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TFT Patch Notes 11.7 Rundown – Top 3 Meta Predictions

While the noticeable lack of nerfs may instill shock and fear into readers, rest assured that most of these buffs are three-star buffs only. While the TFT Patch 11.7 is deceivingly small, it still could cause some shifts in the meta over the next couple of weeks. Here’s what might happen.

Enlightened is mounting a comeback 

image via Riot Games

The Enlightened synergy has cycled in and out of the meta, hinging on the carry potential of two units: Talon and Morgana. While Morgana has held her own as a reliable damage-dealer throughout Set 4, Talon has been struggling to return to his former glory as the one-shot machine in earlier patches. 

Luckily for Talon, he has found  favor with Riot once again, receiving two buffs in the last two patches, with his two-star and three-star Truestrike bonus damage increasing from 150 and 400, to 200 and 600 respectively in Patch 11.7. 

Irelia has been quietly bulking up over the last few weeks as well. While already receiving a buff to her three-star form in Patch 11.6 with her Bladestorm damage increasing from 550 magic damage to 700, her three-star disarm duration has increased from four seconds to five. This makes Irelia a potential frontline terror in her three-star form. 

With such tanky frontlines such as Vanguards and Brawlers being so prevalent at the moment, a full Enlightened team may be a solid counter. Talon’s flexibility with damage items and Morgana’s ability to melt most teams with Morellonomicon may help with breaking through those strong defenses. Top it off with a three-star Irelia at the front disarming enemies for five seconds, and this composition may find itself in the higher ranks of most tier lists. 

Fortune will be top tier 

image via Riot Games

The full Fortune team comp has already been creeping its way back into the meta over the last few weeks, and now with new buffs to Darius, it could be here to stay. 

Darius received an interesting tweak to his kit, altering the damage falloff upon the reset on his Fortune’s Guillotine from 25% at all ranks to 25/20/10 percent. This buff makes high-rolling Darius a very viable option, and combined with the Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet combo, he could be one of the scariest carries in the game. Darius’s increased carry potential makes it a lot easier to get that one win needed to break the long loss streak and reap the Fortune rewards. 

This in turn clears the path for the fortune player to transition into an insanely powerful board in the late game featuring all five-costs led by a five-cost chosen unit. The full return of the community-dubbed ‘Bill Gates comp’ may draw near.

No longer can the leaderboard be trusted, as that player in 8th place may just be waiting to one-shot an entire team with their three-star Darius in order to turn the whole game on its head. 

Vanguard Neeko is not going anywhere

image via Riot Games

“Dread it, run from it, Neeko one-shots all the same.” This phrase has been ever-so prevalent in most players’ heads over the past few weeks, as Neeko with eight vanguards has been terrorizing boards. 

With eight Vanguard’s armor bonus increasing from 800 to 1000 this patch, this comp has no reason to leave anytime soon. Aatrox and Sejuani remain the best frontline combo in the game, and Neeko’s one-shot potential has only increased since her buff in the hot-fix in Patch 11.6. While this comp used to feature four Vanguards and four Mystic, the addition of a magic resist bonus to the Vanguard trait has made most players ditch the Mystic trait all-together in favor of giving Neeko a Vanguard spatula, granting her defensive bonus stats that would make a three-star Tahm Kench blush. 

This comp seems to have no reason to exit the meta anytime soon, and looking back at Riot’s history with one-shot carries in previous sets such as Ahri and Gangplank, it does not look like anyone will see the last of Neeko in her current form until the release of Set 5. 


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