a beefy frontline with the bonus health and the Keeper shield from Azir and Jarvan IV. 

Like in any other Warlord variation, this comp works best when the player racks up wins early in order to get the bonus Warlord stacks as quickly as possible, so pay attention to make sure the team is at its maximum strength through slamming items and careful positioning. 

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