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TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List/Meta Snapshot

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

Welcome back to TGH’s weekly TFT tier list for patch 11.19. This TFT tier list is curated and written by Trade, a multi-set challenger TFT player.

His LoLCHESS can be found here.

His Twitch can be found here.

The most recent patch (11.19) brought a few large changes that have caused a bit of a meta stir-up. Draven, an already strong comp in the last few weeks has gotten a rework/buff, which lets him passively ignore armor on his target. Karma has been buffed once again along with several other Dawnbringers and Heimerdinger is back on the menu. With that being said, the meta is still in an extremely flexible spot with no particular comps dominating the meta and a massive variety of comps able to top 4 lobbies.

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List Overview

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

S+: Akshan, Heimer, Kayle

S: Karma, Draven, Lucian, Aphelios

A: MF Reroll, Velkoz, Sin Reroll, Hellions

B: Jax, Vayne Reroll, Chug Bug, Yasuo Reroll, Soraka Reroll, Varus Reroll

Honorable Mentions/Playable: Ziggs/Brand Reroll, Kalista Reroll, Riven/Nidalee Reroll, Sentinel/Skirm Reroll

Due to the sheer number of viable comps this patch, S+, S, and A tier comps will have in-depth variations, match-ups and item explanations. B tier and honorable mention comps will simply have a quick overview.

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List S+ Tier:

Akshan and Friends (Highroll Only)

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

(Variation 1: 4 Knight Akshan)

(Variation 2: 6 Sentinel Akshan)

(Variation 3: Revenant Akshan)

Since the beginning of Set 5.5, Akshan has been the premier 5-cost attack damage carry. Similar to Kayle, Akshan is extremely flexible in what front-line players can pair with him depending on the lobby and what you hit. Also similar to Kayle, one should only play Akshan when high-rolling one’s opener or hitting many Akshans as 2-starred 4 cost carries (Jax, Aphelios, Draven) will always outperform a 1-star Akshan. 4 Knight and 6 Sentinel are easy pivots from mid-game boards, but if you find yourself with lots of extra gold going to level 9, be sure to pivot into a much more expensive revenant board. 

Carry Itemization: Akshan items are extremely flexible, but Akshan would preferably have a healing item, damage item, and a utility or third damage item. However, you would much rather have a tanky front line and a healthy level 8/9 so just slam whatever items you hit in the mid-game to preserve health. Bloodthirster, Runaan’s, Deathblade, Giant Slayer, Titan’s Resolve, Guinsoo’s Rageblade are all fantastic options. The only item you should avoid is Last Whisperer, as Akshan already has one in his passive and their effects do not stack with each other.

Abomination Heimerdinger (Highroll Only):

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

(Variation 1: 3 Abomination Heimerdinger)

With the most recent buffs to his mana pool, Heimerdinger seems to be performing quite well; however, just like the other 5-cost carries on this list, you must highroll your opener in order to play this comp as it is extremely expensive and you will not see results unless your Heimerdinger is two-starred. If one cannot find a two-star Heimerdinger, they are better off playing two-star Karma or Vel’Koz. Abomination and Revenant provide great frontline and crowd control to buy Heimerdinger to cast, and Teemo, Gwen, Lulu are just fantastic units that also help you tech in Mystic, Invoker, and Hellion. If a player finds themselves without a mana item or upgraded Invokers, they can tech in 4 Invokers. If you need more Mystics or Ironclads, you can cut out Abomination for three upgraded units of your choice (such as Rell, Nautilus, and Garen)

Carry Itemization: Heimerdinger typically wants a mana generation item, a damage item, and another damage or utility item. His best in slot itemization will include Spear of Shojin, Archangels Staff and Jewelled Gauntlet or Deathcap. Any radiant version of these 4 items will work fantastic. However, any damage item such as Infinity Edge (when paired with Jewelled Gauntlet), Giant Slayer or Hand of Justice will work great. Rageblade can be used as a substitute for a damage or mana item as it will provide a bit of AP and the attack speed will allow Heimerdinger for more frequent casts. Extra mana and AP items should go on Teemo, and any leftover tank items should be given to the Abomination units. 

Kayle and Friends (Highroll Only)

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

(Variation 1: 6 Knight Kayle

(Variation 2: 6 Knight Kayle – no healing item)

(Variation 3: 4 Knight Kayle – Draven duo carry

(Variation 4: 4 Mystic Kayle)

(Variation 5: Revenant/Invoker Kayle)

Since her buffs in patch 11.17, Kayle has been one of the premier late-game carries in the set and despite being nerfed last patch, she remains one of the best carries in the game. The great thing about Kayle is that she is extremely flexible. All she needs is an upgraded front line and the 3 redeemed synergy. As a result, there are many variations of Kayle, many of which players can pivot in and out of depending on their lobby needs or whatever they end up hitting on their rolldown. Into Vel’Koz, Lucian and Akshan, 6 Knights is a great option to reduce their multi-hit abilities. An excessive number of carry items can allow players to duo carry Draven and Kayle. If one finds themself at level 9 with a surplus of gold, be sure to pivot out of 4-6 Knights into a more expensive Revenant/Invoker/Mystic board. Kayle is a comp one should play only if they high-roll their opener as she needs to be 2-starred or have her entire front-line (Galio, Garen, Rell) 2-starred in order to be effective. 

Carry Itemization: Kayle will preferably have an attack speed item, a healing item and a damage item. Her best three items are probably Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Deathblade, and Hand of Justice; however, any attack speed, damage, healing or defensive item will work great (such as Titan’s Resolve or Guardian’s Angel). The most important factor is that a player’s front line is fully upgraded and their Galio has good tank items to buy Kayle time to ascend. Be sure to build Zeke’s Herald and Banshee’s Claw whenever possible to further buff  Kayle and keep her safe. 

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List S Tier:

4 Invoker/Dawnbringer Karma

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

(Variation 1: 4 Invoker Karma – Highroll)

(Variation 2: 4 Dawnbringer Karma – No Teemo)

Karma is a comp that has already been dominating high-elo lobbies for over a week now. Riot has once again buffed her for the fourth consecutive time and also gave small buffs to four other Dawnbringers this patch. However, one will likely find themself bot 4’ing when attempting to force Karma. Karma is a comp that heavily benefits from rolling at level 8 compared to many other four-cost carries such as Draven and Lucian due to her need for 5-cost to cap out her late-game board. In the mid-game, Karma can be run with 5 other Dawnbringers and an Ivern; however, as one rolls at level 8 or 9 to hit four and five cost units, be sure to cut down to two Dawnbringer to run four Invokers and a Revenant front line and these units will provide lots of disruption, buying Karma enough time to lower her mana cost and ramp-up. If players are not healthy enough to buy Teemo or can not find him, running 4 Dawnbringer will be fine, although winning lobbies without a legendary Revenant Invoker board will be rare. Should they need to tech in more mystic, Lulu is a great addition to add Mystics and Hellion. If Ironclad is needed, be sure to substitute out Fiddlesticks and Gwen for Rell and Nautilus. 

Carry Itemization: Because Karma does not have additional AP gain from traits or items like Vel’Koz or from Archangel’s Staff, flat AP is much more effective than crit. For this reason, her best-in slot items are Blue Buff and Rabadon’s Deathcap x2. However, it is pretty impractical to expect 4 rods per game, instead of a second Rabadon’s Deathcap, any damage item such as Giant Slayer, Jewelled Gauntlet, Hand of Justice, Hextech Gunblade will do just fine. It is important to note that starting mana is much more important than recurring mana on Karma; as a result, items such as Radiant Morello, Radiant Archangel, Spear of Shojin can replace Blue Buff. Archangel’s Staff and Radiant Archangel’s is bugged on Karma, as she gets less AP per cast than intended; however, as the items give mana and AP they are perfectly fine on Karma. Leftover mana and AP items should go on Teemo. Tank items and Morellonomicon can go on Garen or Volibear. 

4 Knight / 6 Sentinel Lucian

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

(Variation 1: 4 Knight Lucian)

(Variation 2: 6 Sentinel + 2 Knight Lucian)

(Variation 3: 6 Sentinel + 2 Revenant Lucian)

Despite small nerfs a couple patches ago, Lucian remains one of the most consistent 4-cost carries in the entire game. His flexible itemization and supporting cast allow Lucian to be played from basically any spot, and his easy and flexible openers allow players to get to level 7 or 8 with ease. Lucian usually does not cap out very hard and will not often win anyone lobbies, but an itemized Lucian and Galio 2 will almost always top 4 a lobby. 

Carry itemization: The best part about Lucian is that he can utilize basically any damage item in the game, AD or AP. His best items come in the form of amplifying his AD and AP, which come in the form of Giant Slayer, Hand of Justice, Jewelled Gauntlet, Titans Resolve; however, items such as Deathblade, Bloodthirster, Last Whisperer, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Runaan’s Hurricane can work great. Even items such as Rabadon’s Deathcap and Hextech Gunblade can work if one has nothing else. Be sure to stack Galio with as many tank items as possible. Galio can also hold AP items such as Archangel’s Staff and Rabadon’s Deathcap. 

4 Forgotten/6 Legionnaire Draven
TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List

(Variation 1: 4 Forgotten + Sins Draven)

(Variation 2: 4 Forgotten + 2 Legionanaire Draven)

(Variation 3: 6 Legionnaire Draven)

(Variation 4: 4 Forgotten + 4 Knight Draven)

Draven, an already strong comp for the last few patches, has been buffed/reworked to innately ignore 50% of the armor of his target. This allows him to itemize much more aggressively and dish out fair damage to front-line units. Draven will rarely win lobbies; however, his extremely strong mid-game and flexible item choices allow players to easily top 4. Furthermore, the comp does not require expensive or difficult-to-find units, allowing one to roll on 7 until stable to save tons of HP in the mid-game. If one finds that Draven lacks damage or lifesteal items, and they have great Galio items they can tech in 6 Legionnaire to give Draven lots of attack speed and lifesteal. Finally, into low damage and multi-hit lobbies (such as Karma, Miss Fortune or Lucian), one can play a drain-tank style Draven build with 4 Knights. 

Carry Itemization: Draven itemization is quite flexible in the current patch as he no longer needs Last Whisperer. Draven also uses his traits, Forgotten and Legionnaire, to make up for lacking damage, attack speed, or lifesteal items accordingly. His best in slot is likely some variation of Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade, but items such as Giant Slayer, Rapidfire Cannon, Runaan’s Hurricane, Titan’s Resolve, Hand of Justice, Deathblade, and Guardian’s Angel are all quite good. Last Whisperer is still good on Draven after the rework but a full damage item is likely more optimal. Just make sure to shift the comp according to one’s items to make up for any stats that may be missing such as damage (Forgottens), sustain and attack speed (Legionnaire), survivability (Knights), or backline access (Assassins). 

Aphelios and Friends

(Variation 1: Revenants + Sins Aphelios – Highroll)

(Variation 2: Revenants + Mystic Aphelios)

(Variation 3: 4 Nightbringer Aphelios)

Through the last few patches, Aphelios remains one of the strongest attack damage carries in the set. However, due to his need for specific items and extremely expensive board, it is quite difficult to successfully pivot into a capped Aphelios board; however, when successful, will almost always win lobbies. Aphelios is extremely strong when combined with other backline access such as Teemo, Akshan, Diana, and Revanants. If players are unable to pivot into a capped Revenant board, they can stay on 4 Nightbringer and run Rell, Nautilus, Galio instead. Add in Jax in AD heavy lobbies or Gwen and Lulu in AP heavy lobbies. 

Carry Itemization: Aphelios’ itemization usually includes an attack speed item, a healing item, and a damage item. For this reason, his best in slot itemization is Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Bloodthirster, and Deathblade. However, Hand of Justice can be a good replacement for Bloodthirster, multiple Zeke’s/Radiant Zeke’s can be a good replacement for Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and items such as Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, Hand of Justice, Titans Resolve and even Spear of Shojin can replace Deathblade. Leftover mana and AP items should go on Teemo. Leftover AD items should go on Akshan; however, if one hits Akshan 2, they should try to sell Aphelios and place the items on Akshan instead. Tank items can go on Volibear or Galio, depending on who they are running. 

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List A Tier:

Forgotten/Cavalier Miss Fortune
(Variation 1: 4 Forgotten Miss Fortune)

After her nerfs in 11.15, Miss Fortune fell off of the meta radar for a few patches. However, these last few patches have seen her rise up in popularity again, due to the AD heavy meta and resurgence of 2 and 3-cost carry comps, making it much easier to three-star units when the unit pool is smaller due to other rerollers. Despite Thresh nerfs this patch, Miss Fortune remains quite good, and the small buffs she received this patch definitely help keep her near the top. There are few variations players can add to this comp. Jax can be added instead of Diana if more Ironclad is needed and Kled can also be added if one ends up 3-starring Kled on rolldown. If a player finds a Cavalier spat, be sure to put it on Thresh or Nautilus, depending on who they three-star. 

Carry Itemization: Miss Fortune’s itemization should include a mana generation item, an AP item, and a utility or another damage item. Miss Fortune’s best AP item is Archangel’s staff, due to her incredibly beefy front-line buying her lots of time to ramp up. This combined with Spear of Shojin will allow her to ramp up hundreds of AP in the first few casts. Her final item can be any damage item. Jewelled Gauntlet synergizes well with Archangel’s Staff and the Forgotten trait, as she ends up racking up a ton of AP. Alternatively, items such as Rabadon’s Deathcap, Giant Slayer, Hand of Justice, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade are also quite good. Hecarim should take leftover tank items. Ionic spark is great in this comp as almost all damage is magic damage. Items such as Zeke’s, Banshee’s Claw, and Chalice of Favor are great on Thresh or Diana to buff up Miss Fortune.

Abomination Vel’Koz/ Redeemed Vel’Koz

(Variation 1: Abomination Vel’Koz)

(Variation 2: 6 Redeemed Vel’Koz)

Vel’Koz has been the premier 4-cost AP carry since the first patch of set 5.5. He is extremely powerful and can one-shot entire teams but in order to do so, positioning is pivotal. Putting Vel’Koz on the wrong side of a fight can be the difference between an 8-0 sweep, and an 8-unit loss. Vel’Koz is best paired with the Abomination trait, as the tanky body will allow Vel’Koz to get multiple casts off, similar to Heimerdinger. If a player hits a Spellweaver spat, be sure to put it on Fiddlesticks or Teemo (if two-starred) and tech in 4 Spellweaver. With an Invoker Emblem, one can add in Teemo to play 4 Invoker. When low rolling, players can also play 6 redeemed Vel’Koz in the mid-game and even in the late game if they fail to find the gold to pivot into a capped Abomination board, and although noticeable much worse, can often still top 4 lobbies.

Carry Itemization: Vel’Koz typically wants a mana item, a damage item, and a healing or another damage item. His best mana item comes in the form of Spear of Shojin. His best damage item comes in the form of Jewelled Gauntlet, as it synergizes extremely well with both Spellweaver and Redeemed as Vel’Koz gets an immense amount of AP from these two traits. Vel’Koz’ last item can be another damage item or a healing item such as Hand of Justice or Hextech Gunblade. Items such as Blue Buff, Giant Slayer, Infinite Edge (used with Jewelled Gauntlet), Archangel’s Staff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and to an extent even Guinsoo’s Rageblade are fine. Spread leftover tank items amongst the rest of the Abomination units and leftover AP items can go on Fiddlesticks or Teemo. 

Revenant/Assassin Nocturne Reroll

(Variation 1: 6 Assassin Nocturne – Needs Sin Spat)

Despite countless nerfs to both the Assassins and Revenant units, Nocturne remains one of the most forceable, powerful, and perhaps most frustrating comps in the game. Once three-starred with the 6 Assassin trait, the Nocturne comp basically becomes unstoppable, usually only losing to two-star five cost carries with bramble vest. If players are unable to find an Assassin emblem, they can drop Kha’Zix for Mystic in the form of Gwen or Lulu, or Invoker in the form of Teemo. To play this comp player’s will likely be open-forting and prioritizing economy in stages 2-3. Around 3-5, one should drop below 40 HP, grabbing the radiant blessing, leveling to level 7 rolling until stabilized with Nocturne 2. From there, slow roll until Nocturne 3.

Carry Itemization: Nocturne’s best in slot itemization consists of Last Whisperer, a defensive item and a damage item. Last whisperer is essential so Nocturne does not get stuck on beefy front liners. Rapidfire Cannon is great to keep Nocturne safe and Infinity Edge synergizes great with Nocturne’s Assassin trait. Items such as Runaan’s Hurricane, Titan’s resolve, Giant Slayer, Quicksilver Sash, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Hand of Justice, and all the radiant variations can work fantastic as well. Leftover AP items such as Rabadon’s Deathcap and Arcangel’s Staff can go on Fiddlesticks. If players are unable to find an Assassin Emblem, consider stacking AP items on Diana instead. Leftover mana and utility items such as Zeke’s Herald, Trap Claw, Frozen Heart and Spear of Shojin work great on Diana.

Hellion Reroll (Tristana or Kled)

(Variation 1: 4 Cannoneer + Sentinel Tristana Carry)

(Variation 2: 4 Hellion + Thresh Tristana Carry)

(Variation 3: 4 Hellion Kled Carry)

Hellions + Tristana carry, also known as the Rats comp, was once the most broken comps of this set. However, since her massive nerfs in 11.16, people were skeptical of whether or not she’d ever be good again. The most recent patch saw a rework to her jump mechanic, now making her much more consistent and less frustrating to both play as and against. After a few days on the patch, it seems that Tristana is indeed quite good, especially with four cannoneers, as the trait also got buffed. This patch also saw buffs to 3-star Kled, who was already showing promise and play before this patch. With the recent buffs, he seems to be doing quite fine for himself when given a good opener. Reroll this comp at level 6 to three-star Tristana and any other 1, 2, and 3-costs along the way.

Carry Itemization: Tristana typically needs a sustain item, a damage item, and a utility or another damage item. Her best-in-slot itemization is probably Bloodthirster, Last Whisperer, and Deathblade; however, she can itemize according to the lobby and whatever radiant options she is given. Items such as Giant Slayer, Hand of Justice, Infinity Edge, Rapidfire Cannon, Runaan’s Hurricane, Titan’s Resolve, Guardian Angel, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Statik Shiv, and any radiant version of these items are all a great last item for her. Leftover items should go on Kennen, who typically wants a defensive item and a Morellonomicon. The burn works wonderfully with the great stalling potential of the hellion trait.

Similar to Tristana, Kled also wants a sustain item, a damage item, and a utility item. His best-in-slot itemization is probably Bloodthirster, Deathblade, and Runaan’s Hurricane. Items such as Last Whisperer, Titan’s Resolve, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Infinity Edge, and Giant Slayer are all great on him as well. Leftover AP and Mana items should go on Ziggs if one manages to three-star him.

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List B Tier:

Four Knight Jax

Jax remains one of the simplest and consistent comp to top 4 lobbies; however, due to his nerfs in the previous few patches has fallen out of meta and is often outshined by other carries such as Akshan, Lucian, and Draven even with best-in-slot items. Be sure to take out Olaf for Viego as the 3 Sentinel trait is negligible compared to the power of a Viego. 

Forgotten Vayne Reroll

Since Vayne’s hotfix nerfs in 11.17, she has become a shell of her former self and is no longer forcible to top 4 lobbies; however, she still remains incredibly powerful if thee-starred early along with the supporting cast of Thresh, Nautilus or Hecarim. Try to stack as many Banshee’s Claw and Zeke’s Herald on Ashe as the aura items are the key to Vayne’s success. 

Dawnbringer Assassin Reroll (Chug Bug)

After the recent nerfs to Kha’Zix, the Chug Bug comp is not as oppressive as it once was but still can be very powerful when hitting early. Even on a loss-streak, Kha’Zix can often kill units in the early-mid game, saving tons of HP compared to many other open-fort reroll comps. If a player’s early game was healthy enough, being able to go level 8/9 for Volibear, Ivern and Garen are surefire ways to win a lobby.

Yasuo/Lee Sin Reroll

After repeated nerfs to both Yasuo and Lee Sin, the Nightbringer reroll comp has definitely seen brighter days; however, given the right items, successfully 3-starring Yasuo and Lee sin can win a lobby with ease. This comp can be played with 2/4/6 Nightbringers and 2/4/6 Legionnaires depending on what one needs against the lobby. Ironclads can also be teched in through Jax, Rell and Nautilus. 

Soraka Reroll

Soraka reroll can be an extremely powerful comp and can even contest first-place finishes if one can successfully hit the comp. The main issue with this comp is that before Soraka is three-starred, players are usually unable to kill any units as Soraka does Area of Effect damage, often leaving multiple units low at the end of a battle but killing none of them. This comp has many variations such as 4 Dawnbringer, 4 Brawler, 4 Renewer (Renewner Nunu) that can be run depending on what is hit on rolldown.

Redeemed Varus Reroll

Varus reroll is quite powerful with perfect items and a good opener but share similar units and items to the Vayne reroll comp. Depending on the number of Vaynes hit, players can flex between Vayne and Varus reroll pretty easily. The comp spikes extremely hard in the mid-game with Varus 2 but is extremely item dependant. This comp can be played with 6 redeemed, 4 Knights, or even with a Vayne/Varus duo carry.

TFT Patch 11.19 Tier List Honourable Mentions/Playable:

These comps are not worth forcing every game; however, when the game gives a solid opener and good items for these comps, players should not hesitate to play these comps as they can easily top four lobbies, even in Challenger elo.

Spellweaver Brand

Reroll Kalista/Aatrox

Reroll Riven/Nidalee

Olaf/Udyr Reroll

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