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TFT Patch 11.12 Tier List: Karma’s Coming for Everyone

S Tier: Will Top 4 Almost Always/ Can Win the Lobby

Mr. Set 5’s wild ride continues as new overpowered comps and units seem to be popping up every day out of nowhere. With no B-patch to smooth things over, the meta has been a little more than chaotic, but don’t worry. Here’s a TFT Patch 11.12 tier list to help point those who feel a little lost in the right direction.

Dawnbringer Karma

One of the few viable AP threats in the game and extremely flexible with items, Karma finds herself at the top of the TFT Patch 11.12 Tier List. This comp offers AOE burst damage along with some nice secondary carry options. 

Spear of Sojin is really the only absolute must-have item here to maximize how many Soulflares Karma sends out, as it synergizes well with the Invoker buff. Magic damage items like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Jeweled Gauntlet are optimal, but in a pinch Hand of Vengeance is a great option as well, as the item is very strong right now. The Dawnbringer-Revenant combo will also provide some very nice frontline and sustain, while Riven is a great secondary damage option to provide some physical damage. 

At Level 9, Nautilus is a great top-off for a little extra frontline insurance. Nocturne is also viable to power up the Revenant synergy and to reach the enemy backline if Karma is having trouble finishing the job. 


The Forgotten synergy has been clawing its way to the upper echelons of the meta over the last week or so. While Draven has consistently been a strong carry, Ryze has recently found success in a utility role. Ryze utilizes Dark Blue Buff to perma stun the enemy and makes sure Draven has some still targets to throw axes at. 

This comp is pretty dependent on finding the right shadow items to fully bring out its potential, but with the slightly increased availability of shadow components and items from the additional armory rounds, a game-winning Forgotten team has become more accessible. Draven needs a damage item such as Infinity Edge or its shadow counterpart, an attack speed increase such as Guinsoo’s Sacrificial Rageblade or Shadow Zeke’s Herald and a sustain option such as Blood/Riskthirster. Ryze provides some nice wildcard magic damage and a ton of crowd control with his ability combined with Dark Blue Buff

At level 9, Kayle or Mordekaiser are perfect for giving Draven the Legionnaire buff to increase his attack speed, and are both fantastic late-game carries who can utilize any extra offensive items lying around. 

A Tier: Likely Top 4/Can win if optimally built

Kayle Wall

The most consistent 5-cost carry of this set, Kayle continues her dominance on the TFT tier lists. This comp is not that different from past iterations and follows the same basic formula: create a strong frontline of Knights and Redeemed units in the early and mid-game while trying to find Kayle as quickly as possible. The only reason this comp is not S-tier is that it is pretty easy to execute, so it will be contested in almost any given lobby. 

Guardian’s Angel and Guinsoo’s Rageblade are both essential for Kayle to be at full power, as the revive will take any aggro off of her if she happens to die early, while keeping her attack speed bonus from Guinsoo’s intact. While Hand of Vengeance is probably the best damage option at the moment, Hextech Gunblade is still very strong, as the healing will only increase as the fight drags on. Varus will best utilize these items until Kayle is found. 

At level 9, it’s best to add another defensive option such as another Mystic or Ironclad unit, depending on what other players are running. 

Nocturne & Kat

Nocturne is a bonafide overnight sensation this patch, seemingly popping up out of nowhere. This slowroll comp features a nice one-two punch with Katarina’s insane burst damage and Nocturne’s high DPS. These two are accompanied by a nice cast of Assassins, a class that offers a surprisingly high amount of backline crowd control while the Revenant synergy provides a great faux frontline. 

Katarina will be utilizing her usual item set to one-shot the enemy backline, while Nocturne sucks away Ivern and Volibear’s attack speed with Shadow Zeke’s Herald, uses Infinity edge to maximize the Assassin synergy crit bonus and Guardian’s Angel just so the enemy has to kill him THREE times. It is best to start slow-rolling at level 7 to optimally three-star both Nocturne and Katarina

At level 9, a third Forgotten unit is essential for Katarina to get some huge bonus stats from her shadow items. Ryze is probably the best for this role, as he will provide some extra crowd control and makes for some nice bait to draw some aggro away from the carries. 

Teemo the Rich

This comp is extremely strong, but not only does it almost fully consist of five-costs, but its main carry also requires health to purchase, which is not a luxury many players can afford in the late game, so it is also just as difficult to pull off. If the player finds themselves winning hard throughout the game or gets to level 8 faster than the rest of the lobby, then victory is all but assured.  

This comp revolves around Teemo by maxing out the Invoker synergy while surrounding him with some strong utility and crowd control leaving him room to lay out all of the mushrooms he can. Teemo ideally wants magic damage for his AOE spell, so items like Jeweled Gauntlet and Rabadon’s are preferred while Guardian’s Angel is more of a defensive option. The late-game power of this team is unmatched, just make sure to protect Teemo so he doesn’t die prematurely. 

B Tier: Can top four/ probably won’t win lobbies without highroll

Immortal Aatrox

This comp is definitely on the cheesier side. It centers around slow-rolling a one-cost unit and requires a lot of repeat components, but if the conditions are met, Aatrox becomes an unkillable healing machine.

Basically, Aatrox synergizes extremely well with Archangel’s Staff, as it allows him to both deal more damage and heal more off of that damage every time he casts his spell. The shadow counterpart more so just increases the healing, so it helps Aatrox a lot in the later stages of the game when his damage starts to fall off. Once he’s three-starred, Aatrox is going to act as a frontline for a Redeemed carry of the player’s choosing, preferably either Kayle or Vel’koz depending on the items available. This comp is extremely dependent on high-rolling, but if it works out, Aatrox will be the main carry throughout the early and mid stages of the game, then transitioning into a juggernaut tank role for the four-cost carry in the late game. 

The Level 9 unit for this comp can be flexible depending on what other players are running, a Mystic flex or adding an extra Ironclad are both great defensive options depending on the situation. 

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